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Well, I still haven't figured out if anyone knows I'm here. Oh...maybe they do they just don't actually care. Well that's fine too. Today I'm working on my talk at Penn State. Trying to invent a culinary device that I know all college students will want to get their hands on: an cheap instant beer chiller. Got my eye on the Nobel.
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I know and care and wait on you to say anything. I love your show and actually learn something from it every time.
The nice thing about this new Google thing, is that it's still small. So, I know and I care too. :)
Sarah S
Hi, Alton!!! waves
You just need to open up your circles so you can see folks! Glad to see you .
I concur with Arthur.
Why am I up at 6:37AM....
Isn't that what buckets of salted ice water are for? Cold cans or bottles in 2 minutes flat!
+Alton Brown [Waves arms. Waves arms faster. Builds signal fire. Shoots off flare. Shoots off another flare. Continues shooting off flares for several minutes. Dons oversized orange vest. Notices signal fire has spread to nearby woods. Runs in terror.]
I'm sure people know you're here, it's just not many people use G+ as often as facebook or twitter. 
+Alton Brown it's nice to have you here on google+ to hear about your adventures, misadventures and mad scientist, rock the world, inventions!
I let my circles know. Glad you are here.
We know you are here and are thrilled that you are. Keep posting!
I think the foodie crowd is late to G+, but I hope they get here now that it is open to everyone. And we have search now, too. That should make it easier to find folks.
Alton brown, we know you are here and waiting for you to interact. 
What Nobel are you aiming for, Alton? Betting on Peace.
a beer glass that would stay frozen when taken from the freezer would be a ppossibility
Peter G
Instant beer chiller? A mono-tasker???
Do you have a proto type for the beer chiller yet?
instant beer chiller... I saw a show about that a few years ago. It must have been Myth Busters. As I recall they went through a few myths around ways to cool a beer. Maybe you can dig that up on Netflix for some help.
Shhhh... some of us know, we just don't like sharing :>
Thank the powers you are here, Alton Brown is my food hero =D
Very aware and very happy that you are here!
We figured it out. Then told our friends. Don't worry following someone here is a lot less obnoxious than being a friend on fb. And you can create a circle of just your family and do special limited posts to them and we your rabid, er civilized fans will never see them. ;-) 
You are actually the only person in my (Heroes)circle. I have been watching your shows from the beginning. You are the reason that after ten years in the Navy, I got out to get my BA in Culinary Arts. I am starting at Johnson & Wales University in November. I owe my love of food to you. Thank you, sir, for all that you do.
Seems you have a few people on here, and that's better than none. I always look forward to your updates and funny quips.
Good Morning!!! Alton, I feel the same way about this new google+. Let's see what day 2 has in store for us all :)
Yep...few more stepping on board today. Took a while for people to make the move. I am really looking forward to keeping up with your posts!! :)
Good Morning AB! You were the first person I added. Have a good Wednesday everyone!
Awesome that you're on here! Hoping that I see you around at the NY Food and Wine Festival! Last year your talk at the NY Times Building was excellent!
Definitely know you are here!
We know you're here, Mr. Brown, and we're glad! :)
I added you as soon as I saw you!
I know you are here, when are you going to have us over for dinner?
I think if you can invent a microwave that is also a blast chiller, that would be the ultimate dorm device.
Been a fan of your show for years, that's why I follow you on G+. Let me know how that beer chiller turns's been my experience that cold beer in infinitely better than not.
Your post has 89 shares and 66 comments and you say you wonder if anyone knows you are here? Umm.. Hrmmm... I think they do...
You are in State College and all you think of is beer? No icecream? Grilled bear claws? C'mon Alton eat some asphalt and get out see some of the sights!!! and eat some good central PA stuff.
Glad you're here, since I'm not on twitter. I'm sad the book tour doesn't come anywhere near me, but I'll still buy it.
... but maybe there could be a video up on your site of one of the talks?
Your avatar drips with southern hospitality - love ya Alton. B-)
we see ya and are mighty happy you're here
I'm glad to have you here, Alton. And though not in college, I would gladly buy anything to get beer colder, faster.
Rapid expansion of a compressed gas, perhaps a CO2 cartridge? Updates please.
I heard that this is the last year of Good Eats. I will be missing GE.and all the info that you give us.
Something involving compressed air......xD
I've got one - only works for one can/bottle at a time, though.
go to the dining hall and get a ton of salt packets. (you want about 10 per drink)
get yourself some ice.
and I've got a giant, insulated 7-11 mug big enough to fit a can down into. insert can, add salt, fill with ice, fill remaining space with water.
swish drink a bit.
ice cold drink in about 30 seconds.
Figure out a way to add Facebook and/or Netflix to that beer chiller and you may have a hit on your hands.
I know you are here! Glad to see a message from you! Have a great book tour, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for a flash signing in ATL!
I'm sure someone will put you in for the prize if you pull of the instant beer chiller. If you can integrate it into the coozie then I think you'd have a winner. I like +Tim Dingus's Idea of the compressed air, but recharging is an issue. I think you'd have to go with a battery powered heat sink of some sort.
I told a few friends. Don't worry Alton.
We all know you are here.
ooo, that IS Nobel!
I know you're here...;)
If you invent a cheap instant beer chiller a lot more than just college students will want that!!
Can you invent a time machine next and take this back to when I was in college please?
Cheap beer chiller "cooler, ice, salt, and most important Beer" takes less than 5 minutes to have cold beer.'re at Penn State? That's awesome. Get some Peachy Paterno from the creamery.
Ben Heck did this for the ben heck show on revision3. Seems like a very cool project
I love that you are here Alton! I love you and your shows on the Food Network! My son loves you too and Rachel Ray hehe :)
Much better! Thanks Alton! Keep it up!

