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Me and My Niece made one of these earlier today... :)

Fort building = #win
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and I was asking myself what I'd do with the rest of the I know! :) hahaha #awesomeness
Who says I've stopped? Now I just use Hesco barriers and hope my little forts don't get mortared.
i made an awesome fort for my wife on mushrooms. i miss those days
My future children will make forts instead :D
Finally !!! something to do on a lazy afternoon LOL
I miss it! We had the coolest couches and cushions.
my ex-step son used to have the living room like that all the
My question is, we are adults we own the house and the furniture, who says we can't make forts if we want to?
I think everyone misses building forts. Easiest ever if you had bunk beds. Just pull the covers from the top and hang them over the side. One ready made den/fort
well can we fix it yes we can..........right O.O
How many freakin cushions do they have??? No fair!
Greg B
You got me; I do, I do...
That is an epic fort (yes I used the word epic, it fit)
Couches make good pirate ships and rockets, too.
most true...havent built one in a long time :( sniffles
Never had enough cushions for this (most we ever had was 4). Used kitchen chairs dragged into the living room, the couch, and sheets. Worked amazingly.

EDIT: Actually, I think we had 5, but there was usually someone sitting on that one trying to figure out how we were going to make it work (which was a bit mean! we could've made a roof with that one!).
used to love sheets and making them with my poster bed as a kid - love love love - great memories
I really miss it when i build with my sis and cousin
Hmm, time to flip over this couch to make a pyramid fort!
I don't think I've made a fort as epic as the one in this picture.
You need more practice dude. Mine was much bigger, and could support people sitting on top of it without crumbling
Tess C.
Haha this is pretty funny!
oh my goodness i really do miss doing it haha i might have to build one tonight when im with my friends :) woohoo FORTS, MOVIES, AND ICE CREAM!!! it doesnt get much better than this
What do you mean MISS DOING IT, I'm inside one now. [T]
Ryan K.
Is that a dog or a little kid at the corner?
screw that my wife and i still build forts to play in.
Who says we have to stop? ;-)
(I built a great fort in the living room when the bedroom ceiling sprung a leak.)
most impressive, my son and I would spend many an hour at that.
wat no i still make them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The forts I used to build usually involved logs and rope lashings...

ah, the good old days as a Boy Scout on an Army base in Germany...
i'd be too lazy to build mine that big...but yeah good times!
Yes, I do miss building forts.
Some people have made it to adulthood without ever having experienced a blanket or pillow fort, or the joy of a refrigerator box. I feel sorry for them - and their children!
I'm 29 years old. One of the best reasons of being adult: I an eat my dessert when I want, stay up late, and make fort... at any point. :D
Bill G
I once built a fort, at 8 years old, with a friend under some hardened snow, like 6 feet under. Looking back, I suddenly realized, we could have just been another statistic, "2 bodies found after the snow melt." How did we survive to be adults?
ditttooooo~.~ but i can wif mi
lol i want to do tht......great ideaa!!!!
whos been taking pics in my house ? lmao
so true... that is an awesome fort by the way... lol...
not enough to move my furniture around for no good reason
I don't miss doing it. Because I still do it on occasion.
that suck but you can BACKFLIP ONTO IT
i made a better one yesterday!! =] :^)
I would not no we did not have furniture years ago, just floors. We just did it at my aunts house she was more fun.
+Ryan Rodgers agreed, we didn't have a whole lot of furniture growing up. Instead, much like Daniel Tosh, my parents made my sister and I play "The Floor is Lava." Also, we played outside.
Awesome :)

