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New to Google+ so I'm just trying to figure out how it works, :}
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Welcome to Google+, here are few suggestions for you:
>> Fill your about section.
>> Circle people of your interest(use shared circle database to find circle of your interest )
>> Use hashtags like #googleplustips #gplustips #googleplustutorials to learn more about Google+
>> plus one, comment and reshare..
Enjoy your stay here..
Thanx for welcoming me. Um... one question would be what do I really do up here?
I like to think of Google+ as being a bit of Facebook, a bit of Twitter...

Facebook because you can have your own contacts (friends, family, etc.) with whom you interact regularly.
Twitter because you can choose to follow people whom you might not know personally but with whom you may share similar interests.

Utilising circles, content sliders, Google+ searches and other such tools, your "stream" will quickly become a finely tuned hosepipe of topics which you are likely to find interesting.

Looking briefly at your profile you already seem to have a pretty good grasp of all of this!
Thanx Jeremiah. & yes I am getting the hand of it already. =}
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