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Something tells me these guys are not Officially Licensed.

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We service Secret Service Agents...
Wow look at all those CRT monitors.
Oh, that reminds me I have to install the latest patch on my Binbows 8...
mikail rather...hehe...they aint...are they?
Michael spelled it wrong. It's biMbos not biNdoWs.
as you can see from the top right of the sign, it's a 'smiley shop' !
it's Japan, they don't need to be offical because they are already one of the leading computer distrpuders... =D
Awesome Shot! But looks fake..

Still hillarious.
Sarcasm on the internet. Never ceases to amaze me people.
what's a company boss?
Amsterdam's red light district outlet is called Binbows Vista.
Looks like Playboy is expanding their product line. :P
Engrishfunny strikes again!
Cheap after market computer and parts. Buy once sold once:)). Group Hug!
It's called Windows!!
It's a bin-bin situation, according to Fapple's Whackintosh.
In Japanese "binbo" means impoverished person.
is this a sign for microsoft windows on a dell computer cause i see that sign on a dell computer and i think michaelsoft is microsoft just guessing and binbows is windows
"When it comes to PCs, accept no imitations. Michaelsoft Binbows is a bilingual pun on the Japanese word 貧乏 (binbo) which can be translated as “poor”. The store sells ‘ultra-cheap’ (激安, gekiyasu) PCs and computer parts. So it’s Microsoft Windows for the poor man." Found at
Get it correct: WinBLOWS.
...or their English is terrible
Nice way to advertise your bussiness haha
XD they got it all messed up. they have the computers with the correct spelling all over them and they still messed it up!!!!!!!!XD
i like it and we end up paying for rubbish like that, nice one
That looks like a Law Suit just waiting to happen. Forward this off to Bill Gates and there will be a Motion to the Courts before the end of this day ... I'd Bet !
But it says Microsoft in Japanese...looks legit.
what a f*cked up sign?! damn, thats just wrong! XD
spell check would have ensured that it was spelled as bimbos
Be nice, maybe the guys name if Michaelsoft Bindows and that's his sigil.
Jay Tee
I think this is pronounced "My Gal's a Bimbos"....kinda dumb really.
Its a Hoe-l new way of using a computer
Lol,funny pic but if they become Officially Licensed im going to laugh so hard
Looks legit. Take my money Michaelsoft!
Bimbows? they have the best OS around. Taking the scene by storm so watch out!
Official Operating System of the Secret Service Advance team.
They are Japanese!! I know that it has nothing to do with the topic!! I just think that it does because they not trained Japanese professionals!!
They couldn't find anything more creative.... lol is Bimbo own enterprise.
yes i laughed but why is it funny. idk..
japanese...... i'm japanese...
don don
If u luk at it carefully u can see that the version of binbows is not genuine :D
Depends on what they are selling....
Man, switch the n for m and you might have something more popular than windows.
Binbows...seem like "poor" in japanese (binbou). This is a pun. I guess.
but are they there when you need support?
It's an obvious pun on words in Japanese which is hella funny! No mistakes there, it's perfect and well played by the owner. Cheap used computers and software for people with no money (Binbows).
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah =)
more like:
" Michael's Soft Bimbos "
that so funny i cant stop laughing
its a cover up shop front for a brothel called "Michael's Soft Bimbos"
michaelsoft? binbows? isnt it supposed to be windows and microsoft
I agree with Amanda
This is Japanese, not Chinese
Gasp! Oooooo! U peeps just got pwnd scince you laughed!
+David Martinez Let me assure you that while the Slogan is completely legal, the use of a Trademarked Logo is absolutely Not Legal. There is a clear Trademark Violation in that sign. But don't take my word for it. Trade Laws are easily researched on the net.
Oops, I think someone made a Big BooBoo! lol
That's what I said, booty trap
Dong D.
Very original,indeed!
Peter T Minit!!!
engrish is a great language
And all Chinese generics made lol
M Rod
I like this name much better!!! Maybe MS should consider it.... LMFAO!!
I think i been there, its next to the wapple store....
yes because they can't be sued... big car companies tried and they failed (BMW for instance)
That is not from china! Its from Japan.
+Maggie Chiu That's because most of those products are pirated from here. Mexico does the same thing, especially for computer technology. It's just another way to not "get caught",
Not many rules in many regions of the world. Whatever you can get away with. It is my understanding that the government of China has hacked many designs from American, UK, & EU companies.
What! And I just plunked down good money to upgrade my OS!
Can't be any worse than the stuff Redmond sells....
ha. funy. i get it. i. am. so. bored . to be. on. this website commenting on . pics
wow. not funnny. there japanese and dont know how to speell it, i dont know where funny fits.
It's a franchise, The CEO's name is Michaelsoft Binbows.
Its fine that he used the windows logo because hes in a different business. That's actually a typo. He mean't to spell that as BimBoes
Some languages simply lack this or that sound; Russians laugh at us for spelling things that use their soft L as though it was an L. That was probably as close as the local language can come to Microsoft Windows.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Lol this is funny it is like windows but binbows and instead of microsoft it is michealsoft funny!
I hope it doesn't kill their computers.
it's got to be a nock off version....Ha
Ahahahah bill gates new line of porn software is finally here in china town!
alias chinese_research 'cp -r * ~china'
This falls into the category of parody or sarcasm rather than trademark infringement. As a Japanese speaker, I think what +Linnet Hoyt and +Guy DeWhitney pointed out is right.
Windows Xp 2012 ultimate version available here in Pakistan ! :D just = to 20cents .. :D win7 dvd for 1 dollar .. guess what ? it updates gets supports and works Totally like the originals ! full cracked version! :D :p
It say's Bindows. I guess that's Japanese for Windows?
Is that japanese for windows weshould check . It what google was made for lol
What the heck is Michaelsoft.That's the wrong way to spell Microsoft
At least they are virus free :)
guys, i think it's just a shop that's selling computer parts. Besides, I think the characters are Japanese. Fix me if I was wrong.
I can't not say Bimbo's when I read that... trying so hard :X
Why is it called that it makes absolutely no sense. Btw it is so funny lol

