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Alvin Brinson

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Another Bokeh effect photo. Some say that Google beat Apple to this innovation... I say that the Apple of Steve Jobs era (no matter how much you might dislike him) would not have released a feature that results in random patches of blur in the wrong places. 

Still the photos look good. Can't wait for Google to iron out the kinks.
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Bokeh surely, as in "boke roujin" or "senile old biddy."
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Alvin Brinson

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I grew up with Choose Your Own Adventure books. They turned me into a voracious reader, and I graduated to authors like L'Engle, Asimov, Clark, Tolkien, Anderson, Heinlein and many others. These were the first fiction novels that I could enjoy, beginning to end. Anyone else remember them?
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I still read them.
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Alvin Brinson

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That's OK Comcast, you may die like the scum you are. It isn't the government's responsibility to enable you to compete against better options.
Comcast says it has "one arm tied behind our back" on eve of Senate hearing.
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A few Android Complaints

I've been an Android user since the G1. So I know my Android. I'm not about to switch.

However, I have a few complaints to lodge at +Android.

1) MTP is the worst invention ever. It is slow, unreliable, badly supported, klunky and just plain an insult to the user. 

2) Android drivers for Windows... C'mon.... do you know how much I have to fight with this? And I have NEXUS DEVICES... drivers should be painless. Yet for some reason, I have to constantly delete/reinstall drivers. And fight with them. Because for some reason my phone doesn't always just show up to transfer files. Often ADB doesn't show up... Or to get files to transfer I have to turn on USB debugging.. WTF? And just "installing" drivers often doesn't fix the problem.

3) The KitKat dialer, contacts management across almost every version of Android... IS TERRIBLE! It is bad that I have to go to the WEBSITE on my COMPUTER to properly edit contacts. If I pick up any average Android phone, chances are I cannot tell you how the hell to edit a damned contact. That should be one of the MOST BASIC FEATURES of a mobile OS. And yet, on Android, it's one of the most difficult to accomplish tasks. For example, on KitKat, if I want to edit a contact... I'm not exactly sure where to tap or what to hit. I usually end up accidentally calling the person. Same thing if I want to choose which phone# I need to dial... I end up accidentally calling the primary number 3 times while trying to figure out how to select an alternate number. I'm sure several of you are thinking "Oh that's easy, here's how you do it"... the point is, it shouldn't need to be explained. This is a BASIC feature, not a power user feature.

4) Lack of proper backing up of app data. Yes, the Play Store remembers what apps you had installed. But it does absolutely zip nada zero for backing up any of your data. There is no built-in backup capability, nor is there any backup capability via PC. My old Palm in 2003 had this abilities. Blackberries could do it. Android? Nope. Yes, you can use third party utilities that have varying quality. You shouldn't have to. You can use ADB Backup... oh yeah... wonderful, let's put everybody on commandline with a developer kit... 

I'm sure I'll think of more.
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Alvin Brinson

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+Android You should fire whoever designed MTP. Seriously. With prejudice. It is a piece of utter and total CRAP.
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Alvin Brinson

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What we like to claim isn't true for the U.S.... Is.
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Alvin Brinson

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Hey +Woot - just how many days should an order be in "Shipping Now" status? Seriously. When you say "We're putting your order together and packing it up", I didn't realize you meant you were actually drilling for the oil to make the plastic, arranging the purchase of rare earth metals for the circuit board, licensing patents, training assembly line employees in Shinzen, growing the trees to turn into pulp to make the cardboard on the box, and checking your navel lint....

Admittedly, it's only been sine the end of last week. But c'mon.... Amazon can ship things before I even order them. You guys should be able to have something ordered on Friday Morning packed and shipped by Monday Evening......
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Oh lordy you have me laughing! I'm waiting for an order, too!
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Good job, Google. Lens blur on the new camera app is a snap and looks great.
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Alvin Brinson

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Internet out at work. Battle of the WiFi hotspots is on. 
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All on channel 6 too... We had that problem with the neighbours in the ofis. But I have 8 MERU wireless stations to their 1. ^^;
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Alvin Brinson

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What the hell? This is why I hate using work WiFi. They snoop on everything.
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+Bunny Evans Nah, He'd get an automated redirection to the login page.
+Alvin Brinson Just mess back. Get in the modem and DMZ it. LoooooooooooooL
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I'm a middle-aged guy in Texas. I'm college-educated, free-thinker. I'm fascinated by so many things that I've become a tinkerer of all trades.

I am primarily of Native American / Scottish / Random English descent (Osage tribe). I am not a member of the tribe due to details about the Dawes act that would bore most of you, and the tribe apparently doesn't have any interest in helping people with that issue. Toss in a little bit of Irish & English as well, and there ya go.

I post on whatever I feel like. Follow me if you like. Don't if you don't.

Caveat Lector: I know nobody will read this but here goes: I am not here to play word games and debate trivialities. If you have something constructive to add to my more political posts, then great. If you can only make personal attacks or repeat nonsense, I can and will delete comments and/or ban. I have that editorial control over my personal space.
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