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There are many reasons to blog, beyond the standard marketing lines of building your brand or increasing your web traffic.  

I blog to clarify my thinking, to share my expertise, and more.  

What are the reasons you blog?

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My latest in the Ottawa Citizen.

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If you're not mining your organization's event for content, you're missing a huge opportunity.  

Here are 7 ways to turn your event into content, from my blog.

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Each Wednesday for the past few weeks, I've risen far earlier than I care to, to carve out time for ‪#‎writeshopweds‬.

I do this because I've realized the benefits of carving out time to write and get feedback from others. No matter what you write -- blog posts, poems, product descriptions, novels, newsletters -- you can benefit from Writeshop Wednesdays too.

Join us!

#writing   #Ottawa  

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Last month's Creative Mornings' talk on the language of design got me thinking about how good communications is like good furniture design.

  #communications   #design   #creativemornings  

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There are words running around in your copy that don't belong there. Cut these six that make your copy longer, not better.

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A reflection on all I've been up to this month, including some Cambodia-centric writing and a new initiative I've launched in Ottawa.

#writing #reading

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New on my blog: The value of listening in learning, relationship building, and communicating. It's not easy -- but it's worth it.

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Since setting out as a writer and consultant, I've seen the power of having tribes to support me.

Tribes are not only key for personal or organizational success -- they're also crucial for marketing your product, service or work.
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