Why would they not be licensed to sell Binbows? I don't get it.
The Dark Lord in Redmond feels a disturbance in the Force.
~gasp~ It's not Windows.... It's Doctor Bimboo returned from the dead!!!!! ($10 says nobody knows what I'm talking about.)
any one who very inteligent here?
OK,You got me. wwwhhhhaaatttt. lol
I guess one has to be a geek to understand your humor.
Michael has soft "binbows"....something tells me this ain't a computer shop...
More crazy things gor this lovely world of ours
Mark D
To mirror some other comments... It's Japan. They likely are a legitimate business selling legit products. Probably thought the shop name was cute.
I like the win95 throwback logo
That also used to be called Microsoft windows vs apple macintosh vs Linux, well I guess it now Michaelsoft Bindows vs xpple tacintosh vs minux! XD
I think so, because they will loose their faces if none
I like geeks
One kinda faith after all.
But this is just not quite professional... Haha
I'm not sure if someone bothered to translate the Japanese, so I'll just throw it in (effort to go through 350 comments).

Orange highlight black text: Second hand PCs and Parts Shop
Black highlight and orange text: Super Cheap
Orange highlight and white text: Michaelsoft

Funny shop banner nonetheless (probably owned by a Michael who lives in Japan ;) )
Bet it runs better than Windows ME ^_^
I think its still an A for effort 
My grandmother who's just had a hip replacement runs better than Windows ME
That would be hilarious if it was. They could get away with the whole thing because even though we know that it is a complete nock off of microsoft they haven't used the name or used the same icon
Loving the CRT monitors in the background. That spells quality!
Yep, probably aren't licensed distributors.....

Brilliant play on words. Please try not to comment if you only read English.
I believe Dr. Steve Brule does a lot of work with Microsoft
hmm wouldnt need a license if they were open source
its a clear case of lost & found .... it is microsoft's window's *twin*
sure there are not , but i like the name Michaelsoft.
Bimbows..nice to hear that..hahaha..look like genius than ''father" of brand..wawawawa..
Well, I think that was a fake 'Windows - ishly' OS that are for sale in Japan... BTW, nice info! +1!
i'm sorry, I'm still too busy laughing to post a comment!!!
They couldn't get the rights to sell appul cumpooters
if its china .. who cares . (they duplicating anything!)
but this in in japan ?! how dare ?!
No no, it's legit. Michael has a soft spot for bimbos.
No one's even gonna read it carefully...or so they think! However it is, it does serve its purpose.
Hahaha, Good idea
But you don't know how much been in my country like this...!?
Mik M
After evaluating Windows 8, I shall be calling it "Bimbos 8" - designed by bimbos for bimbos lol
I like Michaelsoft( Microsoft), funny, he will be the next Bob Pace.
There used to be a great burger joint in Hollywood that served 1lb burgers at discount prices named "Mr. Donalds." You can guess how long it lasted. Can you not?
It does need licenses, but unless you are able to ready what is not in english then you cn't no.
ahhhhh michaelsoft binbows why u not say it was in engrish! lol
That's pretty much how I feel about Microsoft.
thats where the foxconn workers go buy
The only way this could be better is if they were operating out of a van
microsoft should be paying them instead
Michaelsoft? Hahaha!! Michael is soft and he must be a bimbo!
seeing the old crt must be true :P
some spell .. mistake??????????????????????
loooooooooooool The Chinese are doing anything for marketing Hahahahahahahah Thieves
Well, maybe they sell a new bing addon...
que hueva, son muchos comentarios.
Pero que onda contigo Amanda?
Where are you from?
Sounds about right! Needs "BSOD !!" underneath Binbows though.
it is really cool photo...Unfortunately, I am from Ukraine and I don't understand English...Please, try to write your description in russian or ukrainian.
"Lord Of The Rings" and "Bilbo Baggins" was my first thougt
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