Hey - You know... Google+ just updated hangouts so now you can broadcast... 10 people can actively be involved, but unlimited can view. You could do a weekly question and answer hangout / broadcast. I think the fans would love it! If you do though, I'd recommend announcing it ahead of time, and do it on some regular schedule so people can plan for it. I've seen other of fame do hangouts with poor participation only because no one knew it was coming.
Glad you are here! :) New to this myself, and happy that you came up as a suggestion to follow!
We know and we're happy for it, Love your shows, love your books!
Ice and salt work, but aren't cool. If you put a couple propane tanks in a bath with the beer, then discharge them rapidly (and perhaps light the rapidly moving propane on fire) you get a cool effect, cool beer, and only spend about $15 each on the propane.
I believe that I would be interested in such a device.
+Alton Brown Cheap? I guess it doesn't involve milling machinery and a large block of aluminum then. :) Will it be optimized for easy cleaning? I think that is essential... or are we talking about chilling canned/bottled beer?
+Alton Brown I have already discussed you as few times here regarding Apple Pie and Chili ( with an I )
I know you are here Alton!!!!! You have fans EVERYWHERE. We luv u!!
I have been busy watching your stuff on DVR. I'll miss Good Eats more than Iron Chef though... Good Eats was more fun.
Hey Alton! You posted exactly what I was thinking! hahaha! We really ARE all connected, we are NOT alone and we ALL care about each other! I think that's why we're here! All the best...
Already been done down under - with a jet engine.
We are here! We are HERE! WE ARE HERE! Tell the Food Network that 'Chopped' needs to be chopped and put your shows on in place! You are much more entertaining!!!
I just got my account today and am still trying to figure it out. You are one of the 1st people I followed.
Google hasn't verified you as being you yet. People may be waiting for that.
I think more people put you in their "Following" circle, as opposed to "Friends" circle, which may make a difference, if you're not looking at those.
Alton, We know your here, and there, and oh, over there too
I'm glad your here! Love your shows and hope you do more road series in the future!
That couldn't sound more perfect. Ha. All college students need quicker access to cold beer. :)
Well, Alton, I don't know if it works with alcohol, but for every 1 gallon of water evaporated, 8000 BTUs of heat are released. Maybe this could work...
Too many comments to read them all, but you should know that as an aside at the annual computer security (hacker) conference DEFCON, there is a contest for creating an instant beer chiller. Very over the top:
We know you're here. We figured you didn't care about US and that you liked your twits more than you do your G's :(
You're here and you rock & rule!
Would that be the Nobel Prize for Medicine? Good cold beer cures anything!

On a separate note, what do you think of the new Whole Foods in marietta? Do you still frequent Harry's or have you switched allegiances?
The fine folks at MythBusters already found one. A LN2 or CO2 fire extinguisher will chill beer remarkably quickly. A true multitasker!
I love you Alton! Best show on the food network along side Ace of Cakes :)
LOX works well and is available at many medical facilities. Just a dab'll do ya.
It appears that some people know you are here... the smart ones!
Seriously +Alton Brown, maybe you could slide over to DE (Germany) and show folks some of the wonderful foods/culinary science that influenced ours. I've yet to figure out why German cuisine taste better to me. I even love it when cooked here (USA).
Well, now that you know that we know that you are here, stick around and enjoy the party, and bring the new beer chiller...
Hey ALton, I used to watch your show often when I lived in the US. Haven't seen it here in Europe....?
Alton will be held high with a frat house named after him....
Mr. Brown, when you say "Got my eye on the Nobel," I assume of course, you're referring to Garry Nobel, Penn State student credited with inventing the double beer bong back in '73?
You should visit more. We are watching and reading and passing along your updates to those that might be interested and haven't seemed to find there way over here to read the latest. Looking at your +1s there seems to be over 200 willing to give feedback and probably many more lurking and just reading!
+Alton Brown Wow, look at all of these fans. I'd say people are definitely excited about you being on here. I know I am.

