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*Creative People Tend to Be Messy*

True Fact. Clean Up Day Continues. Like Zooey in the Apple Tomato Soup Commercial. :)

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Really? Clean up day? As it so happened I cleaned up quite a bit today. I had no idea today was clean up day.
Even creative to get out of dodge !!
Serves you right for buying cool stuff.
So that is what my problem is, and here I thought I was just lazy. ;-)
J Agnew
I don't have thi- NO way! I've been looking for that!
I can't clean my room cuz of G+
+Amanda Blain That's what I did Sunday and yesterday. I have a whole new wardrobe, some shows and enough lint to wear as a scarf... OH yeah and a stick of gum. LOL
But finding the cool stuff is the only reason to cleanup anywho....
You should see my cave! LOL I am lucky the Health Department doesn't know where it is!!!
i cant check my e mail because i get distracted by G+
For someone who works in social media +Steven Streight ... why are you ALWAYS negative on everything I post?
+Amanda Blain There was a study once that correlated a clean space as being associated with someone who felt wildly out of control of their life, and vice versa.

I heartily embrace the messy workplace.
I'm creative. I am messy sometimes. +Amanda Blain I certainly don't mean to be negative toward you. I often am just joking around.

If I post a comment, it's generally because what you post is thought-provoking.

I'll try to be nicer. Don't want to appear mean or cranky. I feel bad that I have offended you. I like you. Peace sister. :^)
+Amanda Blain Remember the old saying, "If a messy desktop indicates a messy mind, what does an empty desktop indicate?"
+Jim McCloskey yuppers... dont look at my deskspace! :)

+Steven Streight I can't spell anything. True Story. I type too fast and don't proof read. not for lack of abilites :) Problem with typing fast and doing too much at once. :)
That is why is don't clean my room. It will just take forever.
I would fall into this category ;)
Thats the reason i dont want to make another place dirty.
When I used to send my daughter to clean her room it just got worse, because she had to take everything out of its box/bin/container to look at it, and then even more stuff was everywhere than before.
Hahaha totally agree!! messy is the way lol
sounds so familiar, it used to drive my mother crazy
I needed that excuse 25+ years ago!
me to and sometimes it is real cool!
that's so true one time i found my black metal slinky
Oh My God, Yes!!!! That is totally me!
Wait 'til you try to move!
thts true. they don't care to be clean. only bussy with their stuff all the time.
I can relate. To much fun stuff to make and create to clean up. . . .
Tottaly agree i get distracted by my old camera collection and my large photo prints.
That's what I tell my wife, then she goes ahead and hides everything again!
That's why it takes months to clean up
i love you i make all do you like vente para venezuela aqui si hay amor te amo carino 
ya so true always happens to me and my kids lol
Creative do tend to be messy. That is normal. Everything will be cleaned up after their creation is complete.
Had I known... I would have been able to stop my daugther from straighten me up. Hihi!
OMG you let the plans out!!!! now they will download the collective internet from 2012 using cache technologies send the data to the future and this will all be undone!!!! yikes regroup replan and reorginize
Reminds me of what this professor was saying the other day. He basically said that creative thinkers should be allowed to let their minds wander whereas surgeons and bankers should maintain their focus and not get distracted by things.
oow, how messy my room.. and i get distracted by my lazyness.. hehehe
I totally make a huge mess to clean up. I move everything all over the place. When i am done it is all neat and tidy but you would think it was not possible during the process. There is something zen about a clean and tidy living space. I tell this to my 3 year old,who then asks why and runs away laughing as he tosses all his toys everywhere, not waiting for an answer :)
It sounds good. But I bet your mum doesn't agree! lol
Its ever a fantastic cool stuff, ever it i like..... )
i'll make sure my 10 yr old does not see this, she has enough excuses already
they must of interviewed my family for this comment.
And there are at least a thousand other very intelligent excuses for the shortcomings that you have, and that is fully approved by your own self
hahaha - sounds like when i try to clean out my house or garage - and then i keep on holding on to more things
So that's what's wrong with my daughter???? Finally, I know :0)
nil i
that always happen to me lol,now i kno why it takes them so long.... :P
forget the room. this happens when i try to set my closet right!!
One of the advantages of being disorderly isthat one is constantly making exciting discoveries
lol. stop getting out our secrets. what would normally take about an hour, takes 2. or just does'nt get done.
this is typically a lot of people i really know.yet some of them r not that creative.THEY JUST LIKE IT THIS WAY,MY SONS&I HAVE TO OWN UP
I cleaned one shelf in my office and found 2 ipods, someone's digital camera and a gift voucher from Xmas last year.
I totally agree....its a nightmare trying to decide should i keep or should i throw? its worse when you have a science room mate who has all sorts of cool junk.
We are stuff magnets, it is a pity how much value we place on stuff and we all will loose it in the long run.
I guess that explains my eternally messy room? hehe
OMG, nothing could be more TRUE!!
this happened to me when ever i saw comment like this
I totaly agree.... im gunna use that when mum tells me to tidy my room :D
Teresa looks at her desk... ducks her head... raises her hand to face her humiliating confession.
happens all the time....
munju s
a game of treasure-hunt !
...this is why I wait until he has gone out, preferably for a few hours, and then I go crazy cleaning his 'dungeon'... and put all the cool stuff back into there prospective cubby holes. He comes home and smiles because he didn't have to clean up and I didn't throw anything away.
+Amanda Blain Oh yes, Don't get me started on the cool (and horrific) things you might find in my room.
haha that picture up there.............soooo true
Why clean up when I can just add more stuff on the pile?
So not me but Know some very creative people:-)
I've actually gotten relatively non-messy in my apartment, but I think I've lost a part of my soul in the process
I love you exposing what's real
It isn't mess, it's organized chaos!
An excuse my Daughter would be very happy to use!
thats why it takes me so long to clean it\
That explains why I can only see half of my room after 2 days of cleaning
As I recall, last time the distraction was a scientific calculator...
i tolltly agree on that and i do that alot
I find that true every time I clean my room!
ez ten
thats what happens when you're high... clean and get distracted
hii i am anil mathur.........
lol this should be on my grandsons door!
yeah exactly ! it happens to me most of the times as well :)
hahahaha imm use tht wen my mom asked me to clean my room
Tt's happens all the time! And my mom doesn't understand it..
No, you can't clean your room because you lack the simplest elements of willpower and concentration (aka, an attention span).
"creative people tend to be messy"
That's why bipolar people are very creative and messy
Haha i am suprised wiff the things i find in mii room tyme to tyme.. LOL
Haha same here i can start but can't finish
haha thats me :) if im lucky a bag of chips. lmao
really funnie also lololololololololololol
... and I don't throw it away because it all still works! :D
lol that happens sometimes with me considering i don't even know WHAT i's kinda sad huh...?not even knowing what you own is pretty bad....:(
That explains a lot and means I should be very creative, speaking of I need to clean today. Love finding things that I lost a few months ago. :) lol
wow thats just sad...... and look at how many coments there are on this one post....... and now theres one more......
Its true.....u should look at my locker:D study is a mess....but it is a VERY cool place.
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