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Ah sweet, i love her too !!
Jay G
Do you know, well i know you dont but i wake up every night at about 3am what is that all about. It is so frustrating
realllyy....cute.......but now too we face too many prob than our young age na.......thi i the reality na......
I relate to you on that.....I can't sleep ever 
ya.........hmmm......but...all is is
This is freaky, I honestly just checked Google+ because I couldn't sleep ad saw this!
HS Sidu
make it progressive
yeah that one's totally me :)
can't watch
Raj K
Its cute and very gentle request but the sad thing is it doesn't ever favor on us :-(
Wt problem will come to the younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok. I think problems had come when u were younger. Now dear is RIP.
i love u tooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Aaah to sleep... with the sound of rain, gently drifting off....ZZZZ
i just feel sleepy at daytime but feel awake at night
yeah,i am young
I am new in this site. But this site is very interesting 2 me.
Dear sleep we got along so well when I was youger... but now we have problems.
its a love/hate relationship for me. hehe.
I never had problems with - dear sleep -, not even when I was smaller.
Yes my problem with sleep when I was younger was that I was tweakin too hard off the crystal
hey you listen to my heart brtings for you becoz i am new on website you wana gud frindship :)
No Amanda, please don't snatch away my ever dear lover from me! I have been in love with him (the enchanting Sleep) since my childhood.
unfortunately my boss hate my dearest sleep
I loved Sleep more when I was younger
Sleep after you finish all your work for you what the problem is born
i like this but to me it should say "i loved you when i was younger. where did you go?" lol i barely sleep these days...
so sweet.
In the night when it'll rain & the weather is cool.
It is the perfect time of sleep.
not to sleep , it's sleepppppp.
yeahhh.. I love sleeping now a days. Sometimes I find it hard to wake up, I just wanna sleep all day long.......
i hate sleeping cause it's so boring like OMG
ummm i dont understand this at allll. its pointless and stupid.
Wooo... Who is this? that the waves and the wind obey his command? (that jesus christ)
just keep on PRAY he never leave you GOD LOVE U:)
Aga Rum
and I need you more and more...
This is a limited life and I dont want to spend half of it sleeping. Guys please read the new theories of sleep. Get over it now and try to live life with eyes wide opened. my case it's opposite....Now, I have problems....but it was my true friend when I was young....lolx
I have more problems now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i do not realy love sleeping not when i was young or now i probily will when i am older thought but i love the picture lol
I'm so tired of seeing these meaningless memes that state the obvious. Yes everyone needs sleep this is nothing profound. I don't know why you need a meme for that anyway, it's just text. Why dont you just type it out, that's why we have keyboards.
"Sleep is the only thing we do everyday and never get tired of."

-Robert Bonner's Tag Line on his high school essay on sleep LCM 1994.
Please, if you could ever forgive and take me back...
I seriously thought this the other day.
We r all that guy,come back sleep mum loves you
its universal truth of life. Its greate amanda...
mmmm this never happened to me
den wat abt problm's problm?????????????????????
No matter what,you will always be an especial lady.Love to you.
Completely agree with that one. But if you're a fan of Google Plus, chances are you ain't getting too much sleep.
Dear Sleep,
I know I abused you so bad when I was young. But I truly regret it. I am sorry. How about more than 4 hours tonight, ok?
ahahahhaha.. so true.. why is it like that.. lolzz ^_^..,
When I would very young, Sleep and I had fights, we disagreed and could not get along. As I grew into teens, we had affairs nap here nap there and sleep eventually coming to me in the night. As I grew into an adult we met up randomly though out the day and night for short periods, it was healthy then just enough to get us going. Then I worked third shift and sleep got upset with me, we just did not agree with when we should be together. My son was born and sleep started taunting me, showing me possibilities but always out of reach. We get along now, but it is a very tentative relationship, I need sleep but sleep is indifferent of me. Sleep is a jealous companion, one day we shall mend the rift!
