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*Mario Really Is A Plumber*

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that's awesome!!!!!!
gotta love a guy who knows his plumbing
...feel like i know this guy...
I hope they got that whole street lined with all the other mario characters too.
Oh man, this is Super Mario Sunshine all over again!
S Oman
wow super mario will save the day
i guess many child would like to take picture with it.. even dog...
I need more coffee.......
Xris Gk
now how is he gonna kill all the goombas? Oh crap.... NO! GOOMBA GET OFF MY HEAD!!!! GHA!!!!
Amanda, you are attractive. You're a babe. I love you.
the side of his head.. he looks like Frankenstein :)
hahaha...... i want super maria...... u know what i mean??? hahahaha.
hahahahaha.... now they need to make a Luigi
dogs will die.... if Mario get peed on
wow,I'am also an Hydraulic Engineer,happy to see you working as plumber
hola, soy hombre muy inteligente, no hablo Inglés, español si, chica, dices Q ERES Agradable, no lo pongo en Dudas, ya q soy amante d no Llevar la Contraria, ni dominante en definir las conversaciones, Pero Si de Bellos Compartir, en OPINIONES inolvidables los fines d semenas. -
I like that. In San Diego they have decorated the electricity boxes all over the city - good touch of boho style.
when the firefighter comes along when there is a fire, hes gonna be "Wth?!" lol
Awesome. Love to know where you found this.
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