Your beer chiller: all you have to do is pass it through a long, thin length of copper tubing that has been coiled up and then submersed in an ice and salt bath (a little trick from home-brewing). That's pretty darn cheap.

By the way, please PLEASE have a cooking Hangout sometime!
Of course we know you're here! Soon it'll be my only easy to get my AB fix!
Ditto James Wiles comment. Except for the running in terror part. More like a casual "it wasn't me" saunter while whistling innocently.
BTW: AB, fill out your profile (not that we don't know who you are) and put some of those people in Circles. You won't feel so all alone...
The cheap part of that invention is the key there... they've already got instant wine chillers (including cheap ones, see the Ravi Solution Instant Wine Chiller (around 40 bucks) for a cheap one you could probably make yourself - boils down to pouring it through something frozen, much like the ice luges ice companies provide for parties) and such, and the larger ones that you actually insert the bottle into could certainly take a bottled beer and chill it instantly

The Cooper Cooler is about $60, and takes a bit too long (2 minutes a can), but from the product description, I gather it spins the can in ice or something, similar to the process for making ice cream.
please do share the beer chiller. even us out of college boys would like to have one. ;D
Not alone at all, even from Dominican Republic people following you (like me). Have a nice day you and everybody else!
Does he know how to tell when a post has hundreds of comments and plusses? He constantly posts like he never sees any feedback.
Hey Alton, I'm new to this Google+ thing, but didn't hesitate to add you to my list. Have always enjoyed your shows, so hope to learn more great things from you here!
Alton, that's an easy one. It's just an ice cream mixer (salt, ice, a touch of water) that holds & spins six cans or bottles at the same time with a thermocouple to keep it spinning until they reach a preset temperature. I'm an EE student, we could probably have a basic schematic whipped up in an hour or two and a prototype in a couple weeks. Simiple problem, really.
Have not read all the previous 169 comments. Lots of folks know you are on Google +, I am also having problems about some aspects of Google +. Features of Google + seem to be hidden and I have yet to figure how to decode some very basic features, If you learn how to figure things out, please share :)
I know you're here! I wish I was in the Penn State area to hear the lecture!!
I'm pretty sure that people indeed know that you're here! I too, wish I was in the Penn State area to hear your lecture, but I'll be looking forward to more updates about this invention you're working on!
(I'm freshly out of college, but beer will always have its place in my life. So too, will new ways to keep it as cold as possible!"
I'm here and I know you are here and I love it! lol Have a great day, Alton!
I found you here. It's more like people don't know that common folk like myself are here. Have a great day Mr. Brown!
Now where were you when I was in college? Oh right, probably in college too...
obviously by the 171 comments people know you are here (same thing apparent with your facebook already)
Will there be liquid nitrogen involved for this beer chill? Actually dry ice would probably be easier to get. Either way, I could use one for the office.
I found you! 8D PLEAZEMAKEMOARNEWEPISODESKTHXBAI! <3 <3 Also, congrats on the book Mr. Brown :3
I found out that you're here sheerly by accident when you were listed on one of +Robert Scoble 's public lists. It was great to find you!
I know you're here!

There should be a bigger prize than the Nobel for an instant beer chiller.
Google + is still building up steam, but there are people who know you're here and care! :)
Yeah, we know you're here. The question is, do you know you're here!

