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Adult Life Training, Inc.
Free Computer Job Skills Training in Fort Wayne Indiana
Free Computer Job Skills Training in Fort Wayne Indiana

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In email today from Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long: Last Thursday, Gov. Mitch Daniels signed House Enrolled Act 1196 into law, immediately making a number of hazardous substances illegal to possess, transport or sell in our state and strengthening Indiana’s ban on dangerous synthetic drugs.

To provide a method for retailers and private citizens to properly dispose of newly illegal substances, all Indiana State Police...

It’s important to note that this is not an amnesty period,...

Stores still selling these products are subject to losing their retail licenses

... customers purchasing banned synthetic drugs can be arrested ...

... employee making the sale may be arrested ...

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Adult Life Training, Inc. Financials for the first two months of 2012 have been posted at

Board of Directors meeting is this Wednesday, Feb 22 6:00-7:00

Topics are:

1. January-February activities and events, outcomes
2. Summer 2012 planning (brief)
3. Director’s e-mail accounts training

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Income Statement for 2011 has been posted

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My PHD Pretty House Designs

The Lunas at My PHD completely stripped and redesigned our training office, brought in furniture, and hand crafted some rather unique art to exorcise out the drab junk closet appearance we had with our hand-me-down beggars furniture and replace it with new furnishings to reflect our state of the art training business. We now have a nice, professional looking office space where our staff and individually trained students can sit in productive inspired comfort as they work. They’d love to help your home or office too. See more information on their web site at

A Plus Computers, Inc.

A Plus Computers has been in town here for years — we always visit them to buy our ball-bearing coolers. Recently Majic 95.1 ran their Majic Christmas Wish event in which someone pointed out our need for newer computers for our small-groups training lab. A Plus Computers donated three gently used machines complete with windows XP licenses, LCD monitors, keyboards and mice. This was a total surprise and we can use it to replace some of the 10-15 year old computers we have been using. See more information on A Plus’ web site at To read more about Majic 95.1 see their web site here.

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Statistics for 2011
Posted on December 21, 2011 by John Nash

In-Kind Giving:
John: 992 hours (plus) or $24,800
Jennifer: 300 hours or $7,500
Mary: 200 hours or $5,000
Cammy: 300 hours or $7,500

Students served in classes: 1,416
Classes Documented: 248
Hours in classes: 992
Hours lab open to public outside of formal classes: 928

Male: 686, 48%
Female: 730, 52%
White: 205, 14%
Black: 688, 49%
Asian: 523, 37%

We are getting the Ad campaign together: Google has approved our ad, gave us $10,000/month for our advertising, and now we are finishing the web page people will see when they click the ad. Please take a look and provide constructive feedback. We haven't found an artist to make us six original small graphics yet so our logo is in those slots.

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Advisory Board Minutes

Next Board of Directors meeting is set for Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:30 – 7:00 in ALC room 131-133.

December is the month where we review the past year's performance and update our 5 and 10 year plans. There is substantial administrative work for us this month, so if we are not as responsive to your inquiries, please forgive. We close the fourth week of December and re-open the second week of January.
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