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Alvin Brinson

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WOW.... While I do agree that under current conditions the policy toward Cuban immigration hasn't been fair in light of refugees from other countries who don't have such treatment, it's a surprise that Obama did this, especially knowing that immigration reform is at a dead end in this country already.

He should have just left it to Trump to deal with and let Trump and the Rethuglicans take the heat from the Cuban population.

As far as people I know, I have several students who still have family in Cuba they were hoping would come to the US. Apparently those hopes just got a lot harder.
Cubans will now be treated the same way as migrants from other countries.
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Alvin Brinson

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Sigh. I think my hard drives are going soon. Having errors reading files. Of course SMART data says all is hunky-dory, so I thought I was good.

Time to replace them I guess :( ... 
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Check the event log for ntfs/disk warnings.
Given your C5/C6 numbers, there should be a lot.

Better hope for nothing important.
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Alvin Brinson

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Washed the Abarth. Yay!

#abarth #fiat
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So red!
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Alvin Brinson

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Day 2 no Facebook. It feels like I'm in the pre-internet era. 
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That will go away. 
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Alvin Brinson

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Life without Facebook... HOUR 12...

Exploring all the different nooks and crannies of the net that I don't normally visit. 
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Three years for me. Haven't even been tempted. Haven't heard from some people I like. But, you know, if they can't pick up a phone... 
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Alvin Brinson

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My brain.... is numb from the insanity.
Public ed experts invited to testify at an education hearing told lawmakers that Texas schools need less funding, and fewer teachers, to inspire creativity.
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Luckily I do already have the BA. However, some states require specific coursework for ESL licensure that I don't have, so I might have to take a few courses. It's kinda a chicken and egg issue. Those courses are offered in those states, but I can't move to those states unless I get a job there, but I would need those courses to get a job there. Texas just requires an English BA and to pass the state exam.
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Alvin Brinson

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The man is an IDIOT and people are putting their trust in him. I just don't get it. He has zero clue what's actually going on in the world. When confronted with being wrong, he blubbers and bullshits his way out of things like any bullshitter I've ever known.

The latest - apparently he had no idea that Putin had already invaded Crimea. He said exactly this on the topic: "He's not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He's not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want."

Confronted with the fact that Putin had in fact, already gone into Ukraine, he attempted to blame Obama. "OK -- well, he's there in a certain way. But I'm not there. You have Obama there. And frankly, that whole part of the world is a mess under Obama with all the strength that you're talking about and all of the power of NATO and all of this. In the meantime, he's going away. He takes Crimea."

I mean, first he has no clue Putin had taken Crimea... then he blames Obama. Seriously? If you didn't even know it had happened, how could you know enough to assign blame?

This man is a complete IDIOT.

I understand that some of you have very strong conservative values and opinions. That's fine. I understand you object to a liberal in office. That's fine. But you should REALLY object to an IDIOT being in office! You may not like Clinton - but she's not going to blunder our way into WW3 or Oblivion.

Trump has no "plans" that will make America "great again". He has no idea what the fuck is even going on in the world.
Donald Trump said Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin won't make a military move into Ukraine -- even though Putin already has done just that, seizing the country's Crimean peninsula.
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No doubt she will win and no doubt Trump is not truthful or knowledgeable
but her self enrichment, corruption and lies are still enough to gag a
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Alvin Brinson

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Decisions, decisions. What language to study next?

My Spanish skills are pretty solid. I'm far from fluent, but I find that I can communicate pretty well about most daily topics in Spanish now.

In the past, I've studied German, Latin, Chinese and Japanese. Have forgotten almost all of the German and Latin (many years ago). Never really learned much of Chinese before I derailed off to study Japanese. Japanese it turns out I still remember much of what I learned, but I never learned enough to hold a conversation or suss out the meaning of a text.

I feel like I want to go back to studying language again, but I'm not sure what the best route to go is. I like Japanese, but I feel that it would actually be more useful professionally to learn Chinese or Vietnamese, which are commonly found in the US.

So.... I think, as much as I feel like I could easily jump back into Japanese, I will be studying Chinese for a while to see how that goes. 
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+Bunny Evans I've seriously thought about it.... If I didn't have debt I probably would already have done it.
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Alvin Brinson

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Yep, looks like some values are out of whack. Guess I should be careful trusting just one app to tell me all is "Good".. I saw some values that looked a bit high, so remembered I had CrystalDiskInfo as well and it reports these as in the caution territory.

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+Alvin Brinson I know the feeling. If your event log has disk events, then that would explain the pauses. (retries, downgrades, etc.)

One thing that may, temporarily relieve this is a chkdsk /f /v /r (I think those are the ones.) which is a scan/repair command.
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Alvin Brinson

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Grrrrrrr, looking for things to get my mind off of the presidential apocalypse, and of course, duolingo gives me this set of lessons next..... 
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I've always admired Malcom X and have read much of writing and speeches.
Brilliant man.

Jessie Jackson -at one time as well. Not so much anymore and never Al
Sharpton really but ...Nevertheless

Interesting to hear what the impression is of some in the black community

[image: Malcom X 1.jpg]
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Alvin Brinson

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ahhhh weekend
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Kkkkk q isso 
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Alvin Brinson

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Democrats, do not let the party politics and infighting hand this country over to a TYRANT.

+Sarah Silverman was right: People are being ridiculous.

I was a Sanders supporter as well, and I donated to his campaign. I still think he would be a better president than Clinton.

But he is not going to win the nomination. That's a fact people deal the with it. We don't have to like the reasons WHY he did not win.

You hate corruption, hate the rigged system, so what? Putting Trump into office will not fix it. Take some Fuckitol(TM) and go vote for Hillary.

Unless you want to live under the tyrannical rule of a dictator.
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Stood at the front for five minutes, was never greeted or given any estimate of time to wait for a table. 3 employees were standing at the entrance arguing over something and completely ignoring customers waiting. So I have no idea if the food is any good. If this is how slow the service is I will probably never go to another Red Robin.
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We've been here for 1 hour and no food yet.
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Terrible. Service is extremely slow. Employees are lethargic and rude. Food is delivered with no thought to appearance, just slopped on the plate. Stingy with ingredients. Second time I've been here and it was the same both times. Next time I'll make a run for the border.
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6 reviews
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