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Happy Darwin Day

An artistic depiction of evolution (yes, with some artistic, non-scientific, liberties taken) from the Origins of Life Scene in Mission to Mars

for +ScienceSunday (co-curated by me and +Robby Bowles)
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This religion requires a lot of faith to believe into this theory... :-)
+Dennis D. McDonald - great review. Love this part: "more of a dreamer’s movie at a time in our culture when the crack of bone and splash of blood are expected"
+Erika Stahoski Alright. Evidence that one become a bug, ant and cockroach and another an elephant, dinosaur and a crocodile from the same living cell other, than just a religious hypothesis, please?
I am going to post this solely so that evolution deniers will identify themselves. :P
+Erika Stahoski Hey, I am not saying you shall not believe in that religion, especially if no one can answer the exact question I've asked. Sure, believe it... But it requires more belief than being a Pastafarian, a member of Flying Spaghetti Monster Church. :-)
+Bo Maryniuk, I would recommend if you really want some comprehensive answers.

Evolution isn't a hypothesis. You shouldn't confuse the scientific meaning of the word "theory" with the way it is used colloquially. Evolution is a both a theory and a fact just as the heliocentric model of the solar system is both a theory and a fact. You may choose the think that believing in the heliocentric theory as opposed to the geocentric theory amounts to a religious belief, I guess, but I think that's silly; just as with evolution.

I suppose it may be the fact that evolution contradicts some religious scriptures (at least if you take them literally) that confuses people into thinking it takes a religious position. Or maybe their ignorance of how it all works (willful, imposed or otherwise) causes them to think that no one else could really understand it either, and so they assume we just take it on faith.
+Bo Maryniuk In fact, you do not believe evolution. You know it's true and you are trolling, or you deny it against all evidence, but either possibility is painfully boring. A simple google search would set you straight in the second case, and a personality adjustment would help in the first.
I would like to back up +Bo Maryniuk here. I am a man who believes that we are somewhere inbetween those 'truths' and that both are right, to some degree

But I see his point. There is enough emperical data to support both claims, more on behalf of the evolutionists, but again, the bible states there will be falsities placed to test faith

The point I am making people, I am at piece with myself. I believe in God, yet, I do understand and believe in evolution, but you have to agree with the main point Bo is making

Your Theory of evolution, all by itself, is not a fact, it is a theory with a lot of empirical data behind it, and that data has been applied in what many good minds think is the only possible and plausible answer.

They might have been wrong, it is still a guess, a 'leap of faith' - all of you believed that light was the fastest thing in the universe. If I were to say that is Bunk, say 5 years ago, you would stand up and say 'that is fact'

There is no fact - there is only theory, some stronger than others

You having one, and Bo having another, and somebody liking the flying Spaghetti church, doesn't hurt me at all, so enjoy
Non believers - +Erika Stahoski I just stood in the middle of this debate - to say I agree with both sides, yet that still isn't good enough for you? You aren't happy until the entire world believes what you believe? What a sad world that would be, nothing to talk about, all of us thinking like you (Not saying you don't have good thoughts, you probably do)

Oh and yes, there is a LOT of empirical data supporting religion, the existence of Jesus, and his workings, backing stories of the bible, and lore. If my definitions don't meet yours, that is just kind of, oh well, you know?

This is my opinion, it is mine, and I like it. I am a very well educated, semi retired business man, IT exec taking it easy
+Bo Maryniuk - A lot of way crazier theories went into making the computer that you're using to display your annoyingly foolish misunderstandings of science.
+Erika Stahoski I didn't swear, maybe you shouldn't eh?

As for calling the study of darwinism a religion - a word, a label hurts you? Why? does God scare you?

I don't need chill out, if you could see me, or knew me, I am chilled - serious, I am just trying to figure this out - opponents to religion really are a funny lot, so sensitive if you ever say anything about them being at all associated to something they hate, the organizational construction of idea's around a belief, but that is what your doing?

Albeit, it is a loose representation, but it is true - I don't care what you call me, not one bit, I raised 3 native kids, taught them to call themselves native, they were never harassed because they 'took the power' out of words

So up to you, I don't care either, but I give a *(*&*& you know?
+Joel Bondurant why do you feel, because he thinks differently than you, he is annoying and foolish

Wow, if being a scientist, or a supporter of science means you have to be rude and rash with people

I will walk away from you sir, that was just imature and rude
I am funny +Erika Stahoski

:D Really, I don't, I find most Atheists to be hardline, and mean, I have a lot of Atheist friends, and they are great, so let me rephrase, I find the Atheists on here, to be more Hardlines, and pushy, and pushing their "Non religion" as badly as the Jehova's do at my door - that is why I call 'that' a Religion, they are trying to change the way I think, to their way, in an Organized manner, and through manipulation of facts, theory, and some downright mean and rude ways.

But when I was Atheist in my 20's (Things change, I want every Atheist to write me when I am 70, and they have grown another 20 years) - I didn't fight people who believe, I didn't care they beleived so I don't know why it is that way now (My blog speaks of this phenomenon

I find Scientists a funny lot though - for centuries, or more, a millenia or 2, Science has been in direct opposition to church. Why?

Easy, while church would use things we cannot explain as symbols and miracles, Science would explain them away, as we grew to know more, the skies stopped looking like heaven, and became a place we can travel while alive - miracles became chemical reactions and other explainable things - so I get it

But, today, the "Wonder" of the world is gone - Science hasn't explained everything, but we don't "wonder" like back at Jesus day, doesn't mean he didn't exist, doesn't mean his father didn't exist, just means our interpretation of what was happening by them then, was wrong or warped

But now, we 'should' have Science embracing the "Non extremists" of religion, and learning together - God fits, and it can be that God doesn't fit.

It is NOT black and white, it is NOT Binary - this is a spectrum of human existence, there is room for all of us
+Gideon Rosenblatt I suspect that evolution puts a lot of pressure on google+ circles. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing probably depends on how well we understand how that pressure works. But I'm afraid that I'm not quite sure what you mean, otherwise.

As for the thread that followed, wow. So much wow. I've watched three people reject medical science and quickly die, so, no... the views of +Bo Maryniuk and +Gord Birch are neither harmless nor victimless. Rejecting science isn't just an intellectual mistake but also a moral failure.
Then why, are Scientists so hard on me, and in fact (Not knowing who he is) +Keith Smeltz above says I am a "Moral Failure" - wow big words from someone who didn't even read what I said????

Keith read first, I didn't reject Science - in University I took extra curricular Science (Back in the old days) because although my interest is Business Theory and Structure, and Computer Science (8 years post secondary) I love science, and, when I look at that flower that +Erika Stahoski looks at, I think I am a bit more lucky - I too marvel at how matter can tie itself together so uniquely to create such beauty, and in other forms to create such ugliness - I marvel at Science every day, yet, I can also have a God to help me through tough times, to help me in teaching my family (doing my 2nd family now that my first is grown and giving me grandkids) to be nice.

So Keith, I am not a Moral Failure - I have added so far 4 of my own kids, 5 grandkids, 3 of those kids have grown, and one is Atheist, 2 not, all business people, all went post secondary (We had no mom at home, yet all this)

So put your foot back in your mouth Keith, and learn some acceptance. Before you insult someone that has done some real honest 'great' in their lives already, and... who you were wrong, doesn't 'reject' science (But even if I did, who cares)

Erika, you seem cool. I like people who do not expect everyone to think the same way as they do, peace.
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