I know that I've pretty much turned to using Twitter as Yet Another RSS Reader. ;-)
Where do you talk? I am at Penn State and I know that you're here.
There are at least 190 (counting me) people that know you are here at this point...
it's the mustache that had me fooled.
Beginning to wonder about Alton if he can't figure out how to work the g+
Not just college students! I'd get one. It can sit next to my wine chiller. :)
We know you're here, AB, and we're glad! So are you thinking some sort of Peltier cooler unit, or something lower tech?
I just found you and I'm glad! Any tips/tricks for the gluten free crowd?
Glad to see you on here AB. Have read your great articles in Guidepost and love Good Eats, very inspiring. Keep up the good work, and God bless.
you need to hook up with the mythbusters... ice chest, ice and salt. done. may want to add a "stirring" device to slosh the beer in the can/bottle to speed cooling. Keep up the good works!
We, especially the early G+ adopters, are very excited that you are here and want to hear from you a lot more! You are, after all, THE foodie of foodies!
One suggestion from a lowly "circler": CHANGE THE PHOTO! It's really funny and cute but whenever I see it, I feel I'm talking to Wilford Brimley ("Quaker Oats, it's the right thing to do"). Many people who are just signing on may know your face (e.g., the one between the melons!) but not necessarily realize that the guy in this photo is you! Guaranteed that if you do, your G+ following will dramatically increase.
And, not for nothing, but I also just checked your FB page - you seem to have put a lot more energy into your profile and posts there! As the saying goes, the more you put in...
Don't give up on G+ so quickly - you'll see that this is an eager and intelligent crowd!
Instand beer chillers are employed inside jockey boxes at beer festivals around the country. Check out the Blichmann Therminator Plate Chiller for an example
Rick H
Yes Alton, we know you are here and are happy to have you here!
That reminds me that I need to re-check when you're going to be in Sewickley for the signing..
Good luck!!! and remember that is good beer!!!!
We know your here and I'm glad to be joining the party.
I'm glad you're here and I'm quite interested in this cheap instant beer chiller.
We know you are here! You are one of the few on my Steam. No one knows I'm here. LOL.
Knowing you, I hope you make sure it chills it down to no lower than 45F. Any beer that needs to be colder than that to be drinkable is swill.
Oh, we know you're here! Continue Sir Alton.
We know you're here and I'm certain we're all waiting for more!
I was thrilled to find you on Google+ ... Really enjoying the candid pics!
So pumped your coming the penn state, I can't wait to hear what your talking about.
Thanks again for coming down to penn state, im sure it will be epic!
... how about cheap instant beer?
Boy, I wish I could be as "unknown" as you.
Of course we care!! Love me some AB and Good Eats! :)
Its AWESOME to find you on here! My family including my 3 yr old loves Good Eats!
Looking forward to your Virginia Visit in October!
Well, I just found out you are here, but that says nothing about my enthusespasm! We love us some Alton Brown! Just come closer to Idaho, please??
better make it a beer bong with a heat-sink integrated into it somwhow
I'm sure you could think of a better culinary device than an instant beer chiller...
With that disguise, you could certainly remain incognito, Alton. BTW, be sure to put your new gadget on, and I'll be sure to vote for you!!
+Alton Brown you NEED to go to Spats, Zola, and Herwigs while you're there..... We need to see PSU on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"!!!!

WE ARE!!!!!!.......
Just found out about Google + great to find you on here :)
The hardest part will be getting it to chill faster than it can be consumed.
I have been on G+ for a little while now, but I just today realized you were on here as well. I don't know if I missed the tweet or what have you, but you might see more folks here if you let them know elsewhere that you have arrived in the great google-land...
Is this like Horton Hears a Who? We all need to yell out, "we're here, we're here, we're HERE!"?
if you invent it i will sign a petition to get you the nobel.
I just forget that Google+ is here. You are the only reason I ever come here, and I see you on Twitter and Facebook everyday.
i care! and i want that thing. looks like so do 235 other people.
If we're doing anything, it's listening, because you, good sir, know how to work an audience.
Anything that Makes Beer colder faster is worthy of a Nobel prize!
I suspect that with today's unveiling of the "new" Facebook, more people will find you here.
I definitely care! Tell me more about this invention. :)
I thought salt water +Ice did that...
They just opened g+ up to the masses, so expect the torrent...
Thanks to reddit, I just found out you're here. Cheers!
In the off chance that one of his assistants is here, please explain to +Alton Brown how to view comments. I think he has them muted by default or something.
Just found you; glad to see you're here. :)
You're a shoe in if you can invent one of those that holds a twelve pack..
Remember, many of your fans have just come aboard, or will be coming aboard now that Google+ is open to all. For a good while those of us in the less desired demographic categories (e.g. the generations that remember what it was like to hear a 56K modem for the first time, and were grateful even for 14K) had to stand outside and wait. We're here now - to stay!
You so have to post a complete tutorial when its done
I don't know about your college students, but we would order a dozen in my restaurant!!
Do you mean on Google+? I do! You're the best Alton, literally.
I am so glad your on here Alton! I love to watch all of your shows, Iron Chef especially, you are just so knowledegable! Best Wishes in all you do!
More people will find you now that facebook sucks and they are moving on over to Google +! Love your show Alton!
I'm happy to have found you here. Good Eats will be sorely missed in our home.
I know you're here and I'm darn happy to find you.
I know the Nittany Lions will carry you to Stockholm on their backs to pick up your prize if you're successful. Good luck.
cheap instant beer chiller would be a winner
Alton, I'm sure you'll get a Nobel Prize one of these days. You've got my vote.
A Cold Microwave device..... good for beer, quick popsickle maker or cooling down hot food.

