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Free Friend Computer! The introductory PARANOIA fiction anthology A1 The Computer is Your Friend is now FREE for Amazon Kindle. Stories by me, +Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan , and other stalwart citizens, plus free samples of all the novels in the Ultraviolet Books PARANOIA fiction line.
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I'm only about 10% into it, but I'm definitely enjoying it!
I'm pretty sure discounts are against Computer policy... but like any good subversive I will take advantage of them when possible. ;)
Snagged! (And and review will be forthcoming once I read it!)
Humza K
Free Friend Computer? But how can someone imprison The Computer? It is impossible!

(also, finally reading through Stay Alert. Hoping to put up Amazon review soon, and work on my short after that, now that law school is DONE.)
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