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I put 5 hour energy in mine...I hear colors...
J Agnew
"You hear that? Sounds like a machine gun."
"Oh that? That's just my heart."
if coffee wakes you up and red bull gives you wings then can you brack the sound baryer your self?
All that needs is some alcohol and you could name your new cocktail "Heart Attack". Oh wait, wouldn't even need the alcohol O_o
Meanwhile, at the Red Bull headquarters the PR guy is trying to convince the CEO that the post above was a part of their planned advertizing campaign.
Or is +Amanda Blain the Red Bull PR guy?
i once tried red bull + tequila - and i was landing a F-16 on a matchbox :P 0_~
Please stop when your heart rate reaches 4 digits
Rocket fuel coffee does it for me
"......I can see noises" hahahahahaha!
sounds like there was a little Don Collins Café in your Red Bull!
+Austin Donovan A caffeine overdose may (in rare cases) cause psychosis which in turn may cause hallucinations. In any case, I don't intrepid this is as a psychedelic state, but rather heightened senses (as sound in fact does alter the medium it's passing through).

Man, I took a fun thing and made it boring, didn't I?
noises r 2b heard, not 2b
the words "to" and "be" are to be spelled, not numbered.
Good for you!!!!!I wish i could be that brave...
I do it every day. On Mondays I also add 5 hrs energy and evaporate it all first so I get nice brownish crystals, then I crush and sneeze them. Only that will get you through Monday :) j/k
LMFAO!! next thing you know they are going to ban it low!! XD
we have this haning on the wall in my office
Years ago I worked in a gas station while I was in high school. There was a lot of down time so I'd make coffee using this caffeinated water that we sold called "Krank 2 O". We'd be bouncing of the walls!
That, +Amanda Blain, looks a lot like a stimulative beverage-aided synaesthesia :) Thank you for provoking a sincere laugh.
you dont need wings to come to me..just add me x)
WOW, that is a lot of Red bull in your coffee, that would kill me
I need to try it! ... drinking coffee is the closest thing to having sex with a supermodel (is not best, it's inferior, but it is very close) LOL !
Haha... I'll have to try it! lol I've tried it with diet coke & instant coffee but it didn't have such a wonderfull effect & it tasted to horrible to get it all down! lol
too funny ... awesome
Damn, this must be the equivalent of cook liquid Crack!!!
lol i will try it sounds fun
Must try that...sounds interesting
One day, people will realize that these energy drinks will kill them.
Hhh interest ....I bet it would taste like sh**, however
sometimes i feel i am the only person on the planet who thinks "red bull" and competitors are dangerous products that should not allowed to be sold - just my 2 cents worth and am used to being told i am crazy for thinking this.
Is it wrong that my first response to this was 'OMG need to try!'?
Try Monster. It's more than twice a Redbull at almost the same price.
that was very thoughtful of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhhhhhhha
Haha can i have some so i can c noises too?lol jk
I like the thought of it. Perhaps I'll try with!!!
Very funny, you know I sometimes feel like that if I've had a busy day at work and caned the coffee pot!
Gotta try this sometime... will this help me when i'm in a meeting? 
On my way to try it :p
It will help you to get kicked out of the meeting, if that's what your aiming for!!!! CAUSE YOU WONT SHUT UP!
Damn .. .. RedBull is going into My Americano right now n:D
New drink? Since the name Red-eye is already taken would this perhaps be called a Bull Eye? lol
Maybe thats what i need to do
Lmmfao.. Now add a 5 hour extreme!!
You do realize now, that someone will actually try it. They'll be easy to spot though. Just look for the one doing backflips at 90 mph on the wrong side of the road.
Hi, noises! How are you on this lovely Wednesday morning?
Let us know how crashing smells like
Well, it is a lesson learned for all those Red Bull Lovers out there!
I would prefer to see noises than have those pesky wings they say red bull gives you
I like the entertaiment... ya'll keep going !! lol
can u see where is noises coming from
Is it just me, or does he resemble Cookie Monster?
That face is looking at me weird... O_o
my hubby actually did this!!! weiedo lol
This is cool , You ROCK Amanda .I'll bet your way fun!!!!
too funny...that sounds scary as well. Seeing noise!!
Hi evrybdy .wht coffee is it? is it bulls coffee or a mad lesson in the morning .
Excellent. Question for all you coffee drinkers... how much coffee is too much. I have been tracking how much I drink. When I was at AIT I was drinking about 400oz a day, and now I am up to about 600 oz a day. I average about 30 20oz cups a day. Anyone think that is to much? Just wondering.
Hmph. Sounds like every weekday morning! !
what i meant to say was sooooooooooo your fucking high like harry pothead
Hey peops!

You try coca-coffee and you will see light waves
Now add add med to put ya over the limit.
DEAD ... hahahahahahahahahahahhh
well, red bull with smirnoff is really nice!!!but only weekends
This is what america is coming to...drunk fuzz balls and peopl ho postth eir pictures on google
That's absolutely amazing :) Too good not to share.
Tell u a secret, I see dead noises...
hey your just like me
welcome to the club
wait a couple days youll see dead people and demons
cool huh?
You're dying. Just sit down and enjoy the ride until it passes.
U r soooo crazy...
How amazing this cup of of coffee.
Guru J
some lie is good to hear
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