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I have a friend doing a research project on social networking, and I was elated to see that Google+ was incorporated as one of the sites. But I realized that the survey wouldn't reach very many plussers. I'd like to see a bunch of you do this survey so that she can have more data on the different kinds of social networks. It would be really great if you could take the time to answer these 10 questions. I promise it doesn't take long. Thank you!

EDIT: If you wanted to see what my friend did with the survey information, there's a link to her powerpoint presentation here:

You guys took Survey 2, if it wasn't clear by the data.
Hopefully the provided answers do not come across as biased. (Also, sorry about the format on some of the questions. There is a 10 question maximum.) *. 1 . What is your gender and age? What is your g...
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I'm going to assume the +1 means you took it. Thank you!
Won't work on google Chrome mobile. I'll try it when I get home! :D
It came up for me on Chrome Beta. What was the problem?
Chrome wouldn't recognize my click. Just did it on stock browser!!
Wow! You went to such lengths! Using the stock browser and everything. Thank you so much!
I had to really search for it... Just for you and your friend! :D
I hope your friend realizes that "like" is a perfectly normal word, and I can choose whether or not I like to use it, for situations that are like this one.
+Ben Becker I actually thought the same thing.... I didn't even realize that she, like, meant the Valley Girl usage until about three seconds of thought after I, like, answered.
I went through my blog post archives to ensure I gave quantitatively accurate data for the "how often do you use" questions.
Done. My journey: Facebook to Twitter to Google+
To those who took the survey:
I edited this post now to include the results of the survey and the power point slides used to accompany a presentation the researcher did for the class. I figured it would be nice to give you guys a follow-up if you were still curious. Thank you for helping!
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