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How true this is.

"The Dream" can often change.... and has several times in my life. :)

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Very true. Most of us need to focus on how well we walk the path and not necessarily where it ends. We will find that out in time. :-)
yap, that is true because every people in this world are not satisfy for what they have they want more... right
boo Jay
I wish this were true.
and there is more thing guys, if that people achieve his/here dreams they will always say that "i am not satisfied" i am right or wrong?
for those who agree with me many thank you, have a safe and good day to all always keep safe every one
unles ur confused...wat u do bsides ua desere isnt comfortable n u wil b forced to lv it one day n folow ua dream.
Thank you for the words. Nice 
dream,truely comes true,only when we work had towards it,when we never works towards it ,it becomes an illusion,its better we keep hope alive when persuing that one thing we believe could change our life
Its knowing which dream to follow that counts. A dream is just a dream unless you actively follow it - thats when they become reality!
priorities may change, but not the dreams...they remain the integral part of our lives..
now thats destiny at work
It looks so simple but in reality it is an un-deniable truth.
Aah to dream the impossible dream!
How is that I don't have one...
I this means a lot to everyone
truly,madly deeply....

Overall rating
No more movies from what I can see...
...just like love....when you get lost...there's someone coming your way without a notice...
To change one dream is a sign of person loves life and is willing to grow as a person
if what is your dream follow it with out doubt, i know every people in this planet have a dream.
Let us not lose the track of dream sequence and find something other,but keep going on the right track,we can proceed to better one definitely.
Meet the person in the wrong way?? It's right or wrong?
its good to see dreams....they do come true....
gr8 statement!!!bt it happens only sometime...
You didn't realize it was a dream at the time though. Only long long after if you're wise and lucky enough.
Very true! If you're looking for road to the success first you need to get lost!
lulu said will seeeeeeeeee..............eeeee
Well,can agree to this one as it really happens!
try lateral thinking! it might help you!
see Edward de Bono
And Find
i loved the move "inception" i had to watch it twice i couldn`t beleive how much i missed the first time ,,,,,,,i am having a lazy day tomorow i just may watch it again ,,, 14 day`s of work finaly a day off ! by the way great pic +Amanda Blain
So true. The key to happiness is to be open to new dreams as they are discovered while not losing site of your life's goals. Happy Saturday g+ universe!
robert tilbury - DAYS should be plural, not possessive. 14 days of work...
Arni D
sooooo true :)
Dont take only the positive side remember the negative is also there, eg you can escape falling in a watertank and fall in a septictank .
Its true, u must b a master n a servant 2 uaself...
it happens ,,,this is called conecting to future
Yes! There is something to be said for 'sticking with it,' whatever 'it' happens to be, but there is nothing like discovering a little more about who you really are when you take that leap into a new and different dream. :)
Or the dream becomes the nightmare!
I know, I am writing a book and the morol is that.
i will now keep that locked inside my head
You normally #dream the subliminal things you really want or the way you want things to happen!
Evry man is resposible of his own destiny,plane ur dream well!
its depends really, sometimes even after finding a different dream, if you're still fixated on the original goal nothing can stop you reaching it, other tan death that is
God knows that is so true,what God have for you its for you only
that is really sweet
This is the live. No one has just one dream. no one know the future.
The different levels of maturity and self-consciousness...
sometimes your dreams are crushed by those you love the most
Matt V
Or it turns into a nightmare. 
Yeah,everything will be fine.Wish i could
well i dnt find a better 1 just worser nd worser
cant say it hasnt happend to me before
We think we know ourselves and our dreams / aspirations however our perceptions, cicumstances and experiences tend to modify our thinking.
hw true... thnx 4 sharing sch gr8 thought :) :)
and here I thought that was the purpose of dreaming
:-) specially when you have been married 6 times
Sometimes, on the way to THE DREAM, technology surpasses your dream and makes it obsolete.
.....idk what t say to that.......hehehe
With out a plan a goal is just a dream.
Why limit at one dream, see the one in front of you only to see it is many. Never limit yourself as you are the only one who can.
For the longest time I've been holding onto the old dream missing that I'm right in the middle of a new one. I finally let go!
this quote reminds 'stardust' movie plot
I love it, and its so true. I can honestly say that dreams have changed for me, and i'm so happy they did <3
well all i really have to say is that my dreams changed the way i felt about people my dreams helped me know who was real and who weren't
Choices are the hinges of destiny.... it's always funny how a certain peacefulness follows most decisions. Even if it's the wrong one.
Amanda Blain reading the Lion's heart for good.May blessing be upon you.
that saying is like my bff
this is................true...
So true and happens often. 
my dream now find better one , coz i lost ....:D
Wow! Great! Can I repin this with credit to you Amanda?
which is why no one can stick to just one thing......
those people who can find their best dream early on are just sooo lucky....
I hope that doesn't happen to my dream college
So very true, quite often the original dream may not be what we expected it to be.
IT HAPPENS FREQUENTLY FOR THE 'BETTER'. ISN'T IT Nancy Jeanne Prohaska Thomson & Amanda Blain ?  

  VERY-TRUE ABSOLUTELY IN MY LIFE, I MAY TELL YOU LATER IF both of you gentle ladies so desire.                                                                        

 Thanks for such OBSERVATION in human-life AMANDA, THANKS A LOT.
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