This 3 minute clip is a teeny bit more simplified than I might have found most edifying, but I think it's about as perfectly designed for the job (which isn't to convince me) as it could be.

From the second article below: "When Bain purchased the mill, Sanderson says, change was immediate. Equipment upgrades stopped. Maintenance became an afterthought. Managers were replaced by people who knew nothing of steel. The union's profit-sharing plan was sliced twice in the first year — then whacked altogether... 'It was like they were taking money from us and putting it somewhere else.' ... Bain's first move [at another company] was to fire all 258 workers, then invite them to reapply for their jobs at lower wages and a 50 percent cut in health-care benefits."

ADDENDUM: I hadn't made the connection between "he has no empathy for the family dog" and "he has no empathy for the workers", but the story of him holding a guy down to forcibly cut his hair, and not remembering it, helps tie things together.
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