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The official YouTube channel of illustrator Allison Ranieri!
The official YouTube channel of illustrator Allison Ranieri!


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Today I am excited to host the very talented illustrator Gianna Meola! She is the creator of a comic called Soot, and a webcomic called Lykoreia. While Soot is a quick read, it is certainly one I didn't want to end - maybe something about the themes of childhood isolation and rejection, or magical friend made of soot that gives gifts, or all of the above. It is a true pleasure to see Gianna's sketches and doodles pop up in my news feeds almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and you can tell from her delicate and detailed linework that this is someone who really can't put down a pen - and we don't want her to! Watch our Q&A Artist Talk right here, or on YouTube at 5 PM EST on Friday, July 22, 2016 to be a part of our discussion about making an indie comic, starting a webcomic, living as a freelance illustrator and more!

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You got em, I got em: artist problems. What do you do when you get that sketchbook block?!

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DAY 5: there's an unofficial 10-minute challenge today!! LET'S GET STUFF DONE! 💪💪

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Watch day 4 of my video challenge ~ I paint a bridge, flub a tree, and package some stickers!

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DAY 3 of my Week in the Life challenge: hot weather, drawing greenhouses and shoes!

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DAY 2 of A Week in the Life is up! ~ packing Etsy orders, late night emails & more!

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CHALLENGE: A Week in the Life of an Illustrator (Working a 9-5 Day Job) starts today!

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A different kind of video about "how to find your style"...

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An unboxing and in-depth review of the Art of @loishh!
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