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Food Processing Machinery - Retort Packaging Equipment Food Sterilization Autoclaves
Food Processing Machinery - Retort Packaging Equipment Food Sterilization Autoclaves

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With production retort machines and equipment, the line of retorts from Allpax excels in its class. From the 1300 shaka retort to the steam-air retort machinery, and so many more options available, Allpax provides a diverse retort technology to numerous industries.

Companies looking for retort equipment have gone to Allpax for many years. With gentle motion capabilities, spray retorts, water immersion options, and more, there’s no product that can’t benefit from our retorting innovations.

Today, we’re going to look at the steam retorts. Available for a broad range of products, our saturated steam retorts can be used on cans, raw food products, and more. Versatile for immersion and spray cooling with overriding pressure control as well as full vacuum cooling, this system can accommodate your specific product requirements.

The steam retorts distribute temperature evenly to ensure that come-up times are optimal. Features on the steam retort machinery include continuous support, heavy duty construction, an electrical pneumatic panel, a 15-inch Allen Bradley color touch screen HMI, and more.

Choose from carbon steel or stainless steel construction, lengths from one basket to eight baskets, and swing-open or space-saving overhead orbiting doors. Our steam retorts are designed to meet specific needs of diverse industries.

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The 2402 is an R&D retort capable of diverse process types.   The machine ensures quality and dependability to protect and safely retort products.

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Factory Acceptance Tests
Factory Acceptance tests are necessary in the manufacturing and production process.  However, setting up the test can be costly.  Many factors go into the financial responsibility including utilities that must be run, the software has to be modified to operate in a simulated state, and the system has to be exercised several days.  In essence, a mini-plant has to be set up and run to ensure that the equipment is performing according to the standards specified in the purchase order. 
While this may appear unnecessary and inefficient, running a factory acceptance test is the least expensive solution in a costly investment, when considering the bigger picture.  The purpose of an FAT is to ensure that all of the customer specifications are met with high quality. 
From the seller’s point of view, the factor acceptance test ensures that products are operational and delivered on time.  Products should be completed well in advance so that setting up an FAT is possible.  Being on time, if not early, ensures a flawless track record that can be used to attract perspective customers. 
Managers, operators, plant engineers, and maintenance personnel are encouraged to attend FAT training events.  This allows each person to encounter the equipment in an operational mode before it even ships.  The customer benefits from actual hands-on training with the software. 
When exercising the machinery, it is important to remember that when powered for the first time, machinery never works properly.  Mechanical and electrical failures are to be expected.  When an FAT is handled properly, any failures will be eliminated prior to the customer’s arrival. 
Factory acceptance tests are beneficial for both the seller and the customer.  While costly up front, the end result is high quality equipment.

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Basket Clamping System Used in Agitation Process
Allpax is a leading designer and manufacturer of turnkey sterilization solutions for diverse industries.  Specializing in retort technology and retort room automation, the company is capable of helping customers decrease time to market with laboratory retort equipment, increasing the overall throughput of the sterilization process, and lowering overall labor costs through automation. 
With high quality solutions and a wide range of capabilities, Allpax offers customers innovative solutions that incorporate the latest technologies.  One of the company’s patented products is the basket clamping systems, which is used for agitating retorts. 
This system is designed to reduce wear on retort machinery while decreasing maintenance time and cost and improving overall throughput.  Typical automated clamping systems utilize an air actuated plate to push baskets down against transfer rollers.  However, the pressure of this process can cause wear to basket tops, rollers, and rotors, which leads to compound cut through and breakage of glass containers.  Other cautions include insufficiencies with top-down pressure to stop side-to-side movement during agitation. 
The patented clamping system designed by Allpax uses inflatable energy tubes at the sides and underneath baskets to solve the mentioned problems.  When inflated, the bottom energy tubes raise the basket against a fixed top plate, which holds the baskets securely top to bottom.  Using additional energy tubes on the sides of the basket is beneficial in eliminating side-to-side shifting. 
The basket clamping system for agitating retorts is capable of better protecting product, packaging, rollers, and rotors.  The force across the top of the basket is better and evenly distributed, compared to previously used methods.  This new system allows very low clamping pressure, which eliminates glass breakage.

