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What leaf is the favicon for your website? Looks like a mint leaf.
A shortlink with no explanation? I <3 you and all that you provide the world, but I still am wearing my suspiciousface.
You might consider a more local institution, such as Georgia Tech. We'll forgive you for going to UGA if that's an issue.
"One went to Penn State, the other to the State Pen." Sorry, just had to get that joke out of my head.
What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Heh, I asked an almost embarrassing question when you were here in Lexington, KY... Remember the question about your favorite food joke? That was me..:)
Oh hey, you're going on tour? When are you coming to Atlanta? ;) ...(just kidding)
Good to see you're still posting on Google+ after using Twitter again. I guess there goes my question when I plan to see you at Union Square.
I'm not in Penn State, but I wish I could go. Here is my question. If you were forced to choose your top 10 favorite or most useful (your choice) kitchen tools and/or utensils, what would they be? I value your opinion on the matter. Thanks.
Not so much a post as spamming/massmailing the link to all the social media. At least give us a picture of food ;)
spam=unsolicited; you're following him so this definitely doesn't qualify for that..
+Mark Williams - the State Pen is right by the university, too. Actually it's half a mile from where I'm sitting right now! Mr. Brown, I will be there, but I have a question- is there going to be any opportunity for book signing and the like?
Why don't you post more on Google+?

When you do post, please actually write something, don't just post a link (like this Take 20 seconds to explain what the link is. A link by itself is lonely and uninteresting. And this one, to me, was a waste of time as I don't go to Penn State.

Love your show and have all your books! As the Food Network follows all other once good networks into trash reality tv, and cuts back on good content like Good Eats, I think it would benefit you and us followers of you if you became more involved in social networking.

I selfishly hope you're not tired of it all and planning on fading into oblivion like my favorite Gardening Guy, Paul James!

You've done good, Alton.

ps. I plan on getting Shirley C's books also. She's great too!
Will you be posting similar requests for questions at other upcoming presentations?
I tried making fried chicken after watching your episode on same. Wound up with a call to the fire department. That was not Good Eats.
Brandon I
+Robert Le Blah Why don't you post less on Google+?

When you do post, please actually write something, don't just pointlessly criti*c*ize someone's post because it's not to your liking (like this "don't just post a link"). Take 20 seconds to think of something interesting to say. A complaint by itself is lonely and uninteresting. And this one, to me, was a waste of time as I don't care about your opinion of someone's post content.

See what I did there? Seriously though Robert, you're a moron.
Let's get a Hangout going, Alton!
Brandon I - When you do post - please actually write something. Don't just pointlessly criticize others opinions. See what I did there? I went back and spelled critisize properly....
Oh snap, now I'm a moron too...
PS - Love Ya A.B.
+Brandon I Wow Brandon! You're a pretty funny guy! That's neat how you did that!

If you had slightly better comprehension skills, you might have understood that I'm a huge Alton fan. As a huge fan, I'd like Alton to interact with us fans on here. If he doesn't, then it's my loss. If my conciseness came off as snarky, that wasn't the intent.

I think you're only the second troll I've had the non-pleasure to meet on G+ I'm happy to say.
A.B. with bacon. Everything is better with bacon.
I so wish I was at Penn State!
Are you going to have some of the great ice cream while visiting Penn State? How telling us what you think of the ice cream and which is your favorite flavor?
Alton!!! =D You've been my inspiration for becoming a cook! I miss your shows, they always made me smile and gave me new and creative idea in the kitchen much like you.
Alton is not a cook. He is an entertainer. Movie Producer
Alton You are the professor of cooking. I did cook for one of your teachers birthday parties, Vicky Caparulo
Spambot. The only thing to do is go to "her" profile and report it.
Gosh that was a hard thing to do. But sometimes we have to do the hard things... Right?
Hi Mr. Brown. Here in Denver we like your "middle man " role in Iron Chef. Reminds me of my own work in the Colorado Department of Higher Education. You run the show.
Hi AB - if you're a fan of google products, rather than create a new gmail address each time you want to receive questions for a talk you're giving, I have 2 suggestions:

a) Check out Google Moderator, a service designed exactly for what you're trying to accomplish: --- people can submit questions, and can even vote up questions from other people, rather than resubmitting them.

b) Set up a single gmail account ( and then use "plus addressing" (,, etc) to get people to submit questions on a per event basis. Anything sent to will go to your inbox, and you can use searching or filtering to locate the messages you want


+Heather Kaye
i love u u are all over my binder and Christiano Ronaldo but thats a different story or as you would say thats another show
I miss having time to watch your show. Everyone in my family is an AB fan!
Alton I'm sure you hear from tons of fans who describe how much they love your show and what you bring to it. However, instead of describing how much I enjoy watching, I wanted to thank you. Why? You ask... well I'm a 31 year old guy from northern nj, and i work in law enforcement. I have a very literal mind, and love to cook. Watching cooking shows has always been a hobby of mine, and most are entertaining to say the least, but the host smiles alot, says how good the food is, pushes around some food and pulls out a dish they prepared several hours before and say "yum" and use alot of random words to describe the taste. Your show, to me, has kept me motivated in my "hobby chef" quests and talents. Through your show, I understand how cooking works from the ground up, and in turn have a chance to learn in the same manner as the lucky people attending the culinary schools that I have always had a dream of attending. Don't get me wrong I love where I am, and I know i've found my calling in life, but my point is, as I get older I know that some things just will never happen. Culinary School is one of them for me, and I just have to say thank you, for atleast a half hour or an hour of making me feel like I am there, learning and understanding the ground works of cooking.
wish could afford cable to watch your shows, I did at one point, now I just try and see your shows on youtube as much as possible.
JEALOUS. Wish Ohio State would get its act together and invite you here
my mother watchs your old show all the time
Planning on going to the NY Food and Wine this year? I was at one of your youth demos 2 years ago where you made pancakes with some kind of avocado icing. Looked awesome.
I've sure enjoyed "good eats"!
best cooking show ever created. only one that teaches you how to cook, not just copy a recipe
Yo, Alton. Where can I get kosher-like salt with iodine? Gotta watch out for goiter, bro.
I enjoy your show, especially the sushi episode.
Good sir, you are a "lowly cook" in much the same fashion Albert Einstein was a lowly mathematician.
Yeah... for sure... you are awsome... i would hardly believe that i might consider eating a fried brain sandwich... but your road trip made it seem plausable, thank you for having an excellent personality, intelligence and skills to boot :)
Having a B.S. in math I will agree... and thats no BS :)
Great! if some wants to keep mustache, it must be like Alton Brown.
Alton Brown rocks. The end.
1 batch of smoked salmon brine would pretty much use that up!
Whatever! I love you Alton Brown! And I love Good Eats!!!
+Robert Richter I'm not saying that Einstein wasn't well versed in mathematics (you have to be to be a physicist,) but that still doesn't make a physicist a mathematician.
+Frazer Irwin Unfortunately, our education system crushes curious minds as they only teach to the test.
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