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Allen Knutson
Juggler, math professor, father of two (in that chronological order)
Juggler, math professor, father of two (in that chronological order)

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Why does every article about Flynngate take Pence at his word that Flynn lied to Pence, and Pence was only repeating what he'd heard?

The lamestream media has finally grown used to the idea that every word out of Trump's or Conway's mouth should be assumed false until proven otherwise. Why is Pence not held to this standard? Did none of these people watch the same vice presidential debate that I did?

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I promise you, this one is different. 

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It happens so often reading NYTimes pieces that I get to the last sentence and think, this writer was soooo pleased to have gotten this tidbit. Today's is especially good.

"With most of his belongings in New York, the only family picture on the shelf behind Mr. Trump’s desk is a small black-and-white photograph of that boss, Frederick Christ Trump."

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GE turbine came through Ithaca today at about 5mph, going the wrong way down the highway, etc.

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Music video from the excellent Hungarian fable Liza the Fox-Fairy.
If you know Hungarian morphology, you can sing along karaoke.
Singing the Japanese words.
That are occasionally English. 

RIP Bertram Kostant 1928--2/2/2017.
I was very, very lucky to have had the chance to learn a lot from Bert.

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Oh God, I thought it was over for the moment. It's not, not so long as there are government employees who will back their president in defiance of court rulings.
"It’s been more than four full days since the Boston order and more than one full day since the Los Angeles order. Nothing has changed. Travelers cleared by the two court orders to come to America have instead been blocked. ... Trump has violated the spirit of the court rulings—and, in the opinion of experts, the letter—through a mix of legal chicanery and subterfuge, enabled by a Kafkaesque bureaucracy doing the president’s will rather than the will of the courts. ... [Qatar Airways] informed me [Wednesday] that the last update from CBP was received Monday...The Trump administration had not updated its instructions with the Boston court order [from Sunday]."

UPDATE 2/4: CNN is reporting that Customs and Border Protection is reinstating revoked visas for travelers affected by the ban, indicating that the executive order is no longer in effect.

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Spin for n seconds (up to 99), then run across a lot to a target area taking m seconds, to score n-m. People basically follow an Archimedean spiral.
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