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Mugs that change from Cold/sleepy to Warm/Happy.....

#coffee #morning
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mei lan
i want this,l very cool
If they've got this in a thermos/travel mug, that'd be awesome.
interesting concept, not a big coffee mug person but if offered in a travel mug I would probably buy
I usually turn a dark red shade when I get near the bottom of my coffee ;-}
This kind of idea lets me know that there is always enough room at the top, the bottom is just to crowded. How cool!
There're many kind of this can insert your face on is smile and and cold is sleep :D
careful amanda... coffee, caffeine is chemically opposed to 5-HTP and affects your serotonin levels, ie... mood and happiness. Don't mess with your feeling good brain chemistry for a addictive high.. look into chaga and reishi mushroom latte, or try some half coffee blend like chef frankie G...

you could also put it in your cool new cup...


Amanda, I hope you like the poem that I gave you. Its in the comment area of the photo that shows your beautiful eyes. I hope you fine and like it. Thanks for being my friend.
I still have my Denny's cup that did that years ago. I had two of them gave one away.
Thanx for hot Coffee
I like this concept, and would love to purchase a few of them. Peace & Blessings!
but how would it be if the drink is luke warm..? I like my drinks luke warm
i have one thats cold-angry and warm-happy, but its partially printed ... like,,, in a circle
I had a similar one in the '80s.
What a great imagination.
hi how are you? if you are interasted then send me message.
Oh good grief.... what next? ℉ ?? ℃ ?? - ★
What's with the tentacles coming out of the third mug ? =-)
Mar Cel
here u can buy it... :D
my friend has one that changes from a regular guy to a Werewolf! complete with bloody fangs!!! these changing mugs are the best, i agree.
wow ! so cool. where can i buy it? seriously awesome!
she said it came from Barnes and Noble, and there was a variety of monster ones, but we're closing in on Valentines day so prepare for an e-bay battle... :(
Two things.
1) This is stupid.
2) I've seen this posted 5-6 times... enough with the repeats already.
What are they pouring in that mug? The last image... it doesn't look awake it looks like it's pupils are dilated!
That's a nice coffee mug will makes you happy when needed !!!!!
thats alsum .....i want one!!!
What a great idea. For the faggot inside each of us... 
here's where you can get one: My friend +Heidi Thorne can help order them for you too, with your own design.
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