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All Things Genealogical
Researching the Roots of People and Houses
Researching the Roots of People and Houses

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Sometimes you just never know how your day will end up!!  :)

I have just been asked to be a consultant and record retriever for the Genealogy Roadshow representing New Orleans!! They will be here in 10 days to film!! 

I am happy and honored to be a part of this!

You'll have to keep an eye out now to see me in the credits....

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I have to admit this is a pet peeve of mine when looking at clients tree's that have added information from just a transcription.

Transcriptions are minimal, and only as good as the persons eyes who transcribed the information.   It's important to try and find the original and see if there is added information that may actually prove or disprove the Ancestors information.

I know for me, there have been many times, when after looking at the original, we find that the record does not in fact belong to the Ancestor we are looking for.  :)
Why is it important to see the original document, and not a transcription? Look at what I would have missed if I didn't see all the margin notes on this one document!

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While I don't have Mexican Ancestors, my sister-in-law does...

Maybe you do to?    A great resource if you do!!  :)
Here are eight great websites where you can search or will help search for your Mexican Ancestors.

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This is a GREAT read for anyone looking for lost Ancestor Burial's in New York City!!!

What this lady is doing for Hart Island is long overdue and the more awareness she gets going for her project the more people will benefit.

"Hunt got involved with Hart during the 1980s, when the AIDS epidemic put the island into the public spotlight for the first time (the first New York child to die of the virus is buried here in the only individual grave on the island). Her book about the island was published in 1998, and represents the last time an artist was allowed to work on-site. Since then, Hunt has single-handedly acted as the sole legal and political advocate for families of the deceased buried here, and in the process, become the foremost historian and keeper of knowledge about the island."

Post has attachment LLC Acquires Find A Grave, Inc.

What's your take on this?    I know for me, I will be rethinking my cemetery research and my photo's of the cemeteries I put up.

You have to wonder about all the copyrights in regard to obits, and photo's.   Will they be willing to pay the photographers for permission to use their photos?   

I am actually not happy about this at all personally...I see FAG going downhill with Ancestry in charge.  :(

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+John Swallow ..You might want to see this since you have added the app!!   :)
If you’ve ever wanted to add or edit a cemetery in BillionGraves, here’s how you can do it!

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This could be some fun reading!!  :)
Do you have ancestors from Georgia? Do you want to see historic newspaper articles about them, for FREE? Check out this online newspaper collection and video tutorial for over 50 newspapers from the mid 1800s.

#genealogy   #newspapers  

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I haven't been apart of +BillionGraves yet, but might have to with this new Android update to make things easier!

Here's your chance to make the app the best one out there!
Good news! The new Android update is just about ready! But before we release it to the general public, WE NEED YOUR HELP to test it out test it out on your phone to make sure it works correctly.

We need as many people using different Android devices as possible! Find out how you can help on the blog!

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Looking to go to the conference?  

Here's your chance!!  :)
Enter before noon EDT Wednesday to win a conference registration:
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