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Ok G+.... you know where to find this guy? Send him my way. K thanks. :)
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on your way........wait there am coming
The question is +Amanda Blain... would you also stare at him like he is the most perfect man you have ever seen?
Women on the opposite side of the world aren't supposed to post things like this where I can see it, it's depressing :P
whose said................ that guy is mad..............
hi so cute..i like you..
I call foul.. Because when I do this, the restraining orders start to flood my mail box :|
that's pretty easy, find someone who is extremely amnesic LOL
I think that is the normal way a loving man (over here) does...
I hope no guy stares at me like I'm the most perfect woman he's ever seen because... I'm not a woman.
Think from a Guys brain and you would be surprised, although he might pretend as you think he is thinking
Sorry... already got my version of this guy... ^_^ I'll keep an eye out tho :D
sorry, I already have the most perfect women, maybe in another life
This is a good things to say to my special someone today, thanks for the idea
I'm here I just keep getting sent every which way by G+.... It's cool though, we'll meet one day! :)
that's means he loves u
U seemz alwayz ri8 ma fren
ur so perfect amanda :P ;) got ma point???
this could be a mare imagination..........not reality
don't built castels in air dear.
you have 933385 in your circles to choose from.. hehe..
I'm married to that guy...for 35 years! (lucky me)
OK I'm not perfect but neither are you.
In spite of your imperfection you seek some one to be awestruck by that irrational sense of beauty, it happens often and let us hope it does, why not?
Balls,balls,balls-cricket balls,that is,lol.Therein lies the answer to your problem!;)
H Cheng
come to China !he is everywhere!haha
we are here na...only u need to do is that read our eyes...wht it says...
find him by your heart, maybe he isn't far from you
the human race didnt get to where it is now by doing what you wish for
may be his ip address is very near to your ip address
It is not a dream but reality i would not like to hear and see but the true desire never meets an end !!!!!!
Hello am & i think am good for u to satisfy urself
There is probably hundreds on here that think you are
i'm here darling...............
He's the one in college that you "wished more guys were like," but you just "didn't feel that way about him."
I can't stand it anymore! I wanna blow up the world with an ACME Destructo ray gun.. Similar to the bugs bunny version!
your search is over baby im right here!!!
Its pretty much just a stalker, trust me you don't want that
Are you prepared to do the same in return? (not to me, I'm spoken for)
mmmh!!! but Amanda, wouldn't that be some kind of pretentious?
Saif AM
i am here...............
Well, you'll have to wait for an indefinite time for that.. LOL
follow ur heart and he is there waitin for you!!!
For an hour (in a lifetime). After some few drinks. Why not? ;)
What? You are not perfect!!!!
day and night, looking for you , in street, coffee shops, even in shops sight, i was looking for my queeen whos i never meet her and i even didnt know how she looks like !! till i found you and i saw you ur eyes, i realized that, in love and life, i just started
ohhhhhhhh impossible to find such man!!!!
yup you find one right here.............
If you want to find someone who knows you're not perfect yet treats you like you are, then that's great! But, just food for thought, what's your part in that equation? (I'm not directing this to you Amanda, just in general)
dont be worried there must be a guy that will think of u as a perfect woman.........
The same must be given when you are expecting. So I advice to find your best suite around you only witout noticing the defects lady. Go ahead, try it you will defenitely find him.
Very nice sentence but to find a guy like this is not so easy as it may be seen :)
Oh! its a veryyyyyy hard disease! you should to contact a mental doctor! (smile p;z)
Yes! My son is 32yrs old, 6' 3" and in the same geek club as you!
+Amanda Blain excellent post. Same goes for us guys too! One day we will seek only to be seen with the eyes that appreciate us for who we are :)
world has so many dumbs like that...sure u vl find 1
The above lively comments prove that people who say Google+ is a ghost town are wrong! Good on you +Amanda Blain
that was great words,

guys add me on your circles
:) he will come by and by... just dont send him away cos you dont see him for what he is
You can stare at your wife that way but she it helps is she believes it and/or doesn't think you're a fool for believing it.
Sorry, he's taken and has looked at me that way every day for over 26 yrs.
It means u want lying person.
Good desire, i love that, but you must be committed to that man's needs before you have yours.
Ok i know this hot 20 year old boy meet him lala cafe
no. lying is insincere, she someone who loves her not dispite her imperfections, but because they're hers.
really I do...........!!!!!!! <3
U R really perfect enough for me........!!! :)
you dont want some one who stares at you and thinks your the most perfect woman, cause you arnt the most perfect person in the world. thereis only one person in the whole would that is perfect, God is the only perfect person!!!
Lol, i already do, and i hope it lasts forever <3
Aimee+??????=True Love <3
There are a few men like that and I found mine. Funny thing is I found him when I was 16 and didn't really know what I had until now at 37yrs old when he found me on fb.
