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Al Salaam Limousine LLC
Al Salam Limousine LLC is your one stop solution for all your transportation needs in Dubai.
Al Salam Limousine LLC is your one stop solution for all your transportation needs in Dubai.


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Luxury Interior of a #Limousine in #Dubai   
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Luxurious interior of a #Limousine  with leather interior.
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How many of you have had the luxury of sitting in a #limousine? Sadly, not me. The first limo was actually built in 1902 but the first ‘Stretch Limousine’ was manufactured in Fort Smith, Arkansas around 1928. Ok, enough of the short history lesson, here is some interesting limo pics. Boy, I wouldn’t mind owning some of these! 
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Al Salaam Limousine LLC prides itself for its professional Chauffeur Driving in Dubai Services. We are your one stop solution for all your transport service requirements in the city. Courteous, committed and consistent are the three qualities of our business "Chauffeur Driving in Dubai" Services that have helped us win the trust and love of our clients. Each vehicle is meticulously maintained so that our clients do not have to face any inconvenience. With Al Salaam Limousine LLC,you will enjoy a perfect and peaceful journey ahead.

We know that you have to bear with the stress of attending important meetings or conferences and for that reason, we offer our Chauffeur Driving in Dubai Service, which is aimed at offering you some relaxation from your busy schedule even though for a while.  Our Corporate Chauffeurs are professionally trained to offer flawless service. 

Our corporate Chauffeurs Driving Dubai service is available round the clock.
We have a fleet of luxury vehicles and limousines which are all well equipped with supplicated and luxurious features so that you have a memorable experience.
All our vehicles are kept in premium condition all the time.
All our employees are professionally trained chauffeur and are proficient in multiple languages and that means, there will no communication gap.
We have successfully served hundreds of clients and they are happy with the quality of our Chauffeur Driving Service in Dubai.
Take a pick from our different packages - Full Day Booking, Half Day Booking, Hourly Booking or Custom Booking packages. 
We are considered to be the most trusted and reliable Chauffeur Driving in Dubai and best limousine service provider in the city because we understand the requirements of the clients more than anybody else. We totally understand that you have a tight schedule and for that reason, we never fail short of meeting deadlines. Just let us know the time and venue and our corporate chauffeurs will be right there at the right moment. Our employees at Al Salaam Chauffeur Driving Service pay close attention to minute details pertained to your journey to ensure that you do not have to face any hassles.  

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Dubai is a city like no other and the best way to get acquainted with its captivating culture and its lively city life is by opting for Al Salaam Limousine LLC’s much popular Dubai City Tours Service. Its vibrant cosmopolitan culture, pulsating lifestyle and its numerous magnificent and man made structures have made Dubai a popular tourist attraction. Be it visiting the historical #Jumeirah Mosque or relinquishing the beauty of the sail-shaped #Burj_Al_Arab or beholding the beauty of the 829.8 m tall #Burj_Khalifa, you need to put your trust on a Dubai City Tours Transport Service provider in #UAE. At Al Salaam Limousine Service, we have a strong reputation and large customer’s base and this gives you a solid reason why you should choose our Dubai City Tours Service. Al Salaam Limousine LLC is one such company that offers customizable transport and limousine service in Dubai so that you can explore the unending beauties of the modern metropolis Dubai without facing least hassle.

Since our Dubai City Tours limousine service is designed specifically to offer comfort, your stay in the city will surely be a memorable one. So, if you are planning to visit the Atlantis the Palm or the Bab Al Shams, just give us a call and our chauffeur will be right there at the right time to pick you up. Since all our limousine cars are luxurious and well maintained, you will have a relaxing journey ahead. With our Dubai City Tours Service you will enjoy a comfortable and painless journey.

At Al Salaam limousine service Dubai, we only employ trained professionals who are courteous and know how to act professionally and friendly way with our esteemed customers.
Our Dubai City Tours service is a highly flexible package. Our service can easily fit in your itinerary.
Charge of our limousine transportation is highly competitive. We offer three different packages - Full Day Booking, Half Day Booking and Hourly Booking, so that you can take a pick easily.
Our drivers are well versed with the routes and therefore, they will help you reach your destination well ahead of time.
Our Dubai City Tours service and all other transport services are available 24x7.
Peaceful and relaxing journey to some of the most fascinating places in Dubai is certainly what you are most likely to get if you choose to avail our Dubai City Tours service. You will definitely hate the idea of arriving late at a meeting or finding yourself unable to communicate easily with the driver while on a trip to Dubai or any other famous places of UAE. If you have to deal with these types of trivial things, you will certainly not be able to enjoy the excitement of visiting those beautiful and magnificent places. 

#AlSalaamLimousine   #CarRental   #Dubai  
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Al Salaam Limousine LLC is offering Dining and Nightlife Transportation Limousine Service Dubai so that our clients can experience the thrill and excitement of nightlife and dining at the most excited places in the city. With a diverse option in Dubai’s nightlife experience and a mesmerizing stay, it stands out with a raucous euphoria. But to experience all these and to make the most of your stay in Dubai, you need opt for our Dining and Nightlife Transportation Limousine Service Dubai.

Unless you take a culinary journey to the heart of different exotic cuisines served in some of the finest restaurants in Dubai or experience the electrifying atmosphere of different nightclubs in city, your Dubai city tour will always remain incomplete without AL Salaam Transport Service. So, get yourself immersed in the vibrating nightlife in Dubai by availing our exclusive Limousine Service Dubai. 

It does not matter whether you are in a business tour in Dubai or just have arrived to have pure and inhibited fun, you will definitely not like to miss the excitement being offered in this desert city. To be able to find the best nightclubs in Dubai and to locate the finest dining places in the city,you need to opt for our Limousine Service Dubai packages.Our “Dining and Nightlife Transportation Limousine Service Dubai” is safe and reliable. That means, no matter wherever you go, your safety will never be compromised.

Our chauffeurs will pick up from your choice of place and will drop you at your hotel at the end of the revelry safely. It does not matter at all if you want to party hard till late night because our dining and nightlife transportation limousine service has been designed to give our customers the freedom they want during their stay in Dubai.

To be able to indulge your taste buds with exquisite delicacies in the best restaurants in Dubai or to rejuvenate yourself from the daily humdrum by becoming a part of the crazy nightlife in Dubai, you will need to drive a lot. But who would like to take the trouble of driving car all himself to the hotel, after the party ends? Well at Al salaam Limousine LLC, we are aware of this and for that reason; we are offering Limousine Service Dubai so that you can party hard and enjoy the delicacies of nightlife in Dubai and caring a little for those small issues.

Your tour is supposed to be an exciting journey. But failure to find a reliable dining and nightlife limousine service in Dubai can spell disaster.  Don’t worry though because Al salaam Limousine Service is here to help you by offering reliable limousine service and transport service that will not desert you at the very last moment. No matter what your plan is or how long you are going to stay in nightclub, our chauffeurs will be always there waiting for you to drive you back home.
#Nightlife   #Dining   #Dubai   #AlSalaamLimousine  
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If you are in Dubai and need Airport Transport Service that does not desert you at the very last moment and make you stranded in the middle of nowhere, trust Al Salaam Limousine LLC. We are a leading Dubai based Limousine rental and transport  service provider. When it comes to taking people to and from Dubai Airport without causing any delay, intentional or otherwise, AlSalaam Limousine LLCis the name to be reckoned with. 

Our Airport Transport Service Dubai  seconds to none. At Al Salaam Limousine LLC, we have been trying our level best to offer Airport pick and Drop Service that does not disappoint our esteemed customers in one way or the other. All ouremployees are always at your service no matter where you are or what time it is. Our Transport Service in Dubai is available 24x7 and customer service representatives are available round the clock so that you do not have to face any inconvenience even if you have to drive down to the Dubai airport at the wee hours.

Our Airport Transport Service Dubai and Limo Rental Service is available 24 hour a day and 7 days a week.
We give utmost attention to the convenience and comfort of our clients.
Our fleet of Limousine is brand new and they are well maintained and there is no remote possibility that you will miss your flight because of some silly mechanical problem. [We also have backup plan standby in that case too].
Our Transport Service Dubai is on time always.
Our rates are extremely reasonable and booking our service is painless. It is just a phone call away. Contact Us.
Our Airport Transport Service Dubai is specifically designed to take the stress out of your busy schedule. No matter whether you want to check in at your hotel after a long and tiring flight or the other way around, we are always happy to serve you the best possible way. You are always at your liberty to choose the Pick-up Time and place.
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Al Salam Limousine LLC is your one stop solution for all your transportation needs in Dubai

Al Salam Limousine LLC is your one stop solution for all your transportationneeds in Dubai. We have successfully served a number of both national and international clients who seem to be satisfied with the quality of our transportation service. All our efforts at Al Salam Limousine LLCare geared towards to offer our clients personalized service so that they can enjoy their stay in the city of Dubai.

We are committed towards offering world classLimousine Service in Dubaiand that too at the most competitive rate. All our employees are trained extensively and this is what empowers us to offer high quality and professional service.

Following are three different transportation packages we are offering:

We understand that you might have an extremely busy schedule. Our cars are available on a full day bookingbasis and hopefully this will give you the peace of mind that you will have to hunt for transportation after the meeting is over. No matter how long the meeting is or how long your Dubai trip is, you would not have to worry at all. Our chauffeur will be with you all day long and drive you back to your residence/hotel at the end of the day. This is by far the best package if you have a busy schedule or if you are planning to visit multiple places our Full Day Booking package is for you. Interested? Just give us a call and we will give you more details about this exciting package.

Our half day booking for our Limousine Service Dubaigives you the flexibility that you always deserve. This package is ideal for those who need to hire a Limousine for few hours but not for the whole day.Our Half Day Booking package is cost effective too. Those who will have to attend multiple meetings or conferences and hate the idea of calling the representatives over and over again to send a car to pick them up, this half day booking option is ideal for them. Our chauffeurs will be with you throughout the time. So, if you believe that you have a hectic day ahead that will probably keep you busy for a couple of hours, you should give us a call now!

Hourly Booking of our Limousine Service Dubaiis ideal for those who just want to drive down to a particular spot.Say for example, if you want a car to pick you up from Airport or drive you down to the Airport so that you do not miss the flight,Hourly Bookingpackageis what you should be looking for.Since you will pay by hours, you will be able to save few bucks. So, what are you waiting for? Just call us and we will explain everything in detail.

  #AlSalaamLimousine   #LimousineService   #Dubai  
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