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Right Here, Right Now-August 2017

Monday 28th August

Gosh the end of August has come around quickly.My Right Here, Right Now posts are a lifestyle update, basically a little catch up of what’s been going on in my life this past month.This month’s has seen the kids being home for the summer holidays.Although all the hot weather we had just before July disappeared.It has meant we had to push some days back, cramming a lot in the next two weeks of the holidays.As always I love August but hate it as the days are beginning to become shorter.

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Hashtags are coming to Pinterest?

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How Vegan Are You?

A Vegan Lifestyle Doesn’t Mean Perfection

When you become a vegan, there inevitably be a time when someone questions ‘how vegan are you?‘.You’ve changed your diet over to be vegan or plant-based, started buying non-animal clothing and shoes, donated to animal charities, avoided going to zoos and aquariums but for some this just isn’t enough.I get it, I totally do.People have to question so many little things they don’t see the bigger picture.Making small changes that have meant saving the lives of so many animals and also your impact on the environment.

To be ‘a proper vegan’ doesn’t mean you have to going to every activist event either.You can voice your opinion by sharing information via social media, writing a blog, signing an online petition or joining a local vegan group.Any small action means you’re doing your bit and you’re doing an amazing job by taking these steps.It can be really disheartening to be put down, especially by someone who has the same end goal as you- reduce the suffering and death of animals.

#vegan #veganlifestyle #howveganareyou #vegansupport

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17 Hassle Free Slow Cooker Tips For Busy Families

Have you discovered the world of slow cookers? Are you wondering if you should get one yourself? 17 hassle free slow cooker tips for busy families will get you on track.I’ve been using slow cookers for a few years now and they have totally changed how we eat at home.Not only do I not have to worry about being home to cook but I know that they’ll be a healthy cooked meal for all the family to eat.Vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t feel left out, I have made many meals with great success without meat.

#slowcookertips #crockpottips

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How To Go Vegan As A Family

Why Did I Go Vegan?

Before I go into how to go vegan as a family, a little back story.I became a vegetarian when I was 16 whilst working in a book and health food shop.I didn’t really have a great love for food growing up and it was a revelation that you could avoid eating meat all together, which although I did eat, I didn’t always enjoy the taste.My mum was a great supporter (and still is) and managed to accommodate me.I didn’t eat meat again until I moved into my then fiancés house with his parents They were big butter and beef dripping users.Vegetables were very much a side dish and I don’t think they ever had a fruit bowl.That was when I was 21.Although whenever I ate out I would always go for the vegetarian option.I never thought about going back to be a veggie until 7 years ago, when my husband and I split (not my fiancé).I needed to save us money quickly on food and reducing our meat intake was my only option.Over a few months I managed to replace all our main meals without using meat.
Plot Twist.
It wasn’t really an easy as it sounds.Kieran, my 15-year-old son has allergies.At the time (he was 8) he was allergic to egg, nuts and Baked beans as well as pollen, touching grass and suffered from eczema.

#vegan #veganfamily #tryveganstayvegan

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Crochet Round Up

I haven’t done a crochet round-up of my projects, so I’ve brought them all together in one post.For a while now, well a few years I have crocheted blankets for charity.My first big project was for Refuge, a women’s charity for women and children fleeing domestic violence.I had made several granny squares up, sent them to a friend to sow up with other people’s squares.These blankets were then passed on to women for comfort blankets.It was from that I looked for other charities to crochet for, of which there are so many.I’ve done 6 inch squares for maternity units to help breastfed babies bond with their mums.

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Right Here, Right Now-July 2017

Monday 17th July

Right Here, Right Now is back with my lifestyle catch up for past 3 months yes I did miss May as it was half term and Kieran turned 15.It was altogether a tragic week with the aftermath of the Manchester Ariana Grande concert bombing and then the London Bridge stabbings.Tragedies like this mean I spend less time online and more time with the kids.

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JD Williams Easy To Wear Summer Range

We’ve all heard of JD Williams, the British home shopping company.When they got in touch with me to ask if I would like to review from their range of summer skirts, sandals and women’s tops, I was more than happy to do so.I am only 4″ 10, a little on the short side and I am not slim either.I tend to stay safe and not go with what’s in fashion as being over 40, young styles tend to make me look awful.

What to choose from JD Williams?

JD Williams have so much to choose from, it took me awhile to choose and judge whether if the tops and skirts would swamp me or not.With a size range of 12 to 32 (UK sizing) and new lines being added all the time, you’ll be able to find the latest fashion finds for your taste at reasonable prices. I eventually made my choice, going for something that not only would be comfortable to wear and easy to wash but would fold well when packed in a bag or suite case.

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Discovering The Dragon At Caerphilly Castle

The dragon at sculpture blew smoke as well as looking stunning life-like, (as true to life as a mythical beast can be) and it was a fixation of many of the kids.Caerphilly Castle is the second largest castle in the U.K, second to Windsor and was built over two years in the 13th century.The outside walls were painted white, this is still visible even 700+ years later.One of the towers has come away from the main castle and leans in a dramatic fashion.Because of the materials used for cement, it’s likely to stay like that for a very long time.For safety measures part of the tower is cordoned off.

#caerphillycastle   #visitwales   #caerphillydragon  

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GO Outdoors GOcation

Last week we spent a night in Kent with GO Outdoors GOcation at their first campsite.The free family outdoor experience was set on beautiful Risden Farm, Hawkhurst, in a freshly cut field and flanked by mature woodland.The camp was set into two sections, as we entered, seating around a unlit fire, showers, toilets, rubbish dumpsters, event shelters and two trucks- one for cheese grills and the bar to the left. To the right was a camping and play area, showcasing several different tents from the GO Outdoors Spring/Summer 2017 range.Around the camping area were hay bales set as seating with lots of outdoor games.

#GOcation #GOoutdoors #camping
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