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Dear Coffee

Morning/Night G+ - I need this spoon!

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Starbucks is ok if your out and about. Cant beat fresh ground homemade coffee.. Yep i'm addicted.
Tea - Vanilla Chai Latte..... now we are talking!
I do like me some tea too... I usually will be seen drink large mugs of it in hangouts... .. but early early morning require.... coffee +Julia rob +Mark Hyatt :)
See, im not a big fan of Tea. But i am liking Chai Latte. you should try some +Amanda Blain
Me too, I love coffee,
Amanda where your place?
the best love u not cofee
Maxwell? as in instant Coffee?
hey thanks this is the coffe time
now this was something to put a smile on my sad face this afternoon!
Instant Coffee should be banned!
i love coffee too, specially the first morning coffee ...
coffee is a very good kind of food:)
All I neeeeeeeeeeeed is Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
That picture about sums my addition up.
I need a spoon & a matching cup!
me too,, one more cup for me,, :)
Oh I just love that spoon! I may need to find one like it.
cofee is only thing to leave and to atttach
dear coffee, i 'm sorry i like tea :D
I feel like my life would be much easier if I liked coffee.
cn u tell ur gmail so tat i cn snd r gmail reqst prachi
dear but both are hot tea or coffee it work a same ok
tea and coffee is hot it work a same o k dear
hahaha that picture is cute , i wonder if u could actually get a spoon like that and use it for only coffe
I could use that spoon also. Very cute :-)
I like coffee, I'm coffee addict!
Oh! God my coffee is finished. I'm gona have a headache.
im from sweden and i looooove coffee!!!!!
I can't live without you COFFEE
1 SIP OF COFFEE, 1 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you so much coffee! WILL YOU MARRY ME COFFEE?! lol.
Me, Coffee, Flowing together in the river of milk. Wow!!!
Ahh the sweet nectar of the gods, the liquid life, the very essence of the universe. For you coffee I would walk upon the fires of hell and dredge through the worst life has to throw at me for you. There is nothing more companionable then a good cup of coffee!

Exaggeration aside, people at work and my friends tease me, I usually have a mug in my hand. I live like 10 minutes away from work so I just get my coffee from my single cup brewer and in my ceramic mug drive to work. So generally they always see me with a cup of coffee in my hand. And when it is not at hand people tend to look at me and ask, "What is different about you?" I have gotten quite a few people addicted to coffee, and I am proud of it!

I will drink tea from time to time, that is usually my nighttime drink if I want a hot cup of something or when I am not feeling well. Coffee on the other hand is and always will be a big part of my every day!
Coffee is good especially when its cold but not really good for singles
i drink two cups of hot chocolate in the morning and afternoon even at night
Not a fan of coffee, but I absolutely love the concept!
...And the spoon answers: If you love me why you eat me? (lol)
I Like coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............................
Sou viciado em café tambem, kkkk lol
Phil H
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Coffee
Dear Coffee:
I would kill for you.
I do not drink any coffee,but I do cherish your lovely spoon.Long live Amanda Blain !
Most of the people i know hate coffee and say it's bitter. I love coffee! Especially with vanilla creamer added to it.
No one can live without their coffee! If anyone out there wants the Best Coffee in the World, I can get it for you! Go to my facebook page and let me know!
Coffee, I love you too! Ha!
I don't like it but my friends like it a lot!!!
rien qu'une bonne tasse de café le matin on a une bonne journée
I don't understand what does this means????
'Dear coffee I love you'

... dying words of a young diabetic
lolz who would love 2 have one i would : ))
I m looking for a cafe in around London ,organic coffee the best.
So does every one like starbucks whats the big deal with starbucks can someone please explain this to me please please please
i cant start my day with out it , its just not right, you know what i mean
Pho La
ငါေကာ္ဖီမျကိုက္ဘူး။ i do not like coffee
Ran out of House Blend coffee at home; had to drink instant coffee right now. Don't like it. But yeah, I need this spoon. :)
i personally don't care for coffee, but nice pic
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee - How Much Can You Drink? 
I Truly Love My Coffee --

See, Now I Need To Brew A Cup...

"So Many Choices"

It was a nice cafe ,organic.foods and coffee I tool a latte now I m off to my camp site quiet far away an hour by train.
i my slef like this it is me in the morning
Oh yes the i love any time of the day
Coffee makes my day. But it also makes my night.
+Amanda Blain. You know what we want! Good quotes to keep us going
coffee is the way I get my motor started
Amanda Blain, I'm sorry, go straight to the point, I kindly do not speak English, so I still would like to know you, even if I write the translator. lol
coffee sucks unless it is a cappichino
Ck Fang
Where can i buy this spoon? lol
Every morning i love so much. Goodmorning coffee.
I don't miss it every morning.morning coffee
Got to try some Cuban coffee. OMG that was GREAT coffee! That embargo has GOT TO GO!
Its like freaken jitter juice in large servings! Of coarse you'll love it!
I prefer hot chocolate. Anything with chocolate!
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet i love choclate
i like that whole I love u part but the the coffee.......???????Why
I can't start the day without my morning Coffee. I love the aroma and I love the flavor (strong) as well!
i would buy it, just to make the coffe happy
+Amanda Blain Excellent post. I am having a cup of Starbucks right now. It's soon done. Will NEED MORE!
Rebecca no one does peace anymore get with the time
Dear coffee farmers, screw you, I like my coffee.
I have 5+ coffees a day I love it too much
There was a news report that claimed that coffee restricts oxygen to your head by 40%. They used a CAT scan
my mom says coffee is bad for me i said well smokings bad for you and she said shut up and go get some coffee lol haha get every thing i want
Need it every morning...or I wont be able to turn the gears on.
Lol that's sooooooo true for my mom =p
Well, I just need the coffee beans for a jar of nice hot black coffee! thanks!
same feeling with stawberries which im eating right now
on skypehi amanda come
waaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt m2 i luv coffee alot hehehe
nice to see you, thanks for great photos, hope that we can see to each other, face to face, on some day. i have no ideas about coffee.
any one wanted to try miracle coffe (DXN COFFE) contact me  tks
I also like coffe But want to drink with all friends.
google Dear Coffee Spoon, they are about $12.USD
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