Does it matter if the staring is done from across the street, using binoculars?
he just like my husband... (in the future... :D #hoping too#)
I hope my wife recognizes this in me! Because she is perfect for me.
agree.caz im still a girl not a woman
写得不错。一个女人有这样的另一半就很幸福啊!I wish that you have find that guy.
Hope you find him. It's a big world out there. I'm sure he's looking for you too.
Go to your local SPCA, only dogs think we are perfect.
That would be the guy who had his first crush on you. It's all downhill from there.
That is so sweet, it is how I feel about my husband, even after 22 years of marriage.
Well that guy himself has to find you, not sent by another G+.
hmm how abt Edward from twilight.. he's an option
I wouldn't want anyone looking at me like I were the most perfect anything they've ever seen. If I'm not actually that perfect, all it's going to inevitably do is create let-down. That means disappointment, anger and alienation all centered around me.

Why the hell would anyone want that???
lik a find sum1 perfect in imperfect One....!
+Thomas Jones Because women are nuts. They watch too much so-called "reality" TV and get these inane (insane, too) ideas in their heads.
I had one of those once. Alas! he died. Sigh....
yahh, I want too he say there's so may women outside there but only you are the most perfect one to me, u incomplete my life....
That's gombal haha
Life is too short to mould such a person.
I'd stare at you...LIKE A CREEPER!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! But for real, you're gorgeous.
I will Agree........
but only.......
if you marry me............................!!!!
I want someone that doesn't care of the way I stare at her and cares more about deeper stuff.
I know him....he is my wonderful husband of 24 yrs!
Doesn't exist. That's why he's mentioned in this wishlist :p
Had a girl like that once, she ran off with a rich brit.
Many women can find this guy very easily but their problem is that they won't except him because he is not perfect himself.
Perfect but u have to belive in yo self
You're a woman. If you found such a guy, you'd just get irritated that he stared at you all the time.
google + vikas kathuria malout facebook pankaj kathuria malout twitter pankaj kathuria malout
Sorry, I have been married for 13 years, have a few kids, so there are no longer any more guys like this left.
I like Amanda's photo. Bunch of books behind her. Hope she's the owner :)
sounds like your setting yourself up for failure if ya ask me.
If u go on waitin 4 him he always takes his sweet time 2 com. u jus need 2 b glad wid wat u hav!! Cuz i kno how it feels wen u cant find him!!!
Matt V
That would be me. 
Lol Im the guy of yalls dreams im the nicest and romantic guy ever
hi you're WONDER woman so you don't need anyone to tell you are perfect because no one is perfect but you are 99.9% you've just mis .1% so not BAD @ll.ryt lol
Anybody can do that but who is Honest?????
I would guess that you want a mutual partnership, not an imperfect one, perfection in this case isn't about you or your partner, but about the bond you two share. I don't suggest someone who looks at you for love, but someone who knows you for it. Try talking to guys in real life, share something of yourself and they will share back. Just try it. :)
I just want the woman that sees that this is true and doesn't immediately friend zone me. Some women need to open their eyes!!
Ohh Great Thought... I would appreciate..
I can be that one <3
No you all don't! If you did I wouldn't see you pretty young ladies at the mall with the scummiest low life thugs you've ever seen!
It might be easier to find a unicorn instead. 
Would you settle for someone who thinks that note needs some punctuation to get it's full meaning across?
my answer is yes,yes, yes and yes.
Guys with eye conditions are scattered all around the globe. You ll find plenty.
Wow you must have some really high standards when it comes to men
Nice sentiment and I do believe it!
n u dreams so close ur eyes good night

I didn't kill time to find out for u. Try ur best u hv more power than us.
how can i send maxelf to you coz i believe am the one
That was me with my wife. Likely never again though. Life wears you down.
Ok then I am 19 year old I like you.
Those kind of men are about, the problem is they already have boyfriends
Might be me cuz sometimes I got such a staring problem, I swear I can see right through a women, oh i get it I'm a visionary so I see things not as they are but as the could be
Nick CA
I did that with the last woman i saw, except it was from across the bar.
Last time I did that, a restraining order was issued.
ERASE DEM & ....
I would be that guy.. but I am slightly younger than you. :3
available in plenty ...all over d globe... except me... because u r few days short... I mean from 1st April...
Do they every understand that?
I think that man lived a few generations ago.
Weird tidbit: if you stop looking for the right person, he or she will find you on his or her own!
That's how I look at my wife. Unless she farts right next to me.
never do this at ur wife... i tried to make my wife perfect.... and now we r separated...... :)
Let's chat again soon, maybe i will fix that Psycho scream sound! (a fellow tekkie)
Hint: It's that guy who you consider "Just a friend".
all the best.................soon u will find.........