I did the hard part, now you can invent it. Thanks. =)
Sounds like a very cool way to get the Nobel...
hey can you come to Kansas State in The Little Apple and show off you beer chiller in AggieVille?
Maybe a combined beer cooler, Ramen noodle cooker. Use the heat extracted from the beer to warm the noodles! :)
That beer chiller idea is solid gold Alton. If I had the power I'd give you the Nobel
Who is this Alton Brown fellow?
I only know cause I looked check out Mohamed Mansour and his extension may be of use to you!
let me know when you have an interactive cooking huddle!
been watching you on food network for years keep up the awesome work--you taught me to cook after my devorice--also have loved the Iron Chef even sense I had to read the sub titles on PBS
Instant beer chiller. My boyfriend would start a religion after you... :) <3 you Alton Brown.
I'm seeing the same challenge....Am I mostly alone out here?
define "here" do you mean on Google + or something that's a little more tangible, like reality? I know you are on Google + and I do appreciate you, good sir.
You were first in my following circle and judging from the amount of comments... we know you're here and it's great that you are! :)
We know you are here and thank god you are!! Definitely the most interesting person to follow so far. Britney Spears has nothing on you!!! Plus she definitely won't make GE's.
I have always wondered, Is there a way to formulate a beer, or near beer, who's flavor is not damaged by freezing. These could be sold in pre-pack shaped containers that when frozen, let you break apart BeerCubes that will let you ice down your beer with out watering down the flavor.
yessir ... you are here, and yet there ...
I'd say go for it,Alton....if anyone can do it you can !!!
Amber F
Sometimes I think I'm the only college student in the world that drinks alcohol but not beer. Yuck. =\
Hello Mr. Brown long time fan here, I wish you would come out with a show for broke folks who cant afford food processors, stand mixers, and produce that has to be special ordered. I enjoyed the way you imparted your food knowledge but I couldn't complete most of your recipes due to cost constraints. I do use your chewy cookie recipe on a regualr basis though.
I think that Google+ is waiting to make it's big move when Facebook goes the way of Myspace. Ah, social media, it's like watching evolution at work.
love your show. respect you. i have learned a great deal from you. thanx
I thought you only had room in your arsenal for one uni-tasker? :)
We sure do know you're here! And glad of it!
Alton, if you knew college kids, you'd know the beer doesnt have time to get warm D:
Cool! We tried to get public tickets today for your PSU show...sold out!
... & BTW anyone with the initials AB should know a lot about beer...
well alton i figured out who you are so i think more people know you then you think,like your shows by the way
I lov ur shows dude, their real fun and really factful! wait is factful a real word. nevermind though. Ur still AWESOME!!!!
I know you're here too. But you're right.. it is awfully lonely on Google+
Alton, loved your science based cooking show. It was perfect for a nerd like me. Is there another show like it out there?
You were my first person in my first circle AB...WOW! Lonely cause it's new, let's give it some time. At least some of us here appreciate your presence.
Hi Alton just watched your show Good Eats recently here in Singapore. Nice show!
Hey Alton. Still disappointed to hear that Good Eats will soon be no more. I can at least respect the fact that it was your own decision instead of a program director in an office somewhere who only looks at numbers. Can't wait to see what you're next TV endeavor will be.
Oh, we definitely notice that you're here. Your presence is felt.
and when you are ready to market your instant beer chiller, elfWorksLane will be delighted to help you do that.
You're a food scholar for sure, but I am relatively sure you can't make a instant beer chiller that costs less than an upside down bottle of canned air. ;D
Alton. You are one of my favorite personalities... and one of the people just have to have in my circles!!!
I would like two; one for me and one for my friend who homebrews. Both for his beer.

