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Spread some happiness today – bring in some flowers, donuts, or coffee. Everyone will be happy and a smile is guaranteed. #happyatwork

Motivate and encourage your employees by simply being around them. Work is busy but don’t stay cooped up in your office. Show face, share some laughs and be approachable. #happyatwork #funboss

Do you have a work bestie? You should! A close colleague at work can assist you with motivation, brainstorming and if you’re overworked they always ask if you need help. #happyatwork #friendsatwork

Bridge the gap between work and home. When you have pieces of home in your work area – such as pictures of your family or figurines of a favorite hobby, you’ll feel more relaxed and less stressed helping improve productivity. #happyatwork #business

Happy at work: Make your work meaningful! Ask yourself why you are doing it. You’ll be reminded of the reason you do what you do. #happyatwork #business

Have you recently de-cluttered your space? You should! Whether your car, office, kitchen, bedroom – clear out the clutter. It’ll help ease your mind and you’ll be grateful for it. #life #advice #cleanup

Take a break recently? Studies show that taking breaks leads to better mentality, less fatigue and increased productivity. So take a break! #advice #biztips #doitright

How are your New Year’s resolutions working out for you? If you’ve long forgotten what you were trying to resolve, it’s OK! Timing is everything. Make goals when the time is right for you – no matter what time of year it is. #advice #goals #doitright

Don’t just agree with someone to make them feel better. If you disagree, even slightly – let it be known! It’ll get the conversation moving in a better direction. Synergy works best when there’s different angles worked in. #biztips #synergy

Read anything good lately? Reading helps get the creative juices flowing. Set aside some reading time – you won’t regret it! #read #biztips #motivate
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