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There is a growing demand for shelf-stable ready meals.  Time-constrained consumers are looking for more convenient solutions for quick and easy meal solutions that require little time.  

In the past, ready meals were sold in rigid packages.  However, with advances of technology, Allpax has established packaging solutions that put less material into landfills and allow for cost efficiency.  

Food processors are moving from traditional rigid packaging configurations to flexible packaging solutions.  Though, with little knowledge, that can be a difficult process.  There is a growing demand for shelf-stable ready meals.  Allpax has introduced a modular research and development retort that do saturated steam, steam air, water spray, full immersion, partial immersion, water cascade, and sterilamatic processing.

This machine allows companies to research a wide range of solutions and assess which one is best for a specific customer need.  The retort offers state-of-the-art sophistication and the laboratory staff has years of experience, allowing companies to experience optimized processes.  

The retort system from Allpax has been proven to fill a pouch with food processor’s product, process, and test it, and present a 90 percent complete commercial prototype, all within a couple of hours.  

This retort eliminates the loss of production time.  Using the machine, the food processor presents product and allows marketing staff to make quick decisions, which enables a product to reach the market in a matter of weeks.

Allpax is dedicated to ensuring that customers have the latest technological advancements to achieve greater productivity.  The research and development retorts available are designed to be flexible multi-mode systems.

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Allpax is a market leader in retort technology and retort room automation.  With experience and expertise, the company specializes in the design and manufacturing of turnkey sterilization solutions for the food, beverage, pet food, and pharmaceutical industries.  

The Shaka research and development, R&D, retort is among the most popular retorting systems from Allpax.  Shaka is an in-container sterilization process.  By utilizing this process, Allpax is able to distinguish itself from the standard processes of retorting, reducing sterilization time drastically.

Effects of using this new innovative technique include improved freshness, sterilization time reductions of up to 95 percent, improved color, and improved texture.  

Resulting in significant improvements, the Shaka retort process works by imparting high levels of agitation to containers as they are sterilized, which in turn generates rapid mixing and heat distribution in the food.  

Allpax is a licensed Shaka manufactuer and has developed a retort system for the specific use of utilizing the Shaka sterilization process.  When designing the machine, the company took several months to plan out the specification of the system.  The objective was to create a design that delivered the Shaka process on R&D sized machines as well as ensuring that the machine could scale up to a production sized machine, enduring the elevated rigors.

The result of the planning period paid off.  The Allpax 2402SK Shaka R&D retort was created.  This machine requires proper handling of the intense G-forges to prevent wear over time.  Thus, the vibration-dampening kspring design ensures proper use and easy maintenance. 

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Shelf-Stable Food Quality Research Project
Recently, Allpax conducted a research project to improve the quality of shelf-stable food.  Looking at gentle motion agitation sterliziation, the company conducted research on more than 15 foods packaged in microwavable pouches, bowls, and other trays.  The research goal was to determine a solution to improve shelf-stable food quality.  The research documented reductions in processing time, the subjective improvements to quality—taste, texture, and appearance, and capacity increases compared to static retort processing.
Gentle motion agitation is a retort processes that works with a high capacity.  This specialize retorting process is for pouches and bowls that are horizontally oriented as opposed to cans, bottles, and jars that require vertical retorting.  During the retort process, the machine works in a back and forth motion in a and produces waves of heat flowing longitudinally through such products as soups and sauces that have low to moderate viscosity and moderate to high liquid and particulate content. 
The retort process requires different cycle times depending on the product being retorted.  For example, cycle time can be reduced anywhere from five to 40 percent.  Customers see improvements in taste, appearance, and texture when thermal load is less.  The gentle motion retorts from Allpax are capable of up to six full-sized baskets.  In addition, each basket can be loaded and unloaded automatically. 
The gentle motion machines from Allpax are designed for additional improvements to products.  By investing in these systems, companies are able to save exponentially in the long run.  With high capacity and high quality, gentle motion agitation is improving products one pouch at a time.

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