Also, hello Mr. Brown, welcome to G+!
so glad to find you here, will look forward to your posts, cheers, Alton
found ya! folllowing ya! have been a devotee for years. looking forward to further communications -- beer chiller? what about a wine chiller.
You were the first suggestion when I signed-up AB. Glad it was you!
AB, Been a fan since downloading the pilot from the web. I've watched you since you made the show in a real kitchen and continued to a set. Come back to your roots and do some appearances in metro GA.
Alton, I want your job!! If ya ever need an assistant, I got ya! BTW, GREAT show!!!
Two words Alton, dry ice. That's where you're prototype is headed...
<3 much love for your show, you're awesome! We love that you're here!
Welcome to G+. Let us know when you're ready to start selling them.
<-cares and loves your show!!! Welcome to G+
This doesn't involve a fire extinguisher does it?
Make this happen and you will be the wind beneath my wings.
I think maxim tested several beer chillers a few years ago. The most effective involved spinning a single can through an ice slurry. Only one can at a time though, so not great for spur of the moment gatherings.
Yeah - We have instant heating (microwaves) but what we really need is instant cooling! I get all my beer at Trader Joe's (do you have one in your area Alton?) but they don't keep any beer in a cooler! So you have to plan ahead! I like their $2.99 six-pack "Simpler Times" pilsner. Not bad!
Alton... you milking us for your Nobel ideas!!!
Pizza beer, kill 2 birds with one stone Alton. Hotpocket ale or Ramen noodle hefeweizen.
dear sir if anyone can its you!!
we know your here..thanks for all the good eats..
CO2 powered perhaps? and yes, I know there are already 300+ comments here so i'm sure it's been discussed already...
Found you, too. Dick's Drive-In is opening a new store in Edmonds, WA, check it out when you're in the neighborhood...
lol I know you're here... I haven't caught your show in a while but I do love it. Love your humor & the way you explain things down to the nerd level in a cool way! :D
ALTON BROWN!!!!!!! Omg you are soooooooooo funny! I lovee your showw!!! and no, I didnt know you were on here! I haven't gotten to watch Good Eats in a While because I no longer have cable, but its still awesomee!
Science and Cooking... Geekness at it's finest... Alton FTW
Yes! now I know you're here on G+! It was exciting to see that as I'm a big fan.. like Steph D, I don't have cable anymore, but I love your GE show! I wonder if it's on Netflix....
After ditching cable other than for internet this is my only source for you +Alton Brown. I do miss catching your shows. BTW do they ever feed you Iron Chef... I see you get the whiskey but have had to pull items from the trash before :(
So satisfying to follow you here!
I know now! Found you through one of my friends.
I just found you. Jumping Facebook ship and moving over here. Glad you are here Alton - one class act you are!
Fermenting, caring and aware (not necessarily in that order)
Id care that you were in Seattle, if you you were in Seattle.
Stop by WVU on the way back through. We can introduce you the the phenomenon known as the pepperoni roll.
Of all the people I know on the Food Network, I was surprised to find you here. I am from South Africa and a big fan of your show...
Fire Extinguisher.... which by the way, would officially remove ALL unitaskers from your kitchen. You are welcome.
Isn't that what fire extinguishers are for?
Looking forward to the Penn State talk.
Couldn't you do something with instant cold packs like the ones used for sports injuries?
It's already been done. CO2 fire extinguishers. Works like a charm, expensive though.
Did you hear about this Kiwi fellow who built a propane powerd jet engine out of an old turbo charger for teh express purpose or rapidly super-chilling his beer?

Rube Goldberg, eat your heart out!
I thought someone had already invented the FROSTY MUG!
Don't forget the instant Ramen cooker too
I know you're here Alton!! Good luck on your presentation :)
I know you're here! And, while I'm not a fan of beer, I still know that you can make the chiller. Liquid nitrogen? ;)
sounds great I will test it for you--10-4
I know you are here. Just need more people on Google+. After Facebooks latest fiasco it just might take off.
Reason I came here? Another arbitrary change at Facebook that did nothing to add to my experience/connectivity.
If it weren't for you, Alton, my Thanksgiving turkey would be nothing but ordinary. I found your orange-juice/brown sugar brine years ago on one of your Thanksgiving specials and it's still the juiciest bird I've ever tasted. Looking forward to that beer chiller ; )
I've met you before! I was about three, and I saw you in 'Harry's' My mom said, "My kids love your show!" and you said "Smart kids." Also, my friend says that one day she will become your apprentice. We say "Keep dreamin' Maggie."
You are like the culinary bill nuy mcgyver wonder spawn. I love your stuff and you are the second cooking show i ever watched only behind the great Justin Wilson and I have loved your stuff ever since.
M Laney
+Knows you are here +Alton Brown Brown 1000+'s & 100's of comments. Almost as many as the new Facebook posts.
We know you're here Mr Brown...
Thermodynamics + Beer = Win
Check Mythbusters; they already beat ya to it :-)

The fastest was a fire extinguisher, if I recall, but that certainly wasn't cheap.

I think the fastest cheap one was the old standby: ice, salt, cooler.

Oh... and then there's the one where the cooler device is actually built right into the can, and activates right when you open it... that wasn't Mythbusters, but I can't remember where I saw that one.
Well good luck I really hope you do well!
:) Great idea. Make it run on 12vDC so ppl out on boats can enjoy it too.
What, you think we didn't figure out that you, yourself were here?

Dude....this is AWESOME! I have watched GE since we got Food Network. I miss GE. I miss ICA. I miss Food Network (no more DirecTV, damn it all!, and our cable does not offer FN).

