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Understand your project's objectives and what your PMO's objectives are to support the project. That way you can set up your PMO, processes and systems to deliver those objectives in the most effective way.

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Project management can be a big job but it's simple in principle.

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Leadership - are you any good at it?

Yippee – Prince2 is now agile, the world is saved!
Project Challenge Expo 2014 closed last night after two interesting days. It was a great show from my perspective because I got to talk to some very committed project managers who really want to make a difference in their careers and for their companies.
These Project Managers were different
They were not typical attendees. I’m not saying that the majority of attendees didn’t have the same objective. What made these people different was the approach they were taking. You see, the majority of the people at the show fell in to two categories:
People looking to keep themselves up to date with what is in the market for project management  - tools, training, the professional bodies etc.
People looking for answers, believing that they could walk away from the show with the answer in their pocket. You know the sort – they’re looking for the quick fix. Or as I termed it in a blog post from a while ago “the silver bullet” (click the link and read the post – it’s just as relevant now as when I first talked about it)
No, the people I spoke to realised that delivering projects successfully can be hard. That getting everybody in the organisation to work together with the same approach and philosophy will take investment.
Training is an investment
Yes, that’s right training is an investment, not a cost. And it’s one that can pay a very handsome return. If you have a portfolio of projects costing £5m, a 0.01% saving on that portfolio is £50k. With the right training and support, I’d be looking for 100 times better return than that.
So make sure you invest wisely. Don’t be like a lot of attendees at Project Challenge over the last two days. The free 40 minute seminar that drew the biggest crowd was “Prince2 agile – there’s a new kid on the block”. Yippee – Prince2 is now agile, the world is saved!
More likely the training establishment have jumped on the latest band wagon (remember Rapid Application Development, DSDM etc) and found a new cash cow to suck up your training budgets.
3 steps to choosing the right training
I have a simple three step process to help people select the right project management training. Delivered through 3 short videos with supporting worksheets, the process will help you set your objectives and choose the right products and suppliers to meet those objectives. Sign up here:
I’d love your thoughts on both Project Challenge and the topics I’ve covered in this update.

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When it comes to project management training there are some huge misconceptions, myths and down-right hoaxes perpetuated by the training industry and business management. Here are some of the biggest.

Come and see me at Project Challenge at London Olympia next week and I'll explain how to avoid these problems.

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Are you up for the challenge of the Project Management Championship?

Free to enter and with great prizes - check it out now!

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Steve Wozniak at the Entrepreneurs Circle National Convention 2014 at the UK's Birmingham ICC. Great talk at a great event 
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My ebook "A guide to Effective Project Management" lists 14 potential causes of project disaster. Top of the list is a disengaged sponsor. This post is the first of a series of 14 tackling each cause and suggesting strategies for avoidance/mitigation.

If you like the first post, you can sign up to the full free e-mail series and get daily posts covering all the topics.

I'd love to hear your feedback.


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Day 1 of a 14-day challenge to avoid project disaster. Kick start the final third of the year and set yourself up for project success.

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'Creating a Viable Business Case' by Allen Ruddock

Allen analyses and discusses the different elements of building a successful and viable business case.
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