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May 19, 2015 We are almost at exactly the 2 year mark and a LOT has happened in the last few weeks so this is going to take a while, sorry! :) Here's the topic list if you want to skip around or look for what interests you... -Issues at school / resolutions...

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Won't you be our neighbor?  (Or think about buying our house!?) :)

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asthma, school safety, and getting it
March 3, 2015 1 year, 283 days 2400mg walnut protein powder / daily Sorry it's been a while - maintenance has thankfully been pretty "normal", but that doesn't mine life doesn't throw curveballs at you! End of November/December - we had our first wheezing i...

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Kindy, trackout, green bees, and sight words
Nov 6, 2014 1 year and 166 days 2400mg (maintenance dose) We've made it through the first quarter and the first track outs.  Everyone has stayed safe, we've built a rapport with the teacher, and been on one field trip. I may fall over now.  :)  It's amazing...

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school days are almost here!
June 20, 2014 1 year! (and 27 days!) It's been a long slow process but it's neat to look back and realize we've been at OIT (oral immunotherapy) a full year with no reactions.  That's pretty amazing!  The little man is doing fine and excited that school is ...

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Topping out on walnut for a while...
May 14, 2014 Day 355 (Almost a year!) Well we hit the top dose today!  Woohoo!  2400mg of walnut flour.  We'll stay at this dose for a year.  I asked the allergist why it wasn't higher, and apparently this is the walnut protein equivalent of several nuts.  ...

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Warning… science incoming!
March 20, 2014 Day 300 Dose 1800mg/day 300.  Sounds like it should be a milestone doesn't it?  It is!  We increased the dose yesterday to 1800mg and got some puffy eyes to show for it, but it faded a little at a time and no other symptoms cropped up.  The n...

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More hope for OIT in less time?
3/10/2014 Day 290 - Current dose is 1200mg. For those of us stalking the Stanford studies, there have been some really awesome articles in the news about their progress in the last few weeks. Let me back up and explain a few things.  OIT == Oral Immunothera...

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Adventures in snow and allergies
Feb 19, 2014 Day 271 Adventures in allergies.... We've had a good run the last few weeks - no issues to speak of and we've gone up to 900 and today 1200mg of Walnut powder.  One of our buddies (thanks LK!) took a walnut half into their work lab to weigh it ...

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big kid school, free epi training, and allergy cards
Feb 4, 2014 Day 256 Allergies have been high in our minds the last few weeks - we've moved up to 600mg of walnut powder for the daily dose. Tomorrow we go to 700mg at the allergist. It takes a lot of time, but he's thankfully a very agreeable kiddo.  He get...
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