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There's one thing you should never do and that's to judge a superannuation fund by its one-year return. Experts say, take the long view in judging super funds.

# JudgingSuperFund

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Buying a property can be a highly stressful proposition. Add to that the pressure of doing it with another person and you’ve got a recipe for emotional upheaval. But what specifically do couples fight about? Check this out.


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Cashless payments are convenient, but they're costing more than we realise. Could using cash be the key to saving for a home?


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How do you treat risk in your financial lives? Experts say, make a plan to handle risk and stick to it.


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There are signs that we're collectively smarter users of credit than we tend to give ourselves credit for. Report says, we are becoming savvier in managing our debts.


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Research suggests millions of Australians with life insurance are in the dark about how it protects them. Find out why.


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Research analysts – they provide statistics and data that property investors rely on up and down the country, but what exactly goes into their methods? Here's how property researchers research.


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How would any rate rises impact your money goal? With the talk of interest rate hike looking more and more likely here’s what experts say borrowers should do to prepare.


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Borrowers are building better knowledge of their mortgages as a string of interest rate changes by banks and other lenders focuses their thoughts on how much they pay.


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Australian consumers resist rising credit card limits to lower their interest burden.

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