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Alun Salt
Freelance Web Thing. Mainly known for AoBBlog.
Freelance Web Thing. Mainly known for AoBBlog.

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Dw i wedi gwneud hyn fel ymarfer an y blaned newydd.

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I thought I'd share this one, as I know a few of you would be able to put something interesting together for it.

In the blog post I've added a few links to searches for free access papers in Annals of Botany and AoB PLANTS in case you're looking for a hook for your story.
Have a creative urge, but don't have time to write 50,000 words during #NaNoWriMo in November? ASU has a #sciencefiction short story competition at just 5000 words. Can you imagine how climate could affect humanity in the future?

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So a year ago I wrote that I was more excited by the forthcoming Formula E season than F1. After one season and another championship starting in October… I’d still say the same. Formula E hasn’t been perfect but it has shown a willingness to learn from…

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I clearly don't understand what an academic review is for

There’s a bit of a puzzle in American Antiquity recently, a section of reviews of pseudoarchaeology books and after reading it, the biggest mystery is why? Donald H. Holly Jr is worried that people are taking Giorgio Tsoukalos, of Ancient Aliens,…

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If you have time and patience, there's a live feed of a corpse flower blooming from Binghampton University. The big event is expected August 26, but it could happen sooner or later.

#science     #botany     #plantscience

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Mae'r @FIAFormulaE yn dychwelyd

Mae’r profion i’r ail dymor Formula E wedi dechrau mis yma. Gallai fod yn hanfodol i’r bencampwriaeth, achos mae hi angen i gadw gwylwyr ac yn dangos bod hi’n ddim mympwy’n pasio. Eleni, mae’r timau’n gallu adeiladu moduron, gwrthdroyddion a gerau, ond…

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English: The Perseid Meteor Shower is here. If you want to wish upon a falling star, now is an excellent time.

Os ydych chi eisiau i ddymuno ar seren syrthio, wedyn mae’r mis Awst yn amser gwych. Mae hi’n bwrw meteorau yn yr awyr nos nawr i 13eg Awst. Y gawod feteorau yw’r Perseids ac os dych chi eisiau i weld seren wib, wedyn efallai bod nhw’n gawod orau i wylio.…

#Cymraeg    #Seryddiaeth

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Cyfryngau cymdeithasol yn Gymraeg?

A new social network for Welsh speakers has launched at Clecs is gossip in Welsh. The BBC covered it at the weekend.

I'd normally be a bit wary of this as usually there's little you can do on a new social network that you can't do somewhere else, and the older networks have the advantage that people are already there. However the attraction is that you can clecsian in Welsh there without worrying about non-speakers. I've not found that a problem on Google+ but it can be a hassle on sites: 

It does look like the site has potential as Clecs is starting to attract some handy accounts from local services and businesses. e.g.

+lleoldotcymru +Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / National Library of Wales 
and Creision Jones o Gymru

Oh and Aaron Ramsey:

I'm there at

#Cymraeg     #Wales     #Cymru  

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i don't know if auto-awesome has improved, or if I've just got lucky, but I now have an animation that actually makes sense in my Google Photos account.

This is Sam Bird (I think) rounding the last corner at Donington Park during #FormulaE testing.
Animated Photo

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Going to try this for a Thing.
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