me and my son would have some serious fun in that fort
haha makes me think of my nephew always wanted to make a club house out of blankets and chairs which eventually falls down :)
Nice use of cushions... definitely much more durable than the classic sheets hung over some chairs.
I do miss it so much, but I have never made one soooooooooo cool, I've nevar had pillows hard enough, as well as enough
omg i used to make theseeeeeeee
I miss building couch forts playing as a king, dragons destroying your castle.
Does anyone remember rolling around the yard in a big cardboard box? Granted, not everyone wants to admit they played tank, it has so many militaristic connotations today in our politically correct noosefied world, but to kids back then, it was just plain fun.
so cool I havnt made one in forever
i remember them as well but then i turned 8 and got over them maybe you should too
haha this is exactly what i did as a kid!
I used to do this when I was a little kid. So fun. :)
I live in Tarkington Hall at Purdue University, a couple weeks ago we made a sheet fort. using 563 sheets B)
nice it looks cool but i think its going to fall easily
So +Amanda Blain, does this make you want to "Start thinking about founding your own family."? I know that it does for me, but I'm not ready yet as far as preparations (money, real estate, security) go. That said, keep being who you are. It's touching to see that you're spending time with your niece like this. Bonding, especially fun things that are colloquial or traditional like these is as important as other forms of education and series of events like this one give (tiny) people a lasting impression that the world can be a great place that they can then give to others (including their children, nieces, nephews and the like) as well. <3
Lol hope yall can tke that down without any damage.But nice job luv it!
can u come to my house and make me one!!!!.........LOL ......JK!!!!
i still do that cauze itz fun. i pretend im a king and im helping god
I used to do this - we loved using the box fan also to make inflatable sheet forts with things holding the sides down.. puffed up like a balloon..
me and my brother thought we were doing something great with 2 kitchen chairs and a bedsheet.
OMG I TOTALLY WANT TO DO THAT!!! It looks like so much fun!!!!
U & ur Niece made one of these earlier today - " ONE OF THESE' plz. describe wt are "THESE" - Then we will find out the "ONE"
just wondering what kind of sofa they have ....
I don't miss them. I still do it! :) I love having kids. I still get to do the fun kid stuff!
When I was little my dad would make those for me. They where huge. He would make me scrambled eggs with cheese. I miss being 5
+raja kumar it's a furniture fort. You know, you take all the cushions off the couches and start stacking them with an opening in the middle to climb into. It's a kid thing. Most adults have built one as a child or with their own kids. You need to go build one and reconnect with your childhood. It'll make you look like you could use a wee giggle
I will never miss doing it and you can guess why.
Just saw this, and I'm building one already. Once my girlfriend gets home, its War!
I really do miss making couch cushion forts around the house. I miss alot of things now that i am an adult. Adulthood lasts longer than childhood. So those of you who have kids, tell them to enjoy it. Cuse it won't be there forever
This just gave me an idea. May be when we are kids we are being more natural human beings doing all those things like a wild primate. And then we grow up into our culture and society where running around with sticks building dens is not acceptable behavior.
lol nice fort !!! i can make better thou!
hahahahah i absoloutly love building forts!!!! i am ten soon to be eleven!
Ah, made a few of those on Saturday morning while watching cartoons. Good times :-)
i luv building forts and im 15 that looks awesome lol
this is the biggest fort i have seen but i have made some cooler forts
i would use if i get stressed
Funny I that with all the living room furniture, which was much, and tried to reach the cieling which was 20' high when I was 13yrs. old,and had to take down before my folks came was a lot of fun ! .....
Cushion gotta and nerf guns go hand in hand am I right or am I right! =D
Oh please... I've been building forts better than THAT sience i could remember. Pfft
Excuse me I meant cushion forts loll
cool that's some fort we should call the army and tell them we found a new base for the
glad to hear I'm not the only adult who still does this - with the kids, of course :)
pretty cool used to remind me when i was young did the same but with boxes
that looks fun to play inside, like a secret hideout!
I'm a New Zealander! i still make forts (sometimes) i am not a stupid american! oh, and americans aren't all stupid :D
child memories
Who said that I stopped doing that?
That'd be fun to do again! Haven't built one since I was a kid! :)
If I had a bunch of cushions I'd do this right now.
thats very cool i did that when i was younger
Thats Awwesome! Do you have apicture of it
how can i add you??? new to this :/
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venda machan venda inthe exam torchru.aatha piruchu pakum bothu ne thuki potudu.kadala pola exam oru peria tocheruathu kunjam karrikum bodha thuki potudu
I like the little face poking out in the middle :-) Haha. Couldnt do this with my corner sofa though :(
YEAH!!!! TOTALLY!!! Miss it soooo much!!!! ^^
Wow! Ooo. Very nice fort. Except I don't have that kind of furniture and neither do my friends.
a gr8 piece of building>>>>>>>>>>>>> llll oooooo lllllll zzzzzzz
Oh Yeah!!! I seriously miss doing that! The wonderful days of childhood :p
LOL. My son and I build ours and then we check into FORT AWESOME on foursquare.
LOL! This looks beyond epic fun, this looks like my dream house!
its gud per tajmahal hota to baat kuch aur hoti
I totally miss it! Screw it! I'm making one now!
1990's minecraft! Is that a creeper there on the right side? BOOM!
I still get to do it, I have a 2 year old :-)
i miss those days and that is epic fortress
I remember doing this....but on a smaller scale!
me too <3
me and my sis made one of this when were still young ..
I believe that each of us (in spirit) fort he escapes him when needed
jajajajajajajaja soooooooooooooooo true
Omg, I used to do that all the time when I was a kid
... and this is why we have Dwarf Fortress!
what te hell is it?
Its a bit small but I could play in there for sure!
nice it looks so kiddish but i miss these stuff also
ha..ha!! Bet it was fun....buh heyyy!!!!......I AM A KID!!!:D
nay kaung lar????????????????/
That couch looks much more comfortable that way.
to much time on your hands lol
Who the hell is Gunna put all that back. . Before mum gets home. 
Pretty awesome u should do a nerf war with forts
like that
I do miss it. That was the best part about moving as a kid. Tons of empty boxes and nothing better to do!
The good thing is: If you got kids, you got the best excuse to start building them again ;)
yo hago esto todas las semanas y no me divierte por es para limpiar
I remember doing things like this with my now 30 something daughters! Lets get back to the simple basic playing with kids and quit letting tv and games babysit for us ! Way to go, creativity is so important in a child.
Amy R
God yes! I do miss it, that's for sure.
Miss Doing it? Now I'm Older I MAKE BIGGER ONES!
Admitted!!!!!! Loved doing it and felt like a castle to me. Could spend all day building it and staying there. Too bad the next morning, it would be demolished and I couldn't even sue my mum.
i do that all the time ...... im only 11
Yes I admit it! When I was a foster parent all 7 of my kids would get together and build the most awesome forts when it was raining outside. So much simple fun!
i miss it to and i am 11 but it is fun to do you can not arger about that
may i live there...
Yes I admit it I do miss this! And that one is pretty cool! :)
Awsome Fort brings back fond memories
We obviously need better couches, because I don't think we have enough pillows for a fort of that magnitude.
i love building forts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam G
i do miss it...i cant remember why i stoped
I don't miss doing it, because I still do it.
hmm i used to play with it, and my mom scolded me you/ +Amanda Blain bring such a fantastic my childhood moments
I used to place an electric fan at the top,air conditioning!
there should be a national build-a-fort day
great fort but how u get in and out how many people can fit lol
That is EPICCALLY fantastic. Maybe I can try & top it with the bubbas this weekend? HAHA! Love it!
The good old days :)...
We used to do Cardboard ones too, wish we had all the Nerf gear available today :)
uon nil
how are you today ?
Done that! One hell of a clean up! but totally worth every second, especially since I had my faithful hound there to protect me from the wicked witch (Aka Mom)
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