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Right from ASUS. C300 13.3" Chromebook to to start @ same price as the C200 11.6" model.  $249 for a 13.3" Chromebook !
+Brent Sullivan You were right about $249 :-)
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I'm predicting  #1 or 2 on Amazon's best selling Notebook PC list :-)
Take my money now! The C300 will replace my Series 3. I'm freaking excited!
+Alvin Chin Yes, my original prediction for the 13.3", if the price holds at $249, is for top 5 on Amazon.  In fact it should be the first Chromebook to sell more than it's inferior counterpart.  Inferior in size only, of course.
My only concern is that they will not have enough supply on Amazon, and third party sellers will start price-gouging like in the past on popular models.  That would keep out of the top sellers.
 Another sweet CB at a great price point.  I need to start a tech blog or something so I'd have an excuse to check out all these different models.  Sorry HP 14, it's not you.  It's me.  I'm polyamorous when it comes to chromebooks. 
There is still that "tiny" little piece of me that doesn't want to believe that two unequal items can be the same price, no matter how much hard evidence I have to the contrary.  I sit around waiting for the "bait and switch" :)
+Alvin Chin They also added an ETA of June 9.  That is sooner than I thought.  It should pop up on Amazon any day now.
Does anyone know what sort of time frame is available on replacement parts for these? We need hundreds and we were burned on samsung 500. 
+Brent Sullivan Careful, my friend. If you take quality out of the equation, it's easy to make something bigger without raising the price. I really hope I'm wrong (seriously, I really hope I am) but I'm worried these ASUS machines are going to represent the first step in a march in the wrong direction for the Chrome OS ecosystem. 
I just hope that Asus improved their quality control since the Eee and Transformer series of netbooks. In other news, it appears Dell is out of stock of their 2 and 4GB CBs.
+Brent Sullivan I keep hoping that when Dell restocks it's with i3s for the same price as Haswells. I've got a few weeks left to do a swap out.
Heck, we've got 13" machines that cost the same as 11" versions now, so why not i3s for the price of Celerons? If we're going to #RaceToTheBottom , let's do this thing right!!
+Brent Sullivan There were some who doubted the 13" Asus would be $249. There was a video of an i3 Dell with a $299 sticker on it.
+Stan Chase Dell has already announced they are going to have a i3 Dell Chromebook for $299 by Christmas, I have already added the model to our Chromebook Chart.  :)
I agree that a lot of people are skeptical of that too.
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