I want someone who knows that I am not really perfect yet she stares at me like I am the most perfect man she has ever seen. :)
sorry +Amanda Blain all those men are are married... there might be one or two men left out there. good luck.
Wow, it is like you're literally giving permission for someone to stalk you.
when you find him, maybe he has a friend for me! :) lol
I don't look at her like that when she farts in bed and clears me out of the room either.
So you basically want a dog.
Yeah, I agree with the dog idea. Though a dog would probably think you are perfect.
Thats Me....Holla if u aint a racist cos am black and down to earth.
Aha... When you gals find guys like this, you treat them like crap and then move on to the next jerk who will never treat you the way you want.
Get a very hungry guy to keep you company while you hold a couple of pizzas in your hands.
You will get just what you asked for!
Those were my exact thoughts Jonathan hahah
I like the thinking on this one. No different if from my own train of thought. :D
I look at my wife like that every day
Could happen if the "I" were the only woman in the whole planet ;)
haha! if it were only that simple! i must be looking in all the wrong places huh?! lol
Umm....yeah. Wouldn't it be nice if everything were that simple and nice? Truth is that girls go for guys who don't grovel over them and even act a bit jerky and look at them like they are too fat.
Hi I think your beautiful and I will stare into yo eyes like wouldn't know body come between us if u were mine I will never let u go?
Not husband treats me just like that... he accepts my faults and laughs about them, and he treats me like a queen! Its out there.
sigh Nothing like religion to be inserted into a romantic idea to make one shake their head in shame of the death of true romance. No one is perfect, but there is such a thing as being perfect for someone. The right woman will be perfect to me, and I will look upon her with love in my heart and know how wonderful and perfect she is to me. If I am to find such love and to be loved the same back, it would be something to hold on to and treasure forever. Keep an open heart and and open mind and you will find that person, that you never suspected, to be the true treasure you are looking for!
Where to find me? Agh! Where have you been looking? I've been looking for you for over 40 years, and close to giving up.
You probably know him already. Been around for a long time, the guy you call when you want to know why your boyfriend is "behaving like this." Probably "not my type," or the dreadded "Oh, that's just (insert name here)." I know, I was him for a long time till I met my wife. I wasn't really her type either. I don't look or behave anything like any of her ex's. The one piece of advice I usually give women that are friends of mine, maybe "your type" isn't really "your type." Try looking for someone NOT "your type." Worked very well for several women I know. Most are VERY happily married now, even the one who never wanted to get married.
each woman has at least a man that does that ;) if not, you're either not looking hard enough or havnt met him yet! 
that sounds good to me...pray for the one you want, be ready and God will send him, cause only HE knows whos hearts to put together. Be patient and wait on the Lord. He will send you someone for YOU
+Gloria Drew awesome words of wisdom. the waiting process is difficult, but God will provide...hopefully soon =)
i really believe you'll find him very soon,along with a white horse from far far away.
Unfortunately, it has to work both ways. Will you be able to look at him and accept any physical flaws he may have? :P
so can u understand which stare is it? pervert or love
hopefully u wont read my comments there are freaking 500 comments, i would sulk if had it
I once did that. And lost a g.f.....
wow those words sweety very good..................... i know what you feel
awwww amanda i cant get a +1 i think your BEAUTIFUL!
You already met him... he's in the friend zone right where you left him!
Do what u want to be done for u. Then u will found......
U know nobody perfect, an everybody has faults. But u learn from it mistake, i like to here from u
Amanda Blain
I read all my comments... always.... and for all those who "it doesnt exist".. 'he's your friend you reject' or "get a dog"... go re read these comments... tons of married people of both sexes saying they have just this.... stop putting your own personal bad relationship life on others.. :)
what do you want to be stared at ;) ?
Brad Reeves
Not impossible at all, but try finding one that also has good looks, charisma and money. Don't pretend it's not important
Its fun to come in the Philippines. Come
You have to find his way,Look around.
friendship with me
Wwoooww.....i wish i can be that lucky man......great
FRIENDSHIP is like a tree. It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be, but is on how DEEP the ROOTS have grown.Can i?
Hi my name is eric and I know I could be dat perfect 1
If you haven't found mister right its only because I've been to busy to get on here or your not looking in the right place
One the woman who will do this for me is found, send her my way... cause I have been waiting a long time.
Your poem posted on March 30th is written by a FEMALE read it again and pay attention. Notice the word "he" in the text. Implying that the author is a girl looking for Mr. right, (or a guy looking for the same). 
love with due to dead it lost moment for yoou ..........that is really
Hi What is this comment about, confused, yes you are Beautiful, Tim
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