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The Four Phases of Resolution, Naomi Feil Video

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Pigs bring joy to Alzheimer's patients
When we hear of therapy animals, oftentimes, we think of therapy dogs. But there's a new breed of animal hamming it up in hospitals and nursing homes around Denver. They are miniature pot-bellied pigs. Another great idea. See them in action in the video bel...
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Smile though your heart is aching
Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it's breaking If you smile through your fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You'll see the sun come shining through for you There can be no doubt that the most important communication tool for all tho...
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The negativity that comes with Alzheimer's cargiving
Alzheimer's caregivers are bombarded day after day with negativity -- it comes with the territory. As a result, it is easy for a caregiver to become negative. I often envision caregivers trapped in a negative space thinking the same negative thoughts over a...
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How long will a person living with Alzheimer's last?
When I first started taking care of my mother I was asked constantly, how long do you think you will doing this? I answered, a year or two. I'll start by asking. How long have you been caring for a person living with dementia? Or, how long did you care for ...
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Jeb Bush Talks About Mother-in-Law’s Alzheimer’s
“My mother-in-law has dementia and she’s 94 years old” I actually read about this in the New York Times , and I wanted to bring this article to your attention. At an event in New Hampshire last night, Jeb Bush raised his hand, acknowledging that he too had ...
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90 Percent of Older Adults are Willing to be Screened for Dementia

Get More Information -

How to Test Your Memory for Alzheimer's and Dementia
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5 Important Reasons Why Everyone Should Investigate Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's
In my opinion every caregiver should be investigating and identifying clinical trials for new Alzheimer's drugs. The benefits of participating in a clinical trial are often overlooked. Alzheimer's Reading Room The benefits you will receive while participati...
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Court rules Namenda must be made available to Alzheimer's Patients
In what must be considered a major victory for the Alzheimer's community, a federal court judge has affirmed that Actavis plc (NYSE: ACT) must continue the distribution of NAMENDA® (memantine HCl) immediate-release tablets. This first formulation of the dru...
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Bob DeMarco originally shared to Alzheimer's:
The Alzheimer's Reading Room in the New York Times

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Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers are a Useful Tool for Alzheimer's Caregivers
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Are Alzheimer's Caregivers the Forgotten?
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