I still look up your recipes when I want to make certain things.
...can't have cranky students and warm beer.
Yay!! Alton, I know you are here and I LOVE IT!!!! Food Network ROCKS!!!!!! Looking forward to 'Next Iron Chef' with you!!!!
Love Good Eats! Always entertaining.
The Shaughnessy's in Houston know you're here! Us leaders on our Scout Troop enjoy adapting your recipies to dutch ovens!
Hey, I just found you, so YAY! I also gave your page a Google +1 (like that counts for something... I don't know too many people on here yet but I'm adding as I find them). I love your shows, your warped sense of humor, and your infinite knowledge of food!
I love your show and cant wait till i can watch again cause i dont have cabel at the moment and your show isnt on netflix streming
I too am glad I found you on Google+
412 comments and over 1000 +1s and you don't see us???? Alton, come on now... :)
Mr. Brown, you are a genius! In more than one way.
Mr. Brown. your show has inspired my college roommates to rise out of the raman coma and start eating Good Eats. As someone that loves cooking you've no idea how much i mean it when i say thank you! keep up the Good work.
I'd vote for you. Twice if I could.
I've always been a fan :)
That goes for me too. Been a fan forever!! Love that man and his sense of humor!!!
Oh, Alton, please don't leave us!! We will miss you so!
We love you Alton! Just have to get some more info out on Google +!
Drinking faster should solve that problem.
Alton. Love your TV work and books. Many thanks.
We do know you're here! I watched you by the way pretty much every night there were reruns on with my roommates my junior year of college. It was a tradition for us. I love learning about food and cooking it. You made me love okra!
Alton, I am glad you are here. You turned me from a farm boy "beef is only done when there is no pink anywhere" to a halfway decent cook who made green bean almondine, risotto with white wine, and pan-seared chicken split breasts topped with caramelized onions in a wine and stock glaze. From scratch.
To chill beer just get a fire extinguisher, fast and easy. 
Put a beer in the freezer. Drink 12 shots of your favorite mind number. When you wake up, your beer will be instantly frozen. Oh, and great to see you here!
Donna H
I just found you here, Alton. I love your approach to food and I love learning how and why foods interact with each other. If the show ends maybe you could present to groups of fans on google +, I've heard its possible. 5 last words: your popcorn and steak, always.
Donna H
photo made me think immediately of Wilford Brimley
Donna H
Perhaps alton does no't know how to see the comments field and if someone could show him, it might be helpful (I don't know how)
Looks like you got some attention with that post. People know you're there.
BTW, PSU is the perfect market for your idea. As an alum, I know of which I speak. Let me know if you need help testing the prototype :-)
I just found you. You're the coolest, Alton Brown!
AB, you're my hero. I want to be just like you if I ever grow up!
blast chiller or a cooler with ice and salt
We know you're here, we just want to appreciate you without irritating you... Carry on.
Added you to my circles as soon as i saw you .. watch all your shows .. love them because you explain the science of cooking.
Mr.Brown,I have always watched "Good Eats". I'm waiting on a invite to eat some "Coq au Vin".Sorry I don't have pride,just an appetite.
I only know you're on here now bc of your twitter-ing. lol I am new to google + though
Thanks for making cooking more scientific and precise - it's not JUST an art form, but a skill that can be learned, I love watching your shows! You're the best!
Mythbusters did this with a fire extinguisher, 3 secs flat to 38 degrees. Not exactly cheap, though.
Sounds cool Alton! Love Good Eats! and as of last night, i do know your hear!! Cant wait for more posts!
I know your here now and I cant wait to read more posts. I love your shows. My wifwe and I are big fans!!
Of course we know you're here!
Just to mention... you are awesome. My family loves when you are on!
I know your here, and glad of it. I enjoy your show, Good Eats, and use a lot of the tips and recipes there to keep my kitchen happy.
I couldn't read through all the comments so I don't know if this was suggested but

CO2 fire extinguisher will chill a beer in seconds. Don't use the one from the dorm hallway though...
OMG you are awesome I have been making your crepe recipe for years now. :)
Alton, we care about you. Don't you know that by now, sir?
Alton, I heard your PSU tix were sold out by day 2! I was able to get one ticket from a friend, but I'm giving that to my boyfriend because he wants to go to your show so badly. I wish I could see you, too! :'(
How can we not know that YOU sre here. You are the greatest!
I saw you tonight, the beer chiller was great! You obviously think highly of us, Busch and Natural Ice? Thanks. But seriously you were amazing! Thanks so much for coming out!!!
AB... I care... I CARE! :D
Alton, believe me I care that you're here. In fact, I have been searching for someone in the food industry to help advise me on something. I hope you don't mind my being bold, but I am making cupcakes topped with buttercream. On the frosting, I want to do a decoration that resembles a small branch of cherry blossom. I have made the blossoms from gumpaste, but I can not find something to make the branch portion. I dyed some gumpaste in brown, but it isn't as dark as I'd like. I also tried drizzling melted chocolate on a cookie sheet lined. However, when I tried to break it into branches it just melted. PLEASE ADVISE. I don't mean to be imposing, but I would like a professional opinion.

