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Bah. Stealing never wins. Do photography? Have a look.

Neither do trolls.

+John De Bord - Thought you'd like to know that someone is selling your work on an awful Instagram -> print site. I recognized your image immediately in a newsletter from the site! Since it is your work you are the only one who can contact the site and have your work removed.

Contact them at Thanks to +David Sanger for providing the link!

I'm willing to bet every other piece on there is ripped off as well.

Update: I searched Tin Eye for 3-4 other images and they are all stolen. Please share this post so that the owners can submit their complaints to Instacanvas!

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Created by lyronisgeorge and available on stretched canvas at
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How Beautiful Flower...?...........
Nice catch. Instagram fail. People suck.
does not surprise me in the least. Ah well the lawsuit is Facebook's problem now. Haha
I hate thieves. Unfortunately too many around, and they don't care. Sadly, karma's as real as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and compassionate conservatives, so I have to hope that one day I can meet them face-to-face.
the flowers and amanda both are beautiful
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