LOL I have trouble as an adult and didnt want to sleep when I was younger
don't get too close ... it will only abandon you in your old age
i miss you cause i don't get enough sleep
yes that's right. i love you very much!
I dont have enough sleep because of my work.if i finish my contract i will sleep more yeah i mz to sleep.
Well if you say so, but i dont think i ever loved u to that extent, since i know both of us were young and are bound to make mistake. what ever action we took then was bound to be either possitive or negative, depending on the situation we found ourself dear friend. you know we can not at that time know what God has in stock for both of us, but now as you can see..I have no choice, my Lord Jesus have given me a beautiful woman as my wife, and aswell blessed with beautiful kids. very sorry its too late. bye.
Dear sleep, I really wish we could spend more time together, but I have responsibilities now. I miss you. I'm sorry I didn't appreciate you when I was younger. But I can afford to spend the whole weekend with you, without people frowning at me!
Dear sleep, you left when our baby arrived. Come back please. I'm sure you two will get along fine. Please... just give it a try!
Dear Sleep: I love you because you are so full of dreams. To go to you, I just close my eyes and pretend I'm sinking into the Ocean! Ummm
Bora U
Dear Sleep:
I know everyone else at my age has problems with you... but I don't. Please try being friends with me.
good ni8 & a sweetest dream for u......
Dear sleep, I know you had problems with me, but I've changed. Please come back to me. Lol

Never had problems with sleep., thank God.
Dear sleep please let me work
How true.. Fought sleep tooth and nail afraid I was missing something important. Now I would gladly pay for 8 hrs a night..
i would not know that,but i still <3 it
if you always find it difficult to sleep,you better look for medical care
I like the...9:30 bed time..
grade are so cool.
Middle are so lame.
High school+ ...LUCKY!!!!!...i wish i could sleep at 9:30!!!!
Wow sleeping must be your enjoyment. Sleeping Beauty....HUH...
Amanda cutie dnt get 2 close it wil leave u pretty soon. Lol
Amanda cutie dnt get 2 close it wil leave u pretty soon. Lol
You're so right!
I always have problems with Sleep!:)
what a prablem ya
Ahahaaaa, that sooooo true :L
Someone, please introduce me to Sleep, cause I never met 'em.
As a child had no problems sleeping but Oh for a good nights sleep now and consistant sleep would be so good
love you tooooooooooooooooooooooo
yeah we know now how importance it is in ours lifes
Little do we know, until Sleep's father, Time, passes her by,
that we should realize that This is the dream, and She is the one on which we need to rely...
Dear sleep:i am still loving you night and dream well 
My pc is on an off day, but i had to say.. your one of the fortunate ones, being able to sleep now when its backwards 4 me, now i sleep 3-5 hrs a nite on good nite.What a Beautiful lady with extradionary hair, oh yes I'm a sucka for blondes with green or blue eyes and eyes that remind me of the different colors and shades of green, to a hint of blue as in the ocean, ah yes those eyes i can get lost in, on one hand not being able to catch my breath, and yet at the same time feeling total trust in telling you everything, anything while being in a trance. I wonder if your heart, soul,mind and conscience could it possibly be the "inside" is as beautiful as the out side? oh man thats the icing on the cake!! now Toronto doesn't sound that far:)I kno sounds quirky,sappy, or dumb. It would be hard to say no to you. You've gotta be 25-28 yrs of age. All i can say is you look like a LADY, and my Lord you are so far away from, NC in lower states. If u would like to talk sometime, just ask, and i'll give u my cell number, I'm at, LOOK forward to hearing from u!! Daniel
Thats life. When u had him abegging at ur doorstep, u wanted to avoid him. Now, when u are not in his proximity, u are missing him like hell, and getting crazy.
way you not try come to indonesian
cool!!!!!! sweet dreamz......
ok datz human nature sleep makes u a human!@!!
when we r so tired,complete rest like sleep is necessary.
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