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Trump is so corrupt and incompetent nobody knows where to start. Why can't everyone see this?

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A question to anyone who did not vote for Hillary: Have you realized how badly you screwed up yet?

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Super Callous Fragile Ego, Trump You Are Atrocious

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If you think there are more people in the top picture than in the bottom picture you are not going to enjoy the next 4 years.

If Trump really was a Russian Agent, he wouldn't make it so obvious.

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I get emails from Walmart offering good deals on their products. Often these emails are all about products I have been looking for. I always figured I had searched their website for the product. But yesterday was different.

I got an email full of "Better than Bullion" products. I had not searched for them but my wife had. She phoned me and told me to pick some up at the store.

So does Walmart link what my wife does to my account, or are they listening in on my phone calls?
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