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Crazy Internet Entrepreneur!!
Crazy Internet Entrepreneur!!

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"You are a vendor". Really?

More than a year back, we had an odd inquiry for a mobile game from a PSU bank. My colleagues went to meet them in a far flung location (we are in Tardeo Mumbai) and figured that those folks had no clue what they wanted. There was some dictum from 'up there' to get that game.

We don't like people who don't know what they want (in business) and to ward these guys off, I quoted a price that was ridiculous. A few days later, they accepted!

On the next call, they asked for another meeting. I said, "come to our office". They guys on the other side were stunned. I don't think anyone had asked them for something so....outrageous?

I have a policy. If you want to work with us, we meet conveniently at each other's offices. That's true partnership and a healthy relationship.

They never came. On the next call, I personally led the call in micro detail. If someone is giving me a plane load of money for a game, I will go out of my way to make it worth their spends. That's my karma.

On the call, the PSU guys kept saying weird things. It was like a guy out to buy a car asking about masala dosas. Nothing made sense.

Then the penny... oops paisa dropped.

I get very excited about product and in the call said, "please don't teach us about how to make games... listen...". Mr. Gruff voice on the other side exploded and said, "YOU LISTEN! You are THE VENDOR". I laughed, slammed the phone and never bothered with them again.

While doling business in India :

- why do we discriminate between "vendor" and principle as if the vendor is a rag doll puppet who should dance to the principal's tune and be ready to be whipped?

- does paying someone for services make them subservient? Why can't we respect people for their services VS. spiting them for earning from us?

- the indian client vendor relationship is like the zameendar / poet villager metaphor. Usually in the end, the zameendar does not meet a favorable end.

- Rodinhood. Share with credits please.

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How to SELL and make SALES a REALITY! A rodinhooder (without a prior sales background) amazingly describes the process :

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I love this Rodinhooder :) He says "Forget Made in India" and chant "SELL in India". Pure dhadha talk!

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Snapchat actually SUPPORTED India :

Just a year ago, in March 2016, in an Art of Living meeting, I was inspired by Neha Mrig who said "How I wish we could get Snapchat to work with us for this event". I took it on a personal challenge and reached out to a CEO who knew Snapchat top management well. Intro's were made and in less than a week, we had a few calls between LA and Indian to pitch the event. Snapchat loved what we were doing and actually created a "geo fence" (filters and stickers available within a certain geo) and also featured the event as a Live Story! I think it was . first for India...

I would be skeptical to think they would do so much if they didn't care about India...
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What a scary heart breaking story. It's not money, fame or glory. It's just grace that will you see you through...

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The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary - N.Taleb . Read Rodinhooder Ritika Bajaj share her story with this addition :

The most boring things in life are usually the most productive...

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Very excited & proud to be part of a brand new MTV show (MTV Dropout :)) that promises to fire up startups and entrepreneurship like never before :))) STAY TUNED!!!

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"After losing everything I had; I gained only two things from the Market – Hypertension and a Sugar Problem." A rodinhooder shares his real life story:
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