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Hospital Staffing TX 77030, Supplemental Staffing

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Surgical Technicians and What They Do

Surgical technicians go by many titles—operating room technicians, scrub tech, and surgical assistants. Whatever you want to call them, they are allied health professionals working as a part of the team delivering surgical care.

So, what do surgical technicians really do?

According to the Association of Surgical Technologists, the roles of surgical technologists or technicians include the following:
They handle the instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary during the surgical procedure.
They have an understanding of the procedure being performed and anticipate the needs of the surgeon.
They possess the necessary knowledge and ability to ensure quality patient care during the operative procedure.
They are constantly on vigil for maintenance of the sterile field.

The demand for surgical technicians is skyrocketing. As a result of the advancements in surgical technology, surgical procedures are being performed more frequently than before.

The job makes a difference each day to the world. It comes with a sense of purpose. Through it, you help save lives, make a difference, and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Here at Allied Health Services, we provide surgical technicians for health care organizations in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Visit

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Fun Fact: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, eight out of 20 fast growing professions are all under the health care industry. It has been reported that over 10 million jobs are available to people who wish to pursue a health care profession.

Make the life of other people better. Join us in our mission. Visit #HealthCare

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“Kindness can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much your caring matter. Make a difference for another today.”

The health care industry aims to provide the best kind of care to patients. Here at Allied Health Services, we supply your company with qualified health care staff. Dial 713-524-4422. #HealthCare

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Four Skills Needed in the Health Care Field

Health care professionals play an important role in the community. They ensure the health of their patients and keep them comfortable despite their illness.

Allied Health Services provides for the qualities health care professionals must possess:

Compassion and Empathy
Compassion and empathy go hand in hand. They radiate the characteristics of sensitivity, kindness, and warmth. Health care professionals must embody these traits so as to meet their patients’ needs.

Strong Communication Skills
Speaking clearly and listening carefully are indispensable skills for people who want to provide a high-quality health care. Health care professionals must be able to communicate effectively to their patients and also to their physicians and family members.

Great in Multitasking
Different services are rendered to address the needs of individual patients and health care professionals play varying roles. As such, they must be able to deal with more than one task at the same time.

Grace Under Pressure
In the health care field, time is of the essence. Health care professionals must be able to quickly think on their feet. Remember that this profession draws the line between life and death.

For more information, call us at 713-524-4422.

The core of the health care industry is to give aid to those who are unwell. Make a difference. Be part of our team.

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Allied Health Services provide for qualified health care staff for your company. Visit us at

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The 4 Benefits of Hospital Staffing

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Ways To Turn Frowns To Smiles Among the Elders

Seniority is like a thief that snatches away a person’s once cheerful attitude. This must have been triggered by their physical and emotional pain due to their illness.

This Mother’s Day, make your elderly mother happy with some of these fun activities:

Remind them of fond memories.
If you are thinking of a nice present to give to your elderly mother, photo album stacked with old photographs is a great idea. Fond memories can bring smiles to elders and a photo album, which can remind them of the good old days, will do just that.

Ask them for a dance.
Play an upbeat music, turn up its volume, and bounce to the rhythm. Elders love to dance. Studies have shown that a combination of physical touch, upbeat music, and a smiling caregiver can work wonders. Opt for an uplifting music that your elderly mom can relate to.

Challenge them to a game.
When they have nothing to do, they focus on their illness. Prevent them from falling into an emotional slump, especially this Mother’s Day, by playing fun games, like board games.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Allied Health Services team. 

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Show your mom how much she means to you. Here at Allied Health Services, we wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.

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Share us your thought. Allied Health Services wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.
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