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Disney movies: not perfect on masculinity, but not outrageously terrible, either!
I really wanted to like this little documentary about Disney movies and masculinity, because it’s absolutely true that Disney movie men (unless they’re lions) are generally as stereotypical as Disney ...
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In total agreement with your spin on Mulan and BatB. There's no way you can't feel the irony of "Be a Man". I feel, by the way, that "When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside" is probably the most trans-positive song ever written.

One other note: I feel that Mulan destroys not just the male-female dichotomy, but also the mind-body dichotomy. Mulan is the girl with the plan, but those plans still require physical prowess to carry out. And physical training is what gives her the will to act on her plans. Just as it does for her comrades, as well.
The more modern Disney movies are an improvement on the old ones, in which the Prince (or other male lead) is practically a non-entity.
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