Thank You,
+Rebecca White - I am SO not Alton Brown, but when I read your note, my first thought was caramelized sugar, threaded out. Maybe? Are you familiar with caramelizing sugar?

Good luck with your project!
Is 'carmelizing sugar' the part just before you spend three days scrubbing out a saucepan trying to get the carbonized sucrose off..?
Try hosing down the beer with a fire extinguisher. It won't be cool, but frosty!
yuck store bought cinnamon rolls never going back to these
Of course you are known, Alton Brown!!! Your show was one of the few I could talk my husband into watching as far as cooking Food Network was concerned. He loved the science, fun/entertainment which made him appreciate the cooking part. I sometimes now catch you on the Cooking Channel just for "old time's sake" since he's passed away!
You are well known. I just got my 15 year old grand daughter hooked on your show and books by giving her some for her birthday. Her opinion? "Gee even my Mom could use these. She can't even boil toast" So we shall see.
Just found out you're here! Squeeeeee! Love your work. Welcome!
I just got on Google + and yes, I know you're here and I'm glad! I'm lonely too. I still don't know how to work this site.
Welcome to the club! :)

Of course it's a small, slightly dysfunctional club. That just makes things more interesting. It's mainly for the few days to weeks when people get upset at Facebook changing their features.

I will be looking forward to your Birmingham, Alabama signing. Have an awesome day!!
instant beer chiller - or better yet total control on the temperature for brewers as well for the mash and the fermenters
Beer chiller? Why is your beer warm? Well then make something like a wine chiller; swirling, ice-cold water.
If you want to instantly chill warm beer, I imagine pouring the warm beer into a funnel, and as the beer flows down through tubing it's chilled by a counterflow of cold water, a counterflow chiller like for wort. But, it would damage the beer, de-carbonating it on the way down. Otherwise, I'm back to my wine-chiller design.
Might work with warm keg beer, though.
Pour warm beer into an aluminum cylinder and immerse it in liquid nitrogen? If the warm beer is flat, too, you could put some dry ice in it; that would chill the beer and re-carbonate it.
Wish we had the refrigerator-equivalent of a microwave oven. Imagine putting food in the box, pressing the button, and in 2 minutes it's chilled.
Mythbusters tested the whole liquid nitrogen thing. Just makes ice in the outer part and the inner stays warm. Plus not very easy for the average consumer considering you have to have a license just to work with liquid nitrogen.
Found you by mistake, and dig "Good Eats", so added.
Will have to go down and give your book a look.
Have/Will you be doing anything with a smoker?
Is there any such thing as Restaurant Engineering, if so I would like to know more?...Where do you go to school to learn? How can I start moving forward with it? Is it possible?
I have worked in kitchens that just seem odd and out of date. Some of the equipment is not keeping up with technology either. I would like to see a fully automated dish washer sometime in my future...Robots in the kitchen...hhmmm?
thank u Alton, ur great on Iron Chef, and all the other stuff u do
...the gales of Movember came curly! (sorry Gordo L strum that 12 gutted instrument smore.)
Some of us know you are here. I don't know if that qualifies as "anyone" though...
I know you're here Alton. Fan from your TV shows . Fred Bernardo the "SmokinGuitarPlayer" here.
Hello Mr. Brown!!!! I love your show, your work and your style! Hope you have a Happy Day!
Enjoy watching your programs on Food Network. I have really had a great time watching you cook and also host Iron Chef America.
I just checked out the new website, I created a G+ profile for the express purpose of following you here. (No stalker-ism intended)
Alton you gotta get your name "verified" so people know you are legit. People make fake accounts all the time.
+Alton Brown  Well, according to the plus ones, over twelve hundred people know that you're here. But it has been awhile since you posted this... Still. We know you're here and we love that you are [and you :)]
Facebook is now the old Myspace. Google+ is where it is at.
Some of us, at least, know you are here. While my time as a college student were in the previous century, I would probably have found other uses for the device to which you refer, relating to ice cream or sherbert or something. Or at least chilling sweet tea ...
It isn't instant but salt and ice works pretty fast.
Glad to see you on Google+!
Best of luck on the Beer Chiller!
Change the name to cold drink chiller so many type of people out there some may take a fence in the name alone. Got a cheep fix for a hewed packer G72 model windows 7?
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