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Allen Clements

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Just out of curiosity,  Who believes the US educational system from start to college degree fits this?  Why is it that CEO's and Presidents of Companies academically often are the lower B or C students and the ones that scored academically high are working FOR them?
Wonder why Bill Gates, Henry Ford, the founder of Mashable ever made it without a $50,000 debit starting out when they were 21 from having borrowed to go to college?  None either attended college or like Bill he dropped out of Harvard due to lack of interest.  
The late Jim Rohn said, "A formal education with get you a job; but personal development with make you Rich."   Back when he first said the first part, he may have been correct.  But not anymore because in 2009, 64% of college grads were working at jobs that did NOT require a degree.   So why is it you have to save money to send your kids to college?  What about discussing what do they want to become as a person 1st.  How can you use your talents to help people?  What do you want in life?  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years from now?  What do they really, really want to with their life; not what do you as their parents want them to do.  Cardinal Mistake to get your child to fulfill YOUR dreams that are based on a 1950, 60.70, 80 or 90 mindset vs the New World of 2014.  Do they really want to go to work for a corporation?   Have them read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki.  And while you are at it, watch these videos and consider teaching this to your family and beyond.  , Kyosaki's You Tube video on Savings vs Hedge and  Watch all the videos before commenting.  On GoldFinger007 you can register for Free.  Look what Albert Einstein says.  Are you training---different than teaching.  Training means you ask questions vs. doing all the talking.  Have them do research.   Economics taught in school is usually pro deficit spending and pro big government.  That by definition isn't FREE Enterprise.  But you decide.  It's your future.  You don't have to agree.  That isn't my job or purpose.  It is to cause you to think.  Listen to the news now once you watch these videos.  Listen to the political rhetoric.  Listen to what people say vs. do.  

Are you training your children and people around to be integrity driven?  First of all have you looked at where your life isn't congruent that way?  You don't have to answer to me.  But I might suggest you get a mentor; someone you trust and respect and tell them your inner most secrets and get gut level honest with them.  If you don't get honest with someone and you carry that around......Guilt and shame city.  When not get rid of all of that.  Come on, everybody has secrets.  Things you think that if someone knew they would no longer love you.  Don't tell everyone.  Learn to keep good boundaries who you share things with.  But do find some safe people to confide in.  You'll find life will be a lot brighter and happier.  That also frees your mind to be able to think clearly.

If you haven't read it, get Empty Promises.  Saw it recommended by famous speaker Rory Vaden.  Awesome book.  Makes you think.

Also listen to Earl Nightingale on You Tube to "The Strangest Secret."  One of the lines to listen for is this: "Men don't think!"  Wait ladies. Before you get all excited to use this to prove to your spouse or significant other, this is generic meaning mankind which means both men and women.

Our learning structure is such that people aren't required to think as much as memorize and regurgitate for the test.  Which is the All Encompassing Truth Teller and Revered far and wide.  Baloney.  What if you are dyslexic like many a great leader is or has been.  Winston Churchill wasn't a model student by any means.  But what a Leader he turned out to be.  Leaders break the rules in the sense that they don't listen to the Nay sayers.

Do you buy into what everybody tells you?  What about old sayings. "If it's too good to be true, then it must not be true."  That is outdated and incorrect.  The guy that applied to Facebook for a job in 2009 and got rejected just cut a deal with Facebook by selling WhatsApp for Billions.  Doesn't that sound too good to be true?  But it is the truth.  Do you deal with the truth or opinions?  Are all Democrats or all Republicans Right?  What if neither of them are All Right?  Life is filled with a lot of Gray but everyone wants a nice tight package that "One size fits all."  Where did that come from.  Check out the video on www.TheConnectionRevolution.Biz and see why our Education system didn't start out the goodness of someone's hearts to help our children get smarter.  Just like the pitch, "Everyone needs a college degree to get ahead."  Get ahead of what?  Where did that come from?
By the way, look up Politically correct and see where that came from.  It is an old Communist belief that was birthed with Communism and we all know where that leads.  So who started Political Correctness in the first place?  Who is the committee that decides what is and isn't?  What is their prejudice going into it.

Another thinking issue:  Is possible for someone to be completely un-biased?  How about someone that isn't prejudiced?  This means about everything; not just races but everything?  What do you think of homeless people?  What do you think about ragers?  What do you think about people that cheat on their spouse?  Oh well, Allen, that's different.  Is it?

See are you a seeker of real truth at all costs or do you just settle for what's comfortable to believe.  It really takes a lot of courage to become a real thinker because you will begin to see that we aren't always told the truth.

Who owns the US Federal Reserve Bank?  Is it part of the Federal Government?  Does it have Reserves?  Is it really a part of our Banking system?  Why are there not answers for all of this?  What is really going on?

Why will Hillary Clinton become the next President?  Does George Soros' backing mean anything other than he's a wealthy man asking her to run?  Who is George Soros?  What is his history?  What is his background?

Do you ask questions?  In business learn to ask questions vs. making statements.  Why?  Most people don't like to be sold but everyone I know loves to buy.  Don't you?  Then ask them what they want?  They may not be ready for your great gift in the world product.  Let's just say for a moment that the Mercedes was the best car in the world and a good per centage could afford it.  There would still be people that didn't buy it.  Why?  Because their thinking is different about that and what their interpretation of what is the best car in the world.  Everyone doesn't have to buy.  If you know marketing or as prevalent as Marketing is today, why not employ someone to help you market yourself to locate people that are more apt to purchase because they are actually looking for something like what you have to offer?

By the way, as the late, great Charlie "Tremendous: Jones use to say so say I to you, "if any of this information works let me know, because I'd like to use it myself!"  Ha Ha!

Allen "AC" Clements

Allen Clements

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Allen Clements

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Quote for the Day:  If you Don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  Not much.  Jim Rohn
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Isn't it great that there is competition in the market place.  Whenever governments favor one business over another or laws are made arbitrarily to restrain business growth who pays?  Consumers do.  We all benefit from businesses being creative and small and free to grow and build and earn.
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I'm an Internet Marketing Consultant
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Hi, I'm a business coach, mentor, positive thinker, a thought provoker, goal setter. I help people achieve their dreams and become more of the person that they would like to become.  Are you reaching your potential?  Do you love your work or is it just a job?The late Jim Rohn said the following, "A formal education will get you a job.  Personal development will make you Rich!  Being Wealthy is not about what you have or own.  It is about what you become through the process.  And to maximize it all, I'm discovering all over again that "to him who much is given: much is expected."  T hat means to become a giver.  Not giving to get.  But just giving.  Two things The Richest Man in Babylon said in this book is 1. Tithe or give 10% of everything you earn and 2. save 10% for yourself regardless of your outstanding bills. Habits make the difference.  Doing the little things daily.  To make it clearer, where is your check book now and who will you make a contribution to today!  Read Psalms 37 and see what happens when you delight in the Lord.  The other thing....Seek Wisdom and Understanding for it is more valuable than silver and gold.  Solomon did and it work out pretty good for him. He was the wisest man in the world. Need more be said?
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Pat Mathey is a very congenial person to work with. She is a great asset to Dr. Toyos' staff, as I'm sure he would readily agree. He is new to the middle Tenn. area but is moving up quickly in popularity because of his good work. Allen Clements
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Chris Davis has a great personality. Easy to get along with and knows his stuff. Good man to work with. Allen Clements
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Dr. Stucki does excellent work. He is very gentle and easy going. No pain and has a great disposition. Good man to work with. Allen Clements
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