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*Android Circle*

This circle is my creme de la cream of Android. Developers, Google Employees, Droid Forum managers, Tech writers, Brand pages, Fans and much more... All about Android.

The circle has been cleaned of non-active posters, and these people interact and post about android. If you love android, tell me about it and i'll add you to the next round. If you're in this circle.. share the android love around.. ;)

#android #androiddevelopers
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I'm glad you're still on Team Green after we got you from blackberry (aka le sinking ship)!
One Android enthusiast / news poster here. Thanks for posting, few more interesting people for me...
Can I ask a favor? When you share a circle can you include the direct link as well for mobile users?
If you were notified for this post... you were in this circle. :)
Yes! Glad to have made the list!
Thank you Amanda! I'll try to keep worthy of your recommendation.
+Amanda Blain yes please. Otherwise its a nightmare for mobile only users like me to try and find if the site doesn't crash the browser first. Ill be moving to ICS soon as I can get to a pc and root my phone again. Maybe chrome won't crash while loading.
im still trying to understand how this google plus thing works...... (((((((Help))))))))
I have been successful looking at shared Circles on Mobile by loading the Desktop version of Google+
+Amanda Blain I can't say creme de la creme and not include Dan.

It's just..wrong.
Wow! Thanks for including me :D android rocks
+Ralph Sevy Thanks! i totally didn't know that would work... but then you can open it in the browser! Will do from now on.
Hi Amanda, I would like to be included it in here please. I love to see ICS on SGS2 as it would be released tomorrow if the news is right! Depends on specific country/regions as well. But thanks!
+Amanda Blain thank you for sharing this. :) it will help me a lot and for those people who love android and google plus. :D
Im new to this, but I think I like this page. Android rocks
Yu Zhu
I'm a freshman too.My English is not so good.But thank you for share this circle.
hello, guten tag, bonjour, 你好,こんにちは,Hola,Buenos días!
Just got a whole batch of new followers, thought it was from this circle but I'm not in here? The plot thickens ..
I love android. Can you add me to this circle? I am interested.
Nice, Cheers to my long time Buzz friends +Christopher Rizzo and +Thomas Morffew who made this awesome Circle!

I still want to see that SXSW Circle +Amanda Blain since it seems I am the only one not going to be there. And no, the hock shop would not take my 80's CDs to finance the trip :[
I like my Andriod phone,, the slide,,, I am not an apple person,,,
i am using android it is realy usefull i like it
I missed this one... I promise evangelize my GNexus more next time, +Amanda Blain. ;)

Thanks for the circle... will... err... circle ;)
I love android! I wouldn't trade it for anything and can't imagine life without it! :)
I am an Android fanboy i must say own an inspire 4g and a notion ink adam and am learing to program for droid (slowly)
+Amanda Blain Thank you for the inclusion in your awesome Android Circle. :) Now go get the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus from the link I posted this morning :)
And then load it up with Codename Android :P
+Derek Ross have you been able to get the Market to work with 1.4.0? I can purchase free apps but not apps that cost money. Reflashed Gapps with no luck... looked at some forums but all I really found were others having the same issue.
Yea the difference was I had issues with coa and not aokp plus I respect a dev that makes his own features rather than rip from everyone else
+Paul Garcia Don't look at the AOKP source code or github then. And don't figure out what the K in AOKP stands for, you may have your mind blown.

The fact of the matter is it's OPEN SOURCE. I don't have the time to explain this fact again, and again. That should be clarification enough.
I post high quality Android related posts as well ;-)
+Derek Ross Well aware of what it stands for but you'd be suprised how many of the customizations actually came from the dev himself not just kanging from other roms. Yes Android is open source but wheres the orginality in all that.
I'm only an enthusiast, but I'd love to be added! Bragging rights: Within an hour of picking it up at Best Buy, my Nook Color was rooted and rommed and is now a NookDroid. I've also rooted/rommed my DroidX more times than I care to remember.
How come it took me so long to find here. Yelp.
Great circle, +Amanda Blain. Think I had at least 70 of these folks in my Android circle already! :D Thanks for the additions.
<----- oh I need to be in this circle ;) I fit the "fan" category ^_^
I'd like to join this circle... :-)
Been using acer a100 tablet for 3 months and love it!! :-)
<- Android news writer / blogger, thanks for the share +Amanda Blain, this circle just keeps getting better and better!
<-- Android enthusiast, if there are any questions to be asked I'll answer but if its already been answered by some one else then there really isnt much sense to state the same thing. otherwise i'll be happy to answer anything or point the troubled person to some one who knows.
Hi +Amanda Blain I'm a strong android fan!! I love it if you can add me to this circle! Thanks!
Hey +Amanda Blain, I'm writing a game engine for Android and have been blogging about my progress. Feel free to add me to your list if you find my posts useful.
i'm a software engineer,a android developer.
Another android user here. Had a Samsung galaxy s for couple of years just upgraded to the S3 last week and loving the new phone.
I m an android user, even if an old galaxy s2 is my phone
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