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A beautiful, lightweight keyboard - Chrooma is now FREE
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Technology continues to make personal banking easier. By 2014 more than half of smartphone owners were using mobile banking. In an age when you can transfer funds with a fingerprint, how do you keep that personal relationship between a customer and a teller? Vinita Nair reports on how the industry is branching out to keep people coming back in.
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Sahabat, kiranya penderitaan-Nya menjadi acuan kita untuk selalu merendahkan hati dan terus mengucap syukur.
Selamat memperingati wafatnya Isa Almasih.
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Pick up a few more gigs for running through some basic security settings. 
Tomorrow is apparently "Safer Internet Day," which you most likely didn't mark on your calendar. Google remembered Safer Internet Day, though. To cele... by Ryan Whitwam in News
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in real combat scenario, you would be already ....

NB : kalau nggak terlihat bukan berarti nggak ada orangnya :D
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"Dimana bro?" 
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RIP Ian Murdock
Ian Murdock the founder of Linux distribution Debian, is dead at the age of 42. He died on the night of 28th December 2015.
Docker, the current employer of Ian Murdock, broke the news in a blog post. The blog posts doesn’t say what caused the sudden death of Ian.

The life of ‘ian’ of Debian
Ian Murdock created the Debian project when he was a student at Purdue University. He named Debian after his then-girlfriend Debra (Deb) and himself (Ian). While Debra and Ian got separated, Debian lived on to become one of the most successful Open Source projects ever.
Ian has had contributed to a number of projects. He founded Progeny, a commercial Linux company. Later on he became the CTO of Linux Foundation. In 2003, he joined Sun Microsystem to work on a Project Indiana which resulted in OpenSolaris operating system.
He was working for SalesForce before joining Docker.

Foul play?
Though there is no confirmed news on whether it was a natural death or a suicide or something else, there is a sense of mystery surrounding his death.
Ian was posting some really weird tweets from his account on 28th December. He was mentioning police abuse and threatened to suicide.
Ian Murdock Suicide tweets
Initially it was speculated that his Twitter account might have been compromised. But with this unfortunate event, there is a possibility of a foul play.
His Twitter account @imurdock doesn’t exist anymore but screenshots of his tweets were saved by some Reddit users. Here are most of those tweets: (click the link of the article to see them)

Another Aaron Swartz?
This unfortunate event reminds me of a similar event few years back when computer wizard Aaron Swartz committed suicide at the tender age of 26. He took this step after continuous harrassment by fedaral agency.
Rest in peace
It’s a sad and shocking news for the entire open source community. May his soul rest in peace. His contribution to the tech community can never be forgotten.
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:'( fsck the police >:(
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Knp ya ms word saya sering crash?
Bisa bantu instalkan windows nggak?
Punya installer Photoshop, bisa pinjam?
Kalau kirim attachment via Yahoo knp gagal ya... tahu ga gmn perbaikinya?
Charger laptop knp sering gak bisa ricas, apa yg salah?
Laptop saya sering ga bisa konek wifi knp ... ?
de el el

🙊🙊 bawa saja ke mangga dua, pasti beres 🙊🙊

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Answer (1 of 164): Because it devalues the computer science profession, and neglects the relationship aspect of the engagement. Asking a doctor for medical advice, a lawyer for legal advice, or a fund manager for investment advice for free devalues their work, and still puts them "on the hook" if...
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Ada juga orang2 yg dikantor, Biasanya minta dibikinin E-mail buat Android. User Plus Password tak suruh nginget2.

Ekh... Pas dia ganti Hape.. Minta Email yg lama...

Tak tanyain Password dia Lupa...

Coba kalo ada 10 orang masa kita inget2 sendiri semua.


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be together, not the same..
If Android can bring together natural born enemies like these, it can definitely also meet the needs of every single mobile enthusiast in the world:
Google just found an ingenious new way to promote the "Be together. Not the same" motto of Android while raising awareness over bullying.
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ha ha, cool android ad
A piano has 88 keys. Each one is different. But what if they were all the same? Be together. ‪#‎NotTheSame‬
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Alva Kristianto

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Struggling with your heavy-weight editor? Then we have something especially for you! Enter the contest now to win your very own Sublime Text license. Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance! In addition, we will send you free tips and the latest news from the SysAdmin community to master your technical knowledge (you can unsubscri...
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hati-hati penggemar kopi
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Bisnis kopi sangat besar ​dan menarik banyak minat ​di Vietnam. Karena itu ada segelintir penjual kopi di kota Ho Chi Minh yang melakukan kecurangan.
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Turut prihatin sama kasus ini, ternyata anak gereja gw ada yg kenal sama korban di GI :(
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Bisnis kopi sangat besar ​dan menarik banyak minat ​di Vietnam. Karena itu ada segelintir penjual kopi di kota Ho Chi Minh yang melakukan ke

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