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*Who Are Your Biggest G+ Fans*

+CircleCount  has made a great tool to help you figure out who has promoted you here on G+ in shared circles. Simply go to their site and search for your name or add your URL number like this..

Right at the top you will see all the shared circles you have been in. But even MORE cool you can click on the specific circles and see how much your followers went up the day it was shared. You will probably see a bunch of circles that you were shared in that you missed.

Circle count uses many things to find these circles but adding in the hashtag #sharedcircles when you share a circle will help to make sure you get indexed with them quickly.

Thanks +Liz Eberhardt  for the idea of this post.. :) 

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Not sure I've ever been in a shared circle. I'm not bothered as I'd rather people didn't simply add me because I am part of a group.
I didn't know I could do that. Because I use it to go thank the person that has me in a circle.
+Sheila B. DuBois it is very good hidden, so it's more our fault, that this is not directly visible that everyone can add shared circles. So, don't worry ;)
Hmmm... +Amanda Blain seems to share circles with me in them a lot. Maybe she's my biggest fan! Biggest Canadian fan, at least! ;)
I share lots of peoples... 4k of people actually :)
I like them all Amanda. Is that alright? Hope so. Don't have any favorite ones. 
Oh well I apologize for being so stupid, ok? 
everyone here i think is cool!!!!!!
I'm always on mobile so I can never take part in this circle sharing business boo
I'm still a nobody!     YAY!
I no, I did and I was wrong to just assume anything. I'm really sorry. Oh I am chilled. I feel really good about to go to bed now and get some rest see y'all tomorrow. Glad to no your not angry with me. 
I vote google plus. It's the best I've ever had. Go google!!!! 
Guys, Why am I getting Amanda,s messages, Im not her , mabey after few dreinks but not now so stop sending me her crap
Amanda's on your post dip shit.
Did I just grt called DIP SHIT..........wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooo.
Ha! Ha! Yes, and yes i am I lady. 
I am a low value content provider, in terms of social networking I do not exist.  I am the man behind the curtain that no one knows exists.
So Aaron, how are you related to the conversation? 
Well, Judy, let me explain for you. You see, there is this thing called a post. People respond to this post, with thoughts or comments. Just to be sure, I will use little words. I commented on the initial post, and I do not care one bit about your conversation. Believe it or not, the world does not hang on your every word, nor does it revolve around you. With that, I enjoy +Amanda Blain 's posts, even if I am not on top of the social food chain.
Mr. Aaron I did not mean to sound disagreeable. I just wanted to no who you were, and with that at thought you said that you were the man behind the curtain, well that made me curious and I thank you for keeping things simple for me. I do share your feelings at hand. Thank you for letting me and others no who the man is behind the curtain. Have a great and blessed day sr. 
One of the problems of text is that it is hard to fully understand ones thoughts as communication is more then just words.  I am never a front facing person, I tend to leave comments, whisper in ears and inspire others that are the "voices" of the community.  I am a nobody myself, but people who are somebody that know me, heed my advice, or enjoy my stories.  This kind of personality is not very helpful nor useful on social networking sites.  I tend not to exist in any real categories, since you cannot categorize a nothing.
Mr. Brown, I really appreciate you letting your feelings out, it thought me one thing that I lacked and that is to help others and not be to hasty to jump everytime someone says something that doesn't suit me. I now understand the feeling of being wrong. I do say with concern on my part that I'm little and spoiled. I'm very sorry for my big mouth. I will keep it shut for the rest of my stay on google plus please let me try. Your google friend Judy.
Oh yeah! I can't spell either. 
I am very happy tonight. I haven't been able to get my mail from google. Well I got on the web and reset my password and I have over 500 mails to sort through. I am a happy camper tonight. Thanks google I love you. Hugs and kisses. 
Amanda eres muy hermosa quiero ser tu amigo
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