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I love this!
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Mixing games and poetry
I did a lot of poetry writing this weekend as a secondary character and creaked a small booklet of "his" work -

It includes some of the rondeaux I did a weeks ago and a few other poems in medieval poetry forms.  I'll post the texts for them in a little while.
An original work created for a Renaissance Kingdoms storyline by A. D. Barncord Doerr.
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Amanda Barncord

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Amanda Barncord

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Happy Friday all!!
Have a great weekend!
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Amanda Barncord

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I think I missed adding these. 
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Amanda Barncord

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Not a bad selfie from last month. 
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Amanda Barncord

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In time for the season. A Breton Lai version of Gawain and the Green Knight.
Breton Lai
The Breton lai is composed of rhymed couplets with lines that are eight syllables in length. The subject of the verse is a tale of love and chivalry, often involving supernatural and fairy-world Celtic motifs.  “The Franklin’s Tale” in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is an example of a Breton Lai.  According to Wikipedia ( lais are short poems of 600 to 1000 lines.  Something to tell my best friend the next time she teases me about not being able to write something short.

Recently, I was requested to write following Breton lai for a Renaissance role-playing game.  It is based off of the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  For the curious, this piece is 136 lines long – a very short lai by Medieval standards.

The Adventure of Sir Gawain

Let me tell you about a night
In King Arthur's castle of might.
'Twas Yuletide and the mood was gay.
People laughed and musicians played.
There were savory meats and pies;
Breney, beer, and breads made from rye;
Cheeses, boiled beets, butter, and cream;
Pickled eggs and puddings that steam.

A merry time was had by all
When a horse burst into the hall.
A lord in vibrant verdigris
Disrupted the festivities - 
Mocked the King and his royal court
With his vicious parody of sport.
“Come, strike me once, while I’m unarmed
And I will gift you this axe unharmed.
But a year from now, you must find
Me and let me strike you in kind.”
With prodding jeers the Green Knight spoke
Until Arthur, himself, was provoked.
But Gawain rose to his king’s side,
“Uncle, let me face his false pride.
Please ignore this foolish man’s jest.
Let me, your kin, take this request.
For of all your knights, I'm least tried,
And the one least missed from your side."
Arthur's other counselor's agreed,
For Kingly blood there was no need.

Gawain stepped forth and gave his name.
The Green Knight did not do the same.
A smile across his face did spread.
"Sir, you can have my name," he said,
"Also the name of where I be,
So in a year you can find me."
Gawain took the bright axe of gold,
And walked up to the knight so bold,
And with a swing removed his head.
The green lord stood, but was not dead.
He grabbed his own head by the hair,
And pronounced to all standing there,
"I'm the Knight of the Green Chapel,
And it is there where I do dwell.
In a year,” the headless man said,
“I will expect you there as pledged.”
Arthur urged merriment to all,
As he put the axe on the wall.

‘Twas All Saints Day when Gawain left.
Arthur in attendance bereft.
Without knowledge of the knight’s place,
Gawain rode off in faith and grace
On Gringolet, his loyal steed
A noble beast, he was indeed.
Confronting wild beasts and the chill
Gawain faced certain death with skill
As Yuletide came, Gawain concerned,
Prayed the location he would learn,
So he would keep his given word
To stand in front of the Green Lord.
The next snowy morn he ventured 
In a hoary wood, he entered.
Prayed again for guidance divine
A stronghold appeared past the pine.
The porter led him to the hall
Where a fine meal was laid for all.
At the head of the table overt
Sat Bertilak de Hautdesert. 
His beautiful wife on the right - 
To his left, a crone with eyes bright.
The lord firmly assured Gawain
Two mile away the chapel lain.
It would take him no time at all
To reach before the New Year falls.
“Rest until then in my fair home!
‘Tis Yuletide and none should roam.”

When morn came the lord made a deal -
Whatever was caught by his zeal
Would go to Gawain in exchange
For whatever he that day had gained.
Not long after the hold’s lord went,
The lady begged Gawain’s consent.
But he only took a single kiss
To keep her from feeling dismissed.
When the hunting party returned
He kept the lady’s name unlearned.
One kiss he gave to Bertilak
For the deer the lord had brought back.
On the morrow they left again.
The lady became even bolder then.
Two kisses were all he would take.
For he was a knight, not a rake.
So that evening for the boar,
He gave two kisses and no more.
The third morn, she was more direct.
But all he agreed to was three pecks.
Then she offered her girdle green,
Which granted him protection keen.
Quite aware that he might soon die,
Gawain took it and chose to lie.
For Bertilak’s fox were kisses three,
But not the girdle given he.

Then came that fateful New Year’s day 
When Gawain must give his life away.
He rode to the chapel and stood
To take the blows he said he would.
Calmly stood there baring his throat,
As the Green knight grinned and gloat.
But his first blow was only feigned
And the second blow was the same.
Angry Gawain told him to go
And deliver the fatal blow.
The third swing drew blood, nothing more.
‘Twas merely a scratch he endured.
The disguise dropped showing his host.
Bertilak was the knight that boast.
The whole thing was a clever ruse
By one who wanted Arthur ‘bused.
She, Morgana the Sorceress,
Had hoped to cause fear and distress.
So she transformed Sir Bertilak,
Into the knight who gave attack.
Gawain was ashamed of hiding
The girdle that kept him striding.
While his host laughed and saw no wrong
The moral guilt was way too strong.
He tied the girdle to his wrist,
To remind him of his weakness.
Back in Camelot, he confessed,
The mortal failing he possessed.
The other knights absolved his blame
For it was a deceitful game.
And so they too wore green armbands,
In recognition of this man.
This man honorable and pure,
Through malicious trials he endured.
You may think yourself above stain,
But you’ll never match Sir Gawain.
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My son's algorithms of allowable dating age range :

Upper limit - Minus 7 from your age and doubled it.

Lower limit* - Divide you age in half and add 7 (must be adjusted for local jailbait laws)

*Actually shared with Jake by someone else. The first algorithm Jake actually determined for himself, with the idea that your upper age limit should be what someone else's lower age limit is.

So, according to my son, my dating range is from about 32 to 84, which is a spread wider that the number of years I've been on this Earth. Using algebra (yes, I do use this stuff on a regular basis and not just to satisfy my curiosity), I determined that before the age of 42 is when your date-able age range is less than your actual age, and after the age of 42 is when your date-able age range is greater than your actual age.

So, another reason why 42 is an awesome number. I so love math.
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Amanda Barncord

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At 4:47 pm today, I became a grandmother. Welcome Athena to the world!
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Yeah, Allie!
I couldn't love Allie Brosh more and so SO happy she came and played Magic on the channel!
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Now with descriptions and in order.  If you want more detail on how I got certain effects, by all means, ask me.  I had a wonderful time at the print shop. When I left, the curator running gave me a hug and told me that she saw some really great work come from me today. She likes how I'm willing to experiment artistically. She said she may give my first version of Catherine back and take my two trees.  I think she also loves the fact that my kids and I still do stuff with each other. Everyone who came today had been to an earlier session and I found out that Laura had told some of them about Jacob and I doing this together on the first Saturday the monothon was running. As I was getting to know the lady I was sharing a table with, she said, "Oh! You're the woman who brought her young adult son!" The curator is thinking of maybe having these print shops once a month during the next year. I was told that I'm going to have to babysit my grandbaby sometime, so my daughter can attend one of them. I also promised the curator that I would trying to arrange time off so I can attend the post monothon gathering and meet the others who participated.
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