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I can't connect my Nexus-5X to my camera Cannon connect app or an Intel Edison using JuiceSSH. My Nexus-4 works fine. This is WiFi to an AP device that is not on a home network. But like I said, works fine from the Nexus-4. Anyone here know where I might go to get help?

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These are wireless displays for the StartLine RaceBox

Seems to me if there is a regulation that costs a company money that the money is probably going into salaries and therefore that it is creating jobs.

Trump is so corrupt and incompetent nobody knows where to start. Why can't everyone see this?

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A question to anyone who did not vote for Hillary: Have you realized how badly you screwed up yet?

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Super Callous Fragile Ego, Trump You Are Atrocious

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If you think there are more people in the top picture than in the bottom picture you are not going to enjoy the next 4 years.
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