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*Web Developer Circle*

One of my largest and oldest circles... If you need some web work, or love talking web code in php, java, html, css, .net, asp and more... They are here!

As always if you would like to be in this circle.. feel free to comment with what languages you speak... and share with any coders you know not here... :) Cleared of inactive poster, if you are in this circle share the circle love around!

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Woop woop! I dev for the web!
Woooo! I'm more designer than developer, but I speak php enough to make myself look dumb. ;)

Sometimes, I even code a site. True story.
+Amanda Blain now my web developers circle grew to 316. please add me into this circle if I am not in it. thank you.
Developers. Developers. Developers! :)
< Develops for the web / mobile devices(ios\android) / PCs...
html, javascript, css, a bit of php, c#, going to be learning java soon. Recentally started optimising for mobile and mobile web apps. Great idea by the way. Please could you add me
Wow just added this to my current web dev circle. So me too please (css, html, javascript, php)
General Programmer. I used to work in html 3 and 4. I am thinking of getting back into some web development and I am working on adding PHP html 5 and Java script. Most of my programming back ground is main frame (HP 3000) languages are SPL, C, and I have worked with Java some also.
PHP, C#, Javacscipt, HTML, Django - Doing more desktop stuff lately but trying to keep my hands in the web dev. Can I be Added?
Python (Zope, Plone, Pyramid, Django, Google App Engine), HTML+CSS, some JS via frameworks like jQuery.
This is one of my favorite circles to be a part of; as always thanks for the inclusion +Amanda Blain.
Wow there are so many coders and web devs around, such a need for the penultimate circle!
can you re-share the circle when everyone has been added? It won't update on ours automatically.
i do a lot of stuff with SQL, asp, php, vbscript, jquery, jqtouch, and python. i'm learning PERL
Always wanting to learn more...
Perl, Javascript, PHP, a little CSS (LESS and Bootstrap)
Please add me. I know HTML+CSS (including HTML5 & CSS3), Javascript, JSP, PHP. I also work with jQuery, JSON, LAMP platforms and other stuff I'm probably forgetting at the moment.
I specialize in PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS (obviously). Learning Python. I'm primarily an SEO though. I've love to be added!
anyone know of any web developer jobs or internships?
A hobby more than anything... ad hoc web experience but like to be part of the group... to see if I can learn in a group setting.. I would love to be added if it is possible...
Hi Amanda - another designer/developer type from Germany :)

I design & code beautiful UIs that scale across all screen sizes and work smoothly across various OSs/browsers (Java, PHP, Actionscript, Javascript, SVG, CSS3, HTML5 with strong mobile tendencies). Have some shiny awards to prove it too :)

Plus I'm adaptive/responsive just like my interfaces ( :D
Add me too. Same language mix as Jonathan but I use Java fluently too.
Add me also amanda ....
I'd appreciate an add. Mostly doing .NET, but have lots of PHP and Cold Fusion under my belt as well, with a peppering of Java web stuff.
Hey Amanda this is pretty neat.. and everyone here talks the same language :)
Heh. Reminds me of something a non-technical colleague told me once. She was in a meeting where I was talking to a DBA & afterward said "It was like listening to a conversation in another language - I could tell from the tone of your voices you were making a joke, but I had no idea what you were saying."
Steve C
Interesting marketing strategy how woman generally post the most seductive photos of themselves…
I just found out I passed my exams today and now official have my web system development degree :)
I must have fallen out of favor with the coder gods... coulda swore I was in this circle at one point ;-)

15 years slinging code should count =)
Hello from the UK. Wordpress lover here. 
আমাকে এই বৃত্তের একটি অংশ নিতে হবে
Please add me, I do HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript among other things
Yesssss.... mornings are tooooo early. It should start in the evening .....
Neat thanks! I want to be part of it!
I'd love to join. I speak php, html, css, and javascript mostly. Have spoken coldfusion, java, c#, vb, among others. Always looking for good, honest developers to get jobs done the best way.
Thanks for sharing! & I would love to be added :)
sincerely, I dont know anything about all these things you are talking about. How can I learn it please?
Please add me to your circle. I am learning Java, HTML, and dreamweaver. I would love to gain more knowledge of web development.
i will like to learn this more web development and java. also on html and dreamweaver. i had no knowledge about this programme before.
The booming love, tht's nice i like to know more. 
Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking these sort of people... my people :) Add me
+Amanda Blain please do add me as well, this goes to anyone else who would like to add me to their groups. I speak HTML/CSS JQuery SQL Php.. Really love the Yii framework still learning though, gonna start learning symphony2 as well soon :)
Software & Web Developer + Designer (since 2000') I post about: PHP | Ruby | Python | Javascript | CSS | MySQL | jQuery | Wordpress
seems I have a bigger "web developers" circle. After adding this circle, my circle became like 300+
I dont not tend to share circles over 100.. this is the rare exception.. It takes a lot of time to mange a circle.. one with 300 or more people in it is like not curated.. ie full of non active accounts or people who are not posting ever in that category. But do share.. circle shares make G+ better.
I think it is because facebook has a lot of their friends who dont want to move.
+Andreas Stassivik I use your tool regularly on my circles.. in fact 10000% could not be sharing circles or using plus without it... OTHER people.. do not though... :) i DO wish you would make todays date the  part in the 'from what date part" i currently have to scroll through a year for each use :)
my bad... and no.. i reshare circles once every few months... sorry :)
Pat G
That's a big circle.
Always looking for freelance web developers
Coldfusion, SQL, HTML, JS, CSS, Java, AS/Flex et al.
Would love to be part of this circle. Currently work in Php, Java, GWT MySql, MongoDB, Flex, Html, Css, Javascript and even a bit of Ruby. :) 
Pat G
Hi! I'm a Developer (AS3, HTML, CSS, Javscript, PHP, MYSQL) .I have some knowledge of SEO.
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