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It is My Most favorite day of the year....

50% off Easter Candy Day... 10$ well spent I say :)

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Happy National Deep Chocolate Discount Day to you, Amanda!
It's my favorite holiday, too!

I'm stopping on my way home and stocking up like a bawss.
serrrriously!!! :D
Right ther ein the crate of 6 in the middle... also got the choc creme eggs to try :)

Mmmmmm +Bianca C :D Love them!
brian s
I want all of this. particularly the Star Wars egg. +Corgan Lunsford the middle and right of the picture all appear to be Cadbury. yum!
i want the star wars egg!!!!
Star wars egg says " MEGA EGG" candy with surprise GIFT... whatever it will be.. i dont know.. but i expect awesome.. and may have to go get more depending ... it was less than A dollar :D
My absolute favorite day of the year? The day after Valentines. 1/2 price huge boxes of chocolates? Yes, please!!
I forgot all about such things, but now you made me really want candy. Not nice! Lol
where the hell does one find a star wars easter egg!!! i want!
Yum Yum and yummy for my tummy! Group Hug!
^Yas Mean you need to stop saying thay word i am a child i dont want to see that type of stuff
wow to much of that need to go to the dentish lol
That reminds me, I saw some camo-patterened easter eggs at the dollar store. MUST check to see if they're still there.
Can I get something chocolate filled with peanut butter??? 
:'( I am sad to report that star wars mega egg... kinda blows... actually really blows... So much so i googled it to see if it was just me... and found this guys page... he pretty much sums it all up.. and has lots of pictures... Mine might actually be worse than his.. because mine is all clone wars :| boo clone wars...

I don't like candy. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.
It wasn't a joke but possibly could be a joke.
+Amanda Blain That review reminds me of an old favorite...
Mike's Beer Ratings:

Most are decent reviews, but this one review has stuck in my head for 14 years now.
Oxford Class Amber Ale I'm not quite sure what this beer's brewmaster was thinking when he produced this recipe. The beer smells slightly metallic, and tastes that way as well. As it warms, the smell gets stronger, and the act of drinking becomes more and more unpleasant. There's a relatively strong sweet-malt flavor, as if the beer hadn't fermented completely before it was bottled. This flavor sits on the tongue for quite some time after drinking. All in all, a distinctly strange beer. (A friend originally handed me the bottle and said: "Here. Write something bad about it.".)
+Amanda Blain holy crap that sucks :( disappointed nerds everywhere are crying over this egg.
Back from the store. Back when I was playing pen and paper RPGs, this would be known as a Monty Haul.
+Amanda Blain - Ha! Too funny, I too went and bought me some Easter pretzels M&M&'s 50% off - nom nom! =)
I thought you would have gotten a ton more... How's it going to last you till day after Halloween??? hehe.
The whole reason I went to the store on Monday.
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