I am a genderqueer green card holder from Israel.

I moved to the US in 2007 in search of an academic career, but in 2010 decide to join Google and apply for a green card. While I am not a national of the 7 countries mentioned in Trump's ban, I am scared.
In May 2016, while returning from a vacation, I was interrogated at a US point of entry. I was told to leave all my belongings behind, including phones and laptops. My passport and green card were taken away and I was told to wait in a small room, unable to contact anyone, with an American who brought Cuban cigars. When my turn finally came the immigration officer asked why I didn't look like my picture and asked some more simple questions about my occupation and my ID. He asked for my CA driver's license which had the same photo. I asked the immigration official why does the photo even matter when they have verified my fingerprints. He didn't answer. After some more questioning I was released with the immigration officer telling me to "get a new photo". Later that year, I did.

Tomorrow I am going on an international business trip. I told my team members I honestly do not know if or when I will return.

This is not normal.

Rumors are that an EO will require me to submit social media sites, and immigration agents are already questioning green card holders and citizens on their loyalty and political views. Black Lives Matter, a movement I support, may be declared a terrorist organization.

This is not normal.

If I get deported, it would be to Israel, a country that is in the midst of its own extreme right-wing takeover. Benjamin Netanyahu is a big fan of Trump, and is emboldened by this regime. I honestly do not know if I will be safe there.

This is not normal.
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