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Air Conditioner Installation & Service In Flemington NJ.

Always Comfy LLC Air Conditioning & Heating installed a new gas furnace and air conditioner in Flemington NJ last summer. As part of our installation and replacement package we include a 1 year service agreement. When we install the new air conditioner and furnace we stay and test it, then we come back two more times preseason to start and check the equipment before winter and summer. We also check/replace the filter and answer any questions you may have thought of. Our goal is to provide the best customer service and maintain our reputation as being the best air conditioning and heating service and installation company in central NJ.

You can quickly schedule an air conditioning service appointment online at or call 732-688-4737 to ask Tom a question.

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Remember... It's Time To Get Your Air Conditioner Checked, Cleaned, Tuned Up & Repaired

Get ready for summer! Always Comfy LLC Air Conditioning & Heating will check and clean your home's air conditioner and give you a "NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE" so you can be confident to stay cool all summer long.

Call Tom to ask any questions or you can quickly schedule online at for air conditioner tune up, air conditioner repair or air conditioner installation services.


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Yes! It's Time To Get A Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Tune -Up Appointment!

April is the time to get you air conditioner checked out; before summer starts!
All month long Always Comfy LLC Air Conditioning & Heating will be servicing air conditioners in middlesex county NJ and surrounding areas!
Always Comfy will check and clean all the components that make your a/c system work.

We will also document the status, readings and condition of each working part and the refrigerant levels in the system... we create a customer file and email you the report when complete... then if you would like we can check and compare next summer!

You can quickly schedule your appointment online at for "air conditioner tune up" or any other repair.

You can also call Tom at 732-688-4737 to ask a question.


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Spring is the "Hot Season" for buying/selling homes.

Check us out online.
Schedule on your phone.

✅Heating/Air Conditioning repair and install
✅Solar Electric System installation
✅Additions, Remodeling, Exterior Construction

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Ductless Heating, Air Conditioning, Dehumidification & Air Cleaning!

Two 2nd floor bedrooms in a Capecod Style Home in Green Brook NJ needed a series heating and cooling solution!
Always Comfy LLC Heating & Air Conditioning solved the problem. We installed a 2 Zone Mitsubishi ductless heat pump system. Now each bedroom will be the perfect temperature in the winter and summer.
Each indoor unit can also be set to dehumidify without over cooling. Set the temperature higher and still have low humidity!
Very quiet. Very low operating cost.

Schedule a free estimate online at
Call 732-688-4737 to ask Tom a question.

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Remember to service and maintain your whole house humidifier!

If you have a whole house humidifier it must be cleaned, serviced and water panel replaced at least once per year.

If you need an annual service/maintenance agreement for your home humidifier, heating, air conditioning and air cleaning equipment then please schedule online at or call 732-688-4747 to ask Tom a question.

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2 New Gas Furnaces In New Brunswick NJ.

Always Comfy LLC replaced two very old gas furnaces for a multi unit rental property in New Brunswick NJ.

Schedule a free estimate for furnace or air conditioner replacement online at


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Gas Furnace Tune Up & Check Up...
What is it?

Most heating service companies DO NOT offer a REAL tune up! They usually offer a cheesy fake inspection and pass it off as a "tune up".

Always Comfy does more and we do it right!

Always Comfy LLC Heating & Cooling has the knowledge and the tools to do a REAL gas furnace combustion analysis and efficiency tune up!

Always Comfy LLC will test and document the efficiency, capacity, performance and safety of your gas furnace.
Then we will calibrate the furnace to make sure it is
burning gas as efficiently as possible and delivering the correct air flow.
This will ensure a better comfort level throughout the home, lower operating costs and longer life of the furnace.

Schedule online at
Your furnace can work much better... and we can prove it!

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Best Gas Furnace Repair & Service Company

Always Comfy LLC is a customer service oriented heating and air conditioning company based in Piscataway NJ. We are 5 star rated.
Today we performed some gas furnace tune ups, combustion efficiency analysis, gas furnace repairs and some free estimates for heating system installations.
This picture was taken today during one of our gas furnace repairs in Edison NJ.
Easily schedule an appointment for any service online at

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