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Thanks for always being there...
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Nice,,,, i have to say thanks Floor,,,,hahahah
Yep ,thanks Floor ,you are always sweet but tough,ouch...
hahahaha Brian,,,,,,? always floor taking care of every one,, even after die,,floor you the best,,,
Hopefully floor is there. Much better that "bottom of deep chasm of sharp rocks"
If you fall.......... Your still testing gravity.
One needn't fall to test gravity...
lolx...yehh only u my sweet floor..lolx
Floor Is a very good friend to drunks and drinking dancers
woww hw much respect is given to floor..lolx..
aftr reading all these cmnts i wish i would be the
Its good to know someones got your back.
Max Z.
I thank you sincerely. LOL
I'll save my gratitude for my red solo cup.
Koby M.
Reminds me of a saying: "it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden hit in the ground"
Sorry if its a hard landing you can always blame gravity.
When the weight of the world is too heavy, I'll support you
-Your Bones
xue lu
If you fall,i'll be there.—— The Basement
If you fall, i'll be there.

- That one commercial with the necklace that has a button you can press and get help.
It's always there for u.all u ve to do,is just fall.
yess yess it will always be there but would you rather the floor over i dunno something.....SOFTER
Brought to you by your friend, Gravity...........
....or ground, or water, or rock bottom :)
Allen-I've met a few floors that were much too attached!lol
LOL! That nail you haven't fixed will stick to you.
u suck u copy write son of a *** im getting my attorny and sewing u back to kingdom kong u ch**y **** im going to ** you in your * after i furious shoot some *** from my crying worm in your mouth you nazi pig suck my 3 foot long ectoplasmic svonstica i will make you my brand new prison *** and trade you a charzared for sex so bend over while i ** u in the * my ** will wiggle around rappedly inside your intestines and squirt my juices all homo lmfao ima jokin by the way add me
Dammm wat made u sooo mad Blake Nixdorf I dnt think idttss dat serious
If you lie on the floor, and have trouble hanging on without falling off, you are either extremely drunk, or there is an earthquake.

Statistically the best bet is on you being drunk.
You can always rely on the floor. Gravity sucks.
I ran across this the other day. It's great!
That's a sure guarantee.
Going to borrow that one friend!!
but at times try to be dependable too and independent
YesI I love this. Facts: All your truth are belong to us.
it would be nice to know there is always someone like that by one's side. they would be there ready to break your bones when u fall. lol
hahahahahahahahahah rofl i cant help but spoof this... if you fall i'll laugh- dylan (me)
LOL thats funny... would a sidewalk be counted as a floor?
It is also reassuring to know that, even if I should choose to ROFLMAO at this post, the floor would not think any less of me for using it in such a manner.

Thanks, floor, you're the greatest!
Yep, it was there for me yesterday.....
There must be a retard convention meeting here today. Or the middle school is on break.
If you starve, I'll be there .

if you fart, i'll have gone.

- your best mate :-p
Ahh the trustworthy floor so reliable
is this a joke? because i dont get it
If you fall I'll be there and the Ref will give you a Red Card
what does sentimental mean?
How u land will determine how I'l treat u after your fall
fall down 7 x get up 8 (Japanese proverb)
Fall down 8x, damn you clumsy
cute post- made me laugh today!!!
+Mike Ock expressive of or appealing to sentiment,especially the tender emotions and feelings, as love,pity,or nostalgia
I Dont Know You But That Is A Cutee HeadLINEE <<33
you always have been floor!
I prefer falling on the floor to the alternative... it's nice to know something will stop my fall.
If you give me 36.9 I'll return 36
I hope there is nothing on the floor.:)
*Forever Alone.... the floor makes sure i dont fall any lower<3
The consequence depends on how high you fall from....
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