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*Scientific Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs*

Keeping with Today's Caturday theme... This made me laugh... A lot.. :) But remember Internet .. It's all in fun. Dogs are cool too...  no need to hate...:) Which is your favourite Cat Vs Dog moment? For me? Cat cosplay hat. :D

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Ha ha ha now that was funny! Normally I love cats, however mine seems to be suffering from some kind of personality disorder and is currently doing my nut in. Free to a good home...wear a hard hat!
Thats the funnest video i have seen today! It's full of smiles! Thank you +Amanda Blain !
Hahaha these dogs are drunk. That was pretty funny though, "scientific proof" haha. Clever.

Team #dog!!! 
My wife says all this is true and she wants another cat.
A cat licks its entire body to give itself a "bath", then proceeds to hack up a collection of said "dirt/furr/and whatever else it licked off itself" wherever it deems necessary to piss you the f off.

Not to mention, they lounge around like fat useless politicians and do nothing, only moving when it benefits them.

Sorry, having flashbacks of the cat my mom had when I was younger.

What you got there is a 'rich cat'! Cat vs Dog? I like them both.
I think that whole thing was written, and produced by a cat.
   n (ont-ILS pas, juin Immunité Plus Grande Qué Les Chiens?
je sais pas ! il y a mélange;français et anglais
j’espère que le commerce ,va bien  chez 'Amanda!
Holy crap! Did Mr. Whiskers rob a bank?!! 
dogs are dum funny cats are scared funny
All my dog wants to do is make me happy, and that makes him happy.. That works for us..
This is just as awesome every single time I watch it.
You can't scientifically prove dogs are better it's a matter of opinion.

In my opinion, I like dogs a lot better. Much more affectionate and active.

Cats hate me, so I hate them. 
Boa noite galera durma com deus. bjs de RAY
Super Great, thank you for posting this!
This is an Ode to cats! Love it
Some cats & dogs are cute. But i'm a bunny person. (>'.'<)
At least they were singles and not 20s 50s and hundreds
I have a dog who literally eat a document that I needed from my attorney research I will probably never see again but I might be able to get a copy back.
oh my dear, I have no problem with any feline or canine, and only have a
problem with their diet. When they choose to eat official documents that I
need or those documents are cash as they showed in that photo, that's what
I have a problem, I will reach down into their throat and pull it all out.
I'm just kidding, I will let the doctor knew that, wink wink
both are awesome the end but cats are more mature than dogs in some ways…
Dog's have a Master,
Cat's have a STAFF.
how to proof it?I don't know how to different its...
Depemds on dog. Most tho need attentino. Cats can just be by themselves
here are some HUmans so bored that devolving into Anthropomorphism has become such a pastime to their distracted lives.
step away from the animals.
Anthropomorphism is cruelty to animals.

otherwise a good video.
I want to that better than cat...
Oh fuck.. That's funny as hell.. I have to share..
Once again it's proven, pussy does control all the money
By understanding the role of Cats and Dogs in nature we com to realize that both are important to humans. Cats are more for indoors and dogs are for outdoors.
I like dogs better but that was funny. And had some good points
I love dogs and hate cats but that was hilarious!!!!
WoW it's amazing and true ^_^ ♡
i like cats cause there cute i like dogs cause there smart and i dont like cats cause they have dirty mouths i dont like dogs because they eat cats
soy neri y vivo en Costa Rica
Too funny.  You guys did a great job.  how much fun you must have had.  We must rescue all these annimals we can theat do not have a home.
Thats why I keep my cat inside and the dog outside! :-(
ugh dogs r better no need 4 video just true
I was in a terrible mood until I saw your video, thank you Amanda.
I resent the implications of the remark at hand!  For starters, unlike the cat above, I'd take the money he or she is eating and deposit it in to high yieald, interest bearing what-cha-macall-its. 

--- Vinny the Pug--- 
روز بخیر اماندا
از دیدنت خوشحال شدم
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you called , what can i do for you ? x
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