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I love me some purple
I love me some purple

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I am incredibly behind in uploading photographs I've made since moving to Connecticut. That said, this weekend is SailFest 2014 in New London and I decided to push through some photographs a bit early from last year's SailFest.
Last year's SailFest was most notable for it's intense fog and cloud cover. While it may be one of New England's largest fireworks displays, SailFest 2013 was no match for the weather. While the resulting photographs weren't directly of the fireworks themselves as planned, I found them rather impressive regardless and I hope you do too.
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When the Masquerade Comes Calling

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Where My Demons Hide

[This has nothing to do with the Domestic side of the fiscal cliff]

Sequestration is wrong in every way. Defense makes up 100% of the federal government's constitutional requirements in terms of what it is supposed to provide for its citizens. It makes up 20% of federal spending. It's already taking $487,000,000,000 in cuts over the next 10 years. And now the sequester will cut another $500,000,000,000 while domestic spending (including energy)- which makes up 80% of spending- only takes 500b? 

How's that make sense?

So how's this work? If you only have to vote on 15, the G+ layout makes it so the oldest photos don't get voted on at all. People certainly aren't scrolling al the way to the bottom to vote on those photographs.

+Thomas Hawk Did you end up going with the V500 or the V700 to scan your films? 


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Form and Function feat. +Jeff Wilson in Catacombs, Boulder, CO. 

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As recently seen with +Almond Butterscotch on the Embarcadero in SF

Anyone know how to export Facebook birthdays to iCloud? I can do it to iCal, but not iCloud. #iCloud #Apple #Facebook